A/N: Just a bit of fluff (fluff seems to be the only thing I am capable of writing) between Frodo and baby Elanor. It's not beta'd, so sorry for any and all mistakes that you might find. I don't know exactly how old Elanor was when Frodo left, so this could be book verse or AU, whatever you want, I suppose. And to all my readers of "I Would Not Kiss Him," the next chapter coming! It just needs to be beta'd, and then it will be up.

Frodo, Rosie, and Sam sat out in the yard with little eighteen month old Elanor. They had finished their lunch, and were now playing with the baby. Rosie helped the child stand up, despite the fact that she was doing it very well on her own, and Sam stroked her hair. Frodo smiled, watching the family, and the baby smiled at him. He smiled back and then made a face at her. She giggled, and he did it again.

"Are you flirting with Mr. Frodo?" Sam teased his little girl. In response, Elanor turned towards her father and hiccupped. She held out a chubby little hand, and he gave her the small wooden horse she was so fond of. She amused herself with it as her parents and Frodo talked.

"She's getting so big, and walking so much!" Rosie said. "It won't be too long before she'll have to learn not to touch your things, Mr. Frodo."

"Oh joy,' Frodo remarked sarcastically. "That's just what we need, a little one to make messes and break things all around the house. As if letting her bang on the cooking pots while you're making dinner isn't enough."

Rosie laughed and apologized again for the headache her child had induced upon her master with the wooden spoon and metal pots the day before. "Sam and I are trying to get her to say her first words. I've been trying so hard to get her to say Dada, but she just doesn't feel the need to talk, I guess. Elanor," she called the babe's name softly. Elanor turned her head, hearing her name. Rosie picked her up and set her in her lap. "Dada," she said to the baby. "Say, 'Da.'" Elanor just giggled, and grabbed her mother's nose. Rosie laughed and kissed her daughter's face. "See?"

"And I have been trying to get her to say it too, but she won't say it for me either."

Elanor squealed in delight when a butterfly landed on the picnic blanket. She went to grab it, but it lifted off and flew out of her reach before her clumsy baby hand came down on it. Frodo scooped her up in his arms and kissed her brow. He whispered something to her that neither Sam nor Rosie could hear. They looked at each other, wonderingly. Frodo let her back down and she toddled over to Sam. Sam picked her up and looked at her.

"What's Mr. Frodo, telling you, Ellie-mine? What's he telling you?"

Elanor smiled and cooed. "Da-Da-Da-Da," she said. Sam looked at her in amazement. Then he looked at Frodo.

"What did you say to her?" he wondered.

Frodo just smiled and shrugged. "I suppose she just needed some help."

Both Sam and Rosie fussed over their child and her first word, and Frodo just smiled. He was glad they had allowed him to be adopted into their family. He was glad he was allowed to share all these moments with them. He loved Elanor as if she were his own little girl, and Sam and Rosie like a brother and sister. These were the moments he lived for now. He made eye contact with the baby, and silently thanked her. He had spoken to her, yes, though he wasn't sure how he had done it. He had spoken in a way that she had understood, and she had talked back to him in a way he had understood. She had said she would talk for him because she loved him.

"I love you, Fro," is what she had said, and that made his heart swell with joy. He smiled at the baby. She smiled. He made a face at her. She giggled, and he did it again.

Yes. So. The End.