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Warnings: Child birth. Language. Fluff.

Welcome My Sweet Angels

"Come on Inuyasha breathe for us. In and out. In and Out. Good."

Huffed puffs of short gasps burst in sync with every action Izayoi made as she patted her son's larger hand. Contractions were coming much faster than expected, subtle reminder to what Inuyasha had learned from his birth books. He wasn't going to have a long labor, which meant they needed to get the hell out of there or else have the kids on the kitchen floor.

All sounds were gradually muted from his mind frame to focus on the grizzly task of maintaining perfect calm, cool and a collected mentality. He couldn't hear his first mother barking out orders loud enough to make any drill sergeant proud, nor did he hear the rapid pats of feet rushing down the hallway. Though his breathing was staying even, blocking most of basic senses, his eyes were working just fine.

Before him stood the entire party eagerly trying to get in a picture or a good view of what was hopefully going to take place now instead of the hospital.

Suddenly a sharp pinch crumbled Inuyasha to his side. "M-Mother, they're getting stronger."

"Shhh," Izayoi brushed back the perspired banes to sooth her son's pain. "It's ok. Just keep breathing."

"Where the hell is Sesshomaru?" Yelled Koga to the rest of the onlookers. "Why isn't he in here with the Pup?"

All eyes and ears turned toward the loud shriek at the side window to see both Bankotsu and Jakotsu waving frantically to whatever was outside instead of keeping their concentration on the birth. Koga rolled his eyes and went to drag both fools to the kitchen but soon found himself waving as well to the craziness happening outside.

"Sesshomaru you dumbass," The insult dusted off Koga's lips as a low growl the second he noticed Sesshomaru flashing from the car to the house placing item after important item in the vehicle. It wasn't until he started to hop in the car, crank it up and—Koga gasped—the large sized Tahoe pulled away out the drive way, into the street and down the road.

Not to back out, not to pull closer, not to leave it running, but just took off. He was gone. "Son of a…" Koga couldn't believe it. In all their years of friendship and knowing Sesshomaru to be the smartest out of all of them, he couldn't believe he'd just pulled the most ignorant stunt. He left his mate. Pregnant and all. He just left 'em. "Damn," He hurried over to bulldoze his way through the crowd, "Come on guys!" Koga shouted over the loud commotion.

"Where's my son?" Sukiko questioned hastily.

"Your son's a loss cause ma'am—I got cha Pup," Koga steadily picked up his best friend's mate, cradling the smaller body in his arms and wishing he had some ear plugs to block out that damn screaming. "We need to hurry and get the Pup to a hospital."

"Goddammit, where the hell is Sesshomaru!" Bellowed a pissed Inuyasha.

"He's eh….well he's—"

Inuyasha felt a another stomach cramping pull and lead forward to ease the pain, "Fuck it, who cares just get me to a hospital."

"We will as soon as we can find a big enough car."

"Fuck a car—Ahhh dammit—Run if you have too just get me to the hospital!"

Koga blinked. "Say what? I ain't running to a hospital—Ow, fuck stop it. Let go!" Koga nearly drop the pregnant hanyou when Inuyasha grabbed his hand for support and started to squeeze with all his might. Loud crushing cracks of bone was hardly noticeable to the scrambling mothers ordering everyone out the door and telling their husband to pull around the BMW. Poor Koga stood idly by watching people run back and forth in panic while he held the stronger person he knew, holding on to his hand for dear life.

Taisho ran from the front door, "Car's ready."

"Thank God," Inuyasha pushed himself out of Koga's arms to waddle his heaviness to the car as fast as he could, grumbling every waddle of the way about eternal damnation for a certain Inuyoukai. "Stupid ass Sesshomaru can't do a damn thing right." This mumbled as he clumsily crawled into the back seat and laid his head in his mother's lap.

Sukiko hopped in the driver's seat, Taisho jumped in the passengers since she demanded to be the driver and Bankotsu and Koga hopped in the furthest row. In record speed, Sukiko geared the car up to third gear, whipped the whole car out the way and took off down the row like a bat out of hell.

"That's it Love, breathe. In and Out. In and Out." Izayoi whispered.

Inuyasha did just that taking deep breathes and releasing them through his mouth in very short huffs.

"Good very good. In and Out. In and Out."

"Ahhh dammit!" Another contraction hit, closer than the previous one.

"Don't use that language sweetie, now breathe in and out. In and Out."

Again Inuyasha did as instructed, slowly feeling the control of his temper slipping.

"You're doing wonderful but you have to maintain perfect balance. In and Out. In and Out."

"Mother please…"

"Yes dear?"

Inuyasha tiled his head up a hard frown on his face, "You are really getting on my nerves. Could you…could you shut up for a few minutes please?" He tried to sound as sweet as possible but that was to the wind having to deal with one mother's talking and the other's psychotic driving.

Meanwhile in the backseat, Bankotsu was trying to nurse the swollen purple hand that used to be Koga's talented hand. His babe was a complete wreck sitting there crying in a blue kimono, hair down like a chick. "Shut up would cha? You're fine Koko."

"Are you nuts? H-he cracked my hand like a toothpick. Look at this shit. Look at it!" Koga held up his plump hand to prove his reason for the manly tears.

"Dear could you slow down please?" Taisho asked or rather pleaded to the maniac dipping and dodging through traffic.

"Our son's in labor and you ask me such a thing?" She shrieked, making a sharp turn on the highway.

"Yes love, because I want use to live enough to see the twins." It was then Taisho decided to look out his window and noticed a familiar Tahoe doing seventy in a forty right past them, occupying a young man with long pale and a look of cool anger. That damn boy of his was hopeless.

Of all the terrible, most ignorant, most foolish things he could ever do, why did it have to be leaving Inuyasha at home? He left his mate at home in labor, on the kitchen floor. Gods he needed to be sent to hell.

Sesshomaru glanced down when he noticed his cell phone ringing and pressed the answer key on his car screen. "Yes?"

"Sesshomaru where the hell are you going?" Questioned an irritated Taisho.

"I'm going to get my husband, if it's all the same to you."

"Why are you—"

Suddenly the alarm of another call coming in rung out and Sesshomaru didn't bother to tell his father to hold as he switched over, "Yes?"

"Where the fuck are you going dumbass?" Koga screamed. "You're going the wrong way!"

The wolf demon's voice boomed loud off the background speakers as he ranted curse word after curse word of how completely incompetent, irresponsible, foolish and idiotic, Sesshomaru was. "I'm aware of my mistake Wolf, that's why I'm trying to fix what was wronged."

"By going back to an empty house?"

"….Inuyasha's not there?"

"Inuyasha's not—oh my god— We got your mate you idiot! Get your ass to the hospital before we kill you. Damn!" The phone call ended but not before Sesshomaru heard Bankotsu say in the background, "Man I'm never having kids."

Immediate relief washed over the worried inuyoukai as he made an illegal U turn in the middle of the road, damaging someone's mailbox and yard gnome to race toward the hospital.

It felt like forever and an eternity before the large party finally pulled up to the hospital. Inuyasha's contractions were getting much to close and the pain was increasing at a rapid speed. Every intense surge of pressure sent the poor hanyou into a fitted rage, lashing out at whoever touched him or tried to speak sweet words.

When Sukiko pulled the car up to the emergency entrance, InuTaisho hopped out of the car and went to open the back door, reaching inside to grab his angry son. Izayoi and the others quickly jumped out leaving the car running, all doors wide open and hurried inside.

"Nurse! Nurse!" Taisho looked around for anyone and found one nurse, talking on the phone behind a counter. "Ma'am, we have an emergency."

"Alright sir could you fill out the necessary paperwork?" The young women said sweetly, pushing up a clipboard.

"Ma'am we really don't have time for that. My son's in labor."

"All issues will be addressed after all the necessary."

"Lady didn't you just hear me? My son's in labor."

"Yes sir but proper protocol requires that all information be filled out before being seen by the doctor."

"Agh," Inuyasha threw his arms in the air and rolled out his father's arms. This chick was too damn happy for him. "Look woman, my stomach is killing me, my kids are about to split me in two," he hissed through clenched teeth. "We don't have…have time to fill out this shit. Get me a damn doctor and be quick about it."

The young woman smiled happily, still pushing the clipboard forward, "I understand sir, but hospital rules and regulations state that all patients—"

Before Inuyasha could speak another word, or before his mothers could fill this human's ears with bleeding words of death, a large hand clamped tightly on his shoulder, pulling him to side followed by a sensually deep voice, "Human, perhaps you're hard of hearing or simply incapable of proper lingo so I'll explain it to you," Sesshomaru stepped forward bracing his hands on the counter, fire licking his ambers, "If you don't find the nearest doctor for my mate I'll make sure to lace this entire hospital with enough lawsuits to keep your grandchildren's heads spinning for the next century," He lead closer to the surprised woman, "Get my mate a damn doctor…Now."

Whether it was the venomous way he spoke, or the acidic fumes melting the counter, no one knew but it had the young human girl running from around her station to fetch the closest doctor.

Everyone sighed their relief and Sesshomaru turned around to face a pissed off mate, a lifted eyebrow being his only method of explanation. But try as he might Inuyasha couldn't be angry with him, especially since the fool made it in time. A stewardess came minutes after Inuyasha felt another contraction coming and placed him in a wheelchair.

Inuyasha doubled over, holding his stomach, "Aghh dammit, I need someone's hand. Give me a hand!"

"Go to hell!" Koga hissed, cradling his newly bandaged hand.

The parents knew better, having been in the same predicament before and took a step back. Too bad Sesshomaru was slowly learning all of it on his own. Can't learn without experiencing right? So he offered Inuyasha his hand and quickly learned his little brother possessed strength far superior to his own.

Inuyasha squeezed the gifted hand as hard as he could while riding a wave of agonizing pain. Sharp intakes came in and out in puffs and the hand in his was being crushed into a pile of mush, but Sesshomaru stood firm, his eyes twitching from every cracked bone.

Soon two elder doctors and staff came rushing down the hall way to escort the screaming hanyou to a room for analysis. Inuyasha was dressed in a backless gown, and rushed off to the delivery room with Sesshomaru close by.

In the back when the family and friends tried to get through, security was promptly called to hold off the protesting mothers and Bankotsu. Sukiko was the most disruptive, cursing every single person to hell that tried to keep her from her grandchildren. Taisho had to back Izayoi from clawing out one of the men's eyes who called her crazy and Koga was struggling to keep Bankotsu down with only one good hand. However all efforts proved futile when at some unknown signal, all three broke free and tackled down the pitiful blockade to get to the delivery room.

"So sorry," Taisho said stepping over the crumbled bodies on floor to watch his son. Koga hurried off behind him.

Sukiko lead the way letting Inuyasha's screams lead her directly to his room.

"Ohh my baby!" Izayoi thrust her whole frame over Inuyasha to calm down his body. "Shh its ok son."

"Mother, I'm-I'm dying," Inuyasha panted, sweat dripping off his brow. "I can't do this."

"Yes you can dear. Just do what the doctor says and everything will be fine. Just keep breathing."

"Gods I'm trying."

Bankotsu came around the bed with a bright smile on his face, "you're doing good Yash'. Just keep it steady."

"Yea I'll tell you that when it's your turn." Inuyasha chuckled, taking more huffs and puffs.

"Sure bud, when hell freezes over. Now," A small hand sized camera suddenly appeared from behind Tsu Tsu's back and straight into the strained face of his best friend. "Now I need you to smile for the camera and tell the kids how it feels."

Inuyasha groggily blinked at the black lens, "Hey kids…uh sorry papa looks a mess but don't worry 'cause this is the last time I'm ever doing this," the last part directed at a certain Inuyoukai stroking his hair.

Just then two doctors one male and one female walked inside, full equipped and prepared for it all. "Good evening everyone, I'm Dr. Yomi," the brown haired man introduced, "And this is Dr. Reni," gesturing to the pink haired woman. "Good to see you so soon Mr. Inuyasha. You know the babies weren't supposed to be here for another three weeks?"

"Yea well they said to hell with it and wanna come today—agh damn can we get this over with?" Inuyasha flopped back on the bed, spreading his legs. "I need drugs. I want every drug you humans take."

"Sorry Mr. Inuyasha, but you're past that stage. You're going to have to do it naturally," Explained Dr. Reni, coming to sit between his legs.

Sukiko frowned noticing the implied position of which doctor would be doing the delivery and who would be handling other issues. "Excuse me young woman, but I'd prefer if your coworker here were the one between my son's thighs."

"I apologize ma'am," Dr. Reni washed off her hands before snapping and tying everything in place. "But since I'm the only one on duty certified to handle this, I'll have to be the one to do the delivery."

"Interesting…." Sukiko calmly walked over to the shorter doctor and grabbed her arm before she could sit down, "With all due respect," she started coldly. "I must insist you find us a male doctor."

"Ma'am there is no other doctors around but myself—"

"Then we'll wait until one comes on duty."

"Like hell!" Inuyasha scooted down the bed and opened his legs. "I want these kids out now!"

"No!" Sukiko rushed over to toss her jacket over Inuyasha's private area with a protective glare burning into the female physician's face. "I don't want this girl seeing your young goodies. I'd much prefer a male doctor. If we need to wait then we shall—"

Taisho stepped up, "Dear it doesn't matter who does the delivery. We just want it done."

"Hogwash. I do not want this," she looked the woman up and down, "thing looking at my son's glories."

"Damn you woman, "The Inu father rolled his eyes, knowing his next move would get his eyes clawed out but it needed to be done. "I'm sorry love," He grabbed his wife in his arms to pull a yelling Sukiko, kicking and screaming to be taken back before that pervert doctor did something inappropriate. Izayoi looked between her sister and son before hurrying outside to try and calm her down.

"Ahhhh!" Inuyasha shot off the bed holding his the swell of his tummy, "Christ get these brats out!"

"Ok Mr. Sesshomaru if you could please, I need you to sit behind your husband during the delivery. He's going to need the solid support to make this move quickly."

Sesshomaru did as asked, easing behind his panting mate and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his brother's shoulder. Inuyasha whimpered against the pure aches and sharp strains making him want to push, "Sess I can't do this."

"Shh yes you can Love. I'm here, we can do it." Sesshomaru rubbed the swollen brew and kissed Inuyasha's temple whilst whispering sweet words in his ear.

After Dr. Reni created the necessary incisions for a larger exit, she grabbed her stool and sat in between Inuyasha's legs. "Alright Mr. Inuyasha on three I need you to push alright? One, two, three. Push, push, push, push, push."

Inuyasha gasped, feeling the heaviness flowing downward. "Ahhh dammit..." he sighed breathing strong. "Its hurts!"

"Ok stop. That's very good. Take a deep breathe."

Inuyasha's entire body was covered in a fresh sheen of sweat, showing his exhaustion.

"Ready? Ok three, two, one, push, push, push, push, push!"

"Oh God I can't…" The sweat poured down from his brow, dripping off Inuyasha's chin from each tired intake. He was getting tired of this and wished it were over, "Sess I can't. I'm so tired."

"Yes you can Love. You're going great." More kisses and back rubs only seemed to piss Inuyasha off more but Sesshomaru kept at it.

Meanwhile, Koga was getting sick to his stomach but for some reason he couldn't look away. It was like a disgusting thing that you couldn't help but stare at. Bankotsu on the other hand was all up in there, catching every little detail between his best friend's legs.

"Uh-Oh Inuyasha I see some hair. A whole lot of white hair. Oh my, are those puppy ears I see?" Dr. Reni said happily.

Inuyasha sat up excitedly, "Really? I wanna see—"

"No you sit back. I'll give you the baby once it's born. Now push."

Just hearing that one of the little guys head was popping out energized Inuyasha enough to push.

"Oh my god Inuyasha this kid's got your ears!" Tsu Tsu exclaimed zooming the camera in for a close up. "Yo, Koko I won the bet. I told you the first one would have Puppy ears."

Dr. Reni eased her hands in to twist the baby in a proper stance and continued to instruct the father to be throughout it all until finally a loud squeal yelled louder than anything any of them had ever heard. Inuyasha fell back, listening to the most beautiful music he thought he'd ever heard. The shrilling cries of his first born child. The lovely lullaby of life crying out to the world for the very first time.

"Congratulations," Dr. Reni held up a wrinkled newborn baby, skin slightly pinkened from of light crying with some strong lungs. "Your first one's the boy."

"A boy," Inuyasha choked on a sniffle and glanced over his shoulder, "Sess…our son. It's our son."

"Yes," Sesshomaru kissed the sweat brow, feeling his chest swell with pride at the sight of his beautiful son. He was perfect. Every little detail perfect.

Dr. Reni gave the baby boy to one of the nurses to clean off and for analysis, "Ok Inuyasha now we have to get that daughter of yours out. You ready?"

Inuyasha blew out and sat up with a determined nod, "Yea I'm ready."

"Alright three, two, one, push, push, push."

In the midst of the second set of pushes, Sukiko had calmed down long enough to be escorted back inside with her sister and husband to see the head of her second grandchild coming forth. Seeing that head full of shocking white hair sent her into a burst of giggles. "Oh my god it's the baby, it's the baby! Where's my other one? Where's my other grandchild?"

"Over here," Izayoi squealed seeing their tiny newborn grandbaby wrapped snuggly inside a bright sky blue blanket his eyes covered in some gel substance. "He's so beautiful," she whispered looking at those fluffy ears poking out of his cap.

Taisho lead over her shoulder to have a look at the little Alpha feeling as proud as any grandpa. Sukiko was swooning over the young prince whispering all types of promises to happen once they left this dreaded hospital.

Finally after a tiresomely long labor, baby number two came through in a much softer tone then her older brother in a wiggling pile of tiny arms and legs, "Congratulations, here's your little angel."

After so long it was finally, finally, finally over. Inuyasha sighed a huge mountain off his shoulders and relaxed against Sesshomaru's chest, taking in all of the soft kisses on his face and gentle caresses on his shoulder. Sesshomaru gave so many praises of gratitude to the bearer of his children, loving Inuyasha even more then he thought he ever could.


"Yes love?"

"W-where are they?" Inuyasha hummed under the loving touches and gentle kisses. "Where are the babies?"

"Right here," Dr. Reni came up supporting a baby in each arm. One covered from end to toe in bright pink and the other smothered in blue. "Here you go."

The baby boy was offered to Sesshomaru who carefully took the tiny creature in his arms, mildly surprised at his little body. So small, so fragile and so very young. Almost in a daze, Sesshomaru looked over every single detail of his son's face memorizing all there was on him. Those two trademark ears were just like his Papa's but that face. That beautiful little face spoke volumes of who his sire was.

The tiny babe snuggled cozily into the warm chest, pulsing his button lips and peeped open one the glow of the deepest sunshine. His skin was tanned a soft hue of peach, as if barely kissed by the sun's lips. So soft and squishy in his father's arms, a pair of pale navy jagged strips traced over his chubby cheeks and a deep lavender moon circled around his brow. Sesshomaru lead forward to take a deep whiff of his son's wondrous scent mixed of his and Inuyasha's to become one unique perfume and sighed off a whispered word, "Kanami."

"Power and beauty," Inuyasha chuckled, lightly stroking his daughter's fine hair. "Yea I like it. Better then Souuga and Tensaiga. Now, what are we going to name you?"

As soft as calm as her lovely voice, the tiny girl yawned and whimpered. Inuyasha just couldn't believe this lovely little angel had been made from him and Sesshomaru. She was far from beautiful. She was perfect. Everything single thing from her ten fingers and toes to the polished crystal skin that was hers. Not a single ancestral marking blemished her flawlessly paled skin or the pile of fine silver hair. She didn't possess the puppy ears like her brother but the same pointy appendages of her sire. Soon the round slants of eyes suddenly popped open curiously at the sounds all around her to show the world her eyes.

Eyes completely belonging to Inuyasha and only Inuyasha. Two round eyes of the brightest violet lazily blinked at her beloved papa, seeming to wonder who this beautiful person was holding her in his arms.

"Her eyes…," Inuyasha thought a second before a small smile graced his face, "Amiki. Yea I like Amiki." For the bright flowery violet of her eyes and the beautiful blessing she was.

"Kanami and Amiki," Sesshomaru nodded, "Yes. I like them."

Sukiko and Izayoi finally came over to kiss their sons and grabbed the babies for their selves to happily cooed over each baby, whispering baby words and rocking them from side to side. Tsu Tsu walked all over catching every second of his god children's faces on camera while Koga smiled laughing at the way the grandmothers behaved. InuTaisho had walked over to kiss Inuyasha's cheek and shook Sesshomaru's hand offering his congratulations before leaving the two alone to join his growing family.

Inuyasha settled back wiped out and feeling incredibly relieved to see his babies and to get some much needed rest. The sensual scents of his children were enough to ease his mind into a contented slumber against his husband's chest and soon fell asleep.

Just like the very first day he learned of his children's conception, Sesshomaru's nose tingled with the glorious scent of his and his mate's auras now combined into two living, breathing, beautiful children. He could remember listening to their tiny heartbeats when his ear pressed into Inuyasha's stomach. He had thought that he couldn't love his little brother more than he had that day…

"Thank you, Inuyasha." But he learned differently. As Sesshomaru placed a soothing kiss against his mate's lips and watched the smile spread, it was then that he realized that he was even more in love than ever before.

For Inuyasha and now his children.

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