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Author's Rant: Ok me and my friend were watching Inuyasha right and we just got this crazy idea about what would happen if the sexy inus were just plain freaky with each other. I mean sending sexy letters, naughty text messages, messy role play and etc. ^_^ A series of one shots inspired by Sugamama09 so thanks to you too sweetie ^_^

Warning: Yaoi pair. Naughty thoughts hehehe. NO UNDERAGE READERS!

Dear Sexy

To My Gorgeous Lover,

I must say that last night left me feeling satisfied in the most indescribable way.

You were in insatiable rare form. Never have I known your body to bend and flex to such capacities. Dare I say you were so beautiful under the hovering lamp light sprawl with your hair haloing your precious cranium. How one so dazzling as a fairy tale story exists, boggles even in my sophisticated mind.

Although I am not unhappy with your existent. Foolish of me to have waited so long to react to your come-ons. I've denied us both the delicious desires of the long awaiting fire that only we can take out. There are many things that I regret now... the greatest is that we didn't become one with each other sooner.

The years have proved to be quite rewarding to your growing frame. I've noticed during our previous encounter as you cooked our dinner the subtle slope of your shoulders narrowing down to the firm globes of your tender bottom which I had the pleasure of groping with my hands. Such a soft of luscious gift you have in those jeans you love to wear. Gods where did you get such a body?

The long streaming hair that conceals the tenderness of slender necks, made perfect for my lips alone. And oh that hair. Those incredibly soft, ashen strands… My hands take great pride in running them through those plush tresses entangling them as if in a snow capped forest.

Mmm I can recall the way you withered and squirmed underneath me as I hit the sweet spot, sending your tantalizing cries to the heavens. Do you remember darling? The way your claws dug into my flesh while I dove so viciously into your youthful body? I remember every vivid detail as if it were happening right now. You sensual hisses, the surprised gasps of pleasure when I would find a new destination inside your heated crevice.

Could such a rare flower truly bloom when watered properly? I believe so. The fact is evident when my water soaked your gentle rounded petals drenching them in my overflowing love.

Oh my love even now as I sit at my desk writing this letter to you my member aches for the silky touch of your body as I remember being sheathed deep inside. I still feel your radiating heat tightening around me squeezing out every drop of my milky life force. I remember it so clearly, the haunting cry of your moans and the sugary cream of your cum shooting down my chest.

The taste. That sticky warm deliciousness is one of rarity. A precious flavor only you are able to produce to gratified my demonic hunger. Not a drop is ever wasted when offered so willingly down my throat.

Then there's the feel of your smooth unblemished hands. Can you feel me my darling? I can still feel and smell your scent. Ahh the rich honeyed odor of sweet sex still cloaks my bedding and sheets. I won't dare wash them for the moment for it gives me comfort as if your presence is still here with me.

Do you recall the way my tongue caressing the constricted enclosure of your entry? You were bent face down to my liking with your rear leveled with my face. The flushed crimson of your tanned skin turned me on to no end. Ohhh baby I can just see your sweet body now. All open and ripe as the sweetest sinful fruit.

I couldn't wait for that taste of you as I dive my pink tool deep inside of you without the slightest warning… Truly evil of me you might think but I wanted to hear my pup's unsuspecting moan of surprised intrusion.

Every waking moment we spend together is like an eternal memory imprinted in my mind. My loving snow haired angel, what I would give to have your creamy thighs wrapped around my waist right now. I love the way when I glance under the sheets I see stretched out limbs that go on forever. Perfect for keeping me clamped nice and snug inside of you.

Clamped so tight. Oh yes keeping me lunged inside your heat. Can you feel it baby? Oh I know I can. That little touch of heaven from my angel always brings out the worst in me. Or should I say the best?

Keep in mind the date we have coming up Saturday evening. I want you to wear the red shirt with the buttons undone as you've done for me before last week. Oh Gods do you have any idea what you did to me that night? The slithered exposure of your chest; revealing the cleanliest of peach tinted flesh?

I wanted to take you right then and there in front of all those humans but you called me out saying it wouldn't be appropriate to be so intimate in public. Appropriation be damned for I wanted to touch and burying myself deep within your firm folds for all eyes to see. But for you I kept my hands to myself in a rare obedience I rarely gave anyone.

The way you sashayed in front of me with those black skin tight jeans as we walked down the sidewalk, left nothing to my imagination. I saw the way you cast a discreet wink at me as you continued on showing your sinful gift of lusciousness. You knew I was looking at you. You are such a tease. But it's always been your way of telling me if I behaved I'd get a piece of you at the end. A dare that has to this day always worked on me.

Well my beautiful golden eyed beauty unfortunately my time has been cut short but rest assured I look forward to seeing again your radiate smile very soon. Oh but when I see you rest assured that your lovely body will be taken to the furthest ends of hot love. So be ready for me soon… Very soon… Actually it'll be sooner than expected…

P.S. Open the door for me baby….I'm right outside.

Inuyasha blushed grinning like a child licking a lollipop as he folded the letter he received under his door. A gentle knock sent roaring flames to his groin in anticipation. Could he be here as the letter says? Placing the paper on a nearby table, he straightened out the t-shirt he was wearing and hurried over to open the door.

"Well hello." He greeted seductively at the man lending on the door frame with his hands on his pockets.

Sesshomaru smirked pushing himself off the doorway with his black shirt unbuttoned all the way down his waist. His smooth hairless chest was on full display much to the hanyou's pleasure. "Mm it took you long enough to read it."

Inuyasha stepped over pressing a claw on his lovers chest. "I couldn't help reading how much you wanted me."

"Mmm…" Sesshomaru grabbed the hand bringing it up to his lips to kiss. "And now?"

Inuyasha growled as he grab the labels of his collar pulling him inside. "And now I want to see how much you enjoy being in my…tight folds."

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