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The Resistance

Chapter 1


Bella took a deep breath and pulled the trench coat up higher on her neck. She had no idea why she felt as cold as she did, it's not like she wasn't used to the cold Seattle weather. "You're gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul..." Fighting tears, Bella shook her head at the irony that this song, of all songs, was the one playing in her head. She could remember the feel of his hands and the taste of his skin. If she didn't take a step forward onto the damn plane, she would have to live with the feeling that her world was falling down forever. She was making a choice. This was it.

One Month Ago

"Bella!" Rosalie Hale yelled to her best friend from across the table. "We should go! We get to meet the new guys tomorrow. We need our beauty rest!"

"I have nobody to impress, my dear. Jake's not even home."

"Jake is never home! Why did you even bother getting married? I swear I see my doctor more than you see your husband...not that I'm complaining...I mean I wouldn't mind playing doctor with..."

"I love him, Rose. That's why. Someday you will get it," Bella said, grabbing her purse.

They were just about to stand up when the bartender brought two shots over for them. Bella smiled and shook her head, "We didn't order these."

The guy looked like he was barely old enough to even be in the club and he stared at her friend's cleavage while setting the shots in front of them anyway. "No, you didn't. Those two at the bar ordered them for you."

Both of their heads turned to look at the culprits that were keeping them out later than they'd planed. "Look, we're leaving..."

"Oh, come on, Bells! Bottoms up!" encouraged Rose, sliding one of the shots toward her.

Rosalie snatched up her own and made a show of winking at them before downing the bright red liquid. Bella brought hers to her lips and took an unenthusiastic swig. Rose made her way right over to the two guys at the bar. One was tall and really broad with dark hair. The other had lighter colored hair that was tied back in a way that would make most men look like creepers. Somehow, this man managed to pull it off.

By the time Bella made it to them, Rosalie was already talking it up with the bigger one. Bella rolled her eyes. "Rose, sweetie, we really should be going..."

"Ah, so your name is Rose. Very fitting. Beautiful name for a beautiful woman." Bella noticed he was speaking with an English accent.

"Yeah. Actually, it's Rosalie but my friends just call me Rose."

"May I call you Rose?" the foreign man asked.

True to Rose fashion, Bella watched her friend giggle and touch the strangers forearm before saying, "You can call me whatever you want."

Trying not to gag, Bella turned toward the blonde man. "Look, we appreciate the drinks but I'm married and Rose and I really need to get going."

"We were actually just leaving, also. We're in town for guess you could call it. Our first day is tomorrow. Our friend over there, the one with the girl on his lap and the other girl licking his neck, he talked us into coming," this man also had a thick English accent.

"Well, it was nice meeting you..."

"Oh, uh, Jasper," he said, shaking her hand.

"Well, Jasper, if you don't mind, I'm going to pry my friend away from your friend and try to get home before my husband calls."

"It was nice meeting you...I'm sorry I didn't get your name either."

"Bella. Goodnight, Jasper."

"Oh my, God! Did you see how fucking hot he was?" Rosalie yelled to her as they were waiting for a taxi.

"Oh my, God! Do you realize how drunk you are?" Bella asked, mocking her and laughing.

"Ya know, it wouldn't kill you to act like you don't have a stick up your ass once in awhile. Blondie was good looking too..."

"Rose. For the thousandth time, I'm married!" Bella reminded her and flashed her wedding band.

"Alright, alright, I'm dropping it. So, why didn't Ally come out with us tonight?" whined Rose.

"She's on that date Jessica set her up on, remember?"

"Oh. At least she's getting some..."

"Rose! It's a first date. That is not Alice's style."

"Whatever, anyway, I don't understand why the company is bringing in some big shot dancers..."

"Because the company is drowning, hon. We have little to no funding and there aren't exactly men falling at our feet to become professional dancers. If we can't get our funding it's over. They're going to close and we'll be out."

"Bella, we're going to be out eventually, anyway. Out of all of us, you are the only one who has any chance of becoming something more...but it will never happen here. Maybe New York or one of the bigger cities. When have you ever heard of a famous dancer from Forks, Washington?"

"I just think we should give these guys a chance. They're supposed to be really good. This could be what we need..." She was cut off when a taxi finally pulled up to the curb.

"It's about time. Hell, we could have walked the forty-five minutes back to Forks."

"Not in those shoes, Lady Gaga..."

Just as both girls got into the door facing them, the other door was thrown open and a man climbed in. "Hey!" Bella protested. "We had it first!"

"You still have it," the man answered smartly and Bella got a good look at him. He was dressed in black cargo pants and a gray t-shirt with a beanie finishing off the wardrobe. Beneath the beanie, Bella saw the most interesting copper colored hair. It also wasn't lost on her that he also spoke with an English accent. Then it clicked. This was the friend that dragged his friends to the bar.

"I didn't say we don't still have it. I also didn't say that we were okay with sharing."

"Didn't you learn anything in primary school? You know, the whole sharing and caring lesson?" With a smirk, he took a swig from the steel colored flask he was carrying.

Bella had no idea why this man got under her skin so badly. "You can't drink in here. You shouldn't have an open container of alcohol in any vehicle..."

"Bella..." Rose started, looking at her like she was nuts.

"Is she serious?" the man asked Rosalie, totally shocked that Bella could be that prudent.

"Ignore her. She's in a sexually frustrating marriage..."

"Rosalie! That is no one's business..."

"Alright, can we just not speak?" the man asked.

"You could get out," Bella muttered, sitting back and crossing her arms.

"We're already halfway to my hotel. Could you get over yourself for ten seconds?"

"Me? You want me to get over myself? What about you? Mr. Let Miss Slutty Pants Lick My Neck."

He laughed, amused, "Yeah, we are so going to just not talk the rest of the way back."

They sat in awkward silence until the taxi pulled up in front of one of the most expensive hotels in the Forks area. "Goodnight, ladies."

"Good riddance," Bella breathed under her breath.

For a brief second, Bella saw a look cross his face that nearly broke her heart. For that one second, she thought maybe she hurt his feelings. Then, before she could say something, he snorted, "Lady, I don't know what your problem is with me but it is no surprise that you're sexually frustrated. I'd give you my number to help you out with that little problem but as I've said, no surprise that you even have this problem."

The next morning, Bella woke to her phone buzzing on the bedside table. "Hello?"

"Hey, did I wake you up?"

"Yeah. Jake it's four-thirty in the morning..."

"Sorry. I just wanted to know if you met the new dancer. I'm assuming you'll be getting a new partner..."

"Jake, I am way too tired to talk about this. You have nothing to worry about. Now, let me get some sleep and I'll give you all the details after I meet the guy. Deal?"

"Alright, love you, too," he laughed before hanging up on her.

She shook her head in frustration. That was just typical of her husband. He calls when it's convenient for him and of course it was only because he wanted the dish about her new partner. Bella had grown used to his overprotective, borderline abusive personality. He loved her but she had to admit, she wasn't that sad that he was away most of the time. There were times when she was afraid of him. Drifting back to sleep, she thought about her handsome husband and his not-so-handsome personality.

When she woke up a few hours later, Rose was in the kitchen sitting on the counter and eating bowl of cereal. "Good morning, Sunshine!"

"You're making my brain hurt this early in the morning. Why is it so bright in here?"

"Someone's hung over..."

"Whose hung over?" Alice asked, dancing in to join them, carrying her Ipod.

"That would be me," Bella sighed, opening the refrigerator and squinting at the light. "Someone's happy this morning."

"I think someone got laid last night..." Rose chimed in.

"Um, yeah, the exact opposite. I'm trying to get that God-awful date out of my system."

"You should have come with us last night. These two guys bought us shots and God were they gorgeous and are you ready for this...wait for it...they were British!" she shouted.

Alice quit chewing her granola bar and looked back and forth between her two best friends. "British?"

"Yes. Two were nice. One not so much."

"I thought you said two of them bought you drinks. There were three of them?"

"Yup," said Bella popping the 'p', unenthusiastically.

"Ugh," Alice replied, throwing her ipod onto the table and plopping down into a kitchen chair, "I am never going to find anyone!"

"You might find someone and then end up living with your two best friends even after you're married because you would be alone three hundred and sixty one days out of the year..."

"Rose, shut it," Bella snapped—the girls had no idea about the real Jake, "I'm going to shower and get ready. We really shouldn't be late today."

When the girls walked in, Tyler, the only male dancer left in their company waved them over. "Did you see the new guys yet? Danny is having this big meeting with them in his office."

"I hope they're cute," Rosalie put in.

"Yeah, well Dan the Man has been a little cranky lately—maybe this will snap him out of it. I'm going to go warm up. See ya later, girls."

Danny Fisuto was the man in charge. The boss man. The big Kahuna. He was also one of the biggest assholes Bella had ever met. While Bella had always been slim, Rosalie was a little more curvy. To say the girl was fat was a total lie—she could totally be a model—but she was never thin enough for their boss. He was all about image and Bella had worried the dance company would turn into more of a strip club until Dan had made an agreement with some big shots to 'borrow' a few of their male dancers. It was a ploy to get more people to come see their performances and the other, bigger companies that the men came from would get to show off their star dancers.

The biggest problem Bella saw with this was that she'd always been one of the better girls and she knew she was going to be partnered with someone. Her ex dancing partner, Mike, retired completely so that he could join the Marines. Jake had hated Mike with a passion, which Bella suspected, was due to jealousy more than anything else. The dancers were spread all over the room now, bending and stretching as music blared from the speakers in the ceiling. Bella tried to get into the groove of "The Unwinding Cable Car" by Anberlin and just as she was almost completely tuned into her dancing, the door flew open and everyone got quiet.

The first thing she noticed was Danny. The second thing she noticed was he was wearing a ridiculous purple tie. The third thing was the two men who flanked him on either side. Both had dancers attire on with black duffel bags of their shoulders. Holy shit!

"Ladies and...Tyler, may I have your attention please!"

Bella wanted to run over and smack him. It wasn't like anyone wasn't paying attention after he slammed the door into the wall upon his entrance. Everyone was already staring at him...possibly looking at his tie Bella noted.

"These two are Emmett McCarty and Jasper Whitlock." Bella glanced over at Rose who was gawking at them. Way to be subtle, Rose, my dear. "This season we will be doing something a little bit different. Instead of our typical soloist pieces, we have enough guys to do partners."

Bella groaned internally. Here it was, the drama that having partners always brought everyone—especially her. There were four other girls besides Bella, Alice and Rose. Jessica, Lauren, Kate, and Angela had also been there almost as long as Bella and her two best friends. "Obviously, not all of you will be partnered but the ones that are have shown dedication and hard work. Mr. Mccarty, you will be paired up with the lovely Alice Brandon. Mr. Whitlock, you will be paired with..." here it comes—at least he's nice... "Rosalie Hale".

Bella blinked her eyes a few times, slightly in shock. She was very humble when it came to dancing but she knew that she was the hardest worker they had. After a long silence, which Bella imagined had to do with the fact that the other girls were talking quietly amongst themselves, obviously talking about the new couples, she began to think and decided to have a chat with Danny after classes. Even if he would put her with Tyler she would have been happy.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" a strangely, familiar velvet smooth voice poured into the room. Her eyes grew huge when she saw who it was. This whole time, she'd just figure Emmett and Jasper were the two chosen and that their friend was just hanging out with them. Now, the dots connected. There was no way she wouldn't be paired. She was good and knew it. There's no way he's the best out of the three...

"Ah, Edward Cullen, you will be our center stage! Your new partner is the beautiful and talented Isabella Black." She watched as Edward's eyes traveled to where Danny was pointing. Bella's oh-shit feeling was being reciprocated in his uneasy face. Belle bulked at the two men and backed up a little. Obviously, this is just a joke... "Bella, is there a problem?"

"I...I..." can't work with him because he's a total asshole "no, I'm fine Mr. Fisuto."

"Well, back to work everyone. I want to see everyone who is partnered working on lifts, everyone else can begin their prep work for the show in a couple of weeks," he said nothing else before slamming the door shut once again behind him. Does the man know that you can open and close doors without making that much noise?

As soon as he was gone, everyone began talking. Bella was in absolute shock and to her annoyance, her knew copper-haired frustration was heading in her direction. God, he's actually rather gorgeous... She stopped her train of thought and pushed herself off the bar she was holding onto for dear life. Facing away from him, she walked past everyone right out the door to the dressing room area.

"Bella? Hey, Danny's going to be pissed if you don't get out here soon! Come on, it's not going to be that bad!"

"How the hell do you know that? I don't want a partner. Jake's going to be freaking out. I definitely don't want to be partnered with Edward. Anyone else I could have learned to deal with but the man infuriates me and I hardly even know him yet."

"Exactly. So quit your bitching, get out here, and get to know him. Maybe he's not that bad..."

Bella swung the door open and came face to face with the five foot two Alice. "Ally..."

"You guys better get in here! Danny's going to be coming back soon," her other roommate yelled.

With her head held high, Bella walked over to the group standing if front of Caleb, one of the instructors. Cal was cute in his own right. He was your typical all-American boy with shaggy, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and Bella had seen him without a shirt on—he was ripped. The dancers were in two lines, both facing the blonde instructor. With the girls in the front and the guys in the back it was no secret they were waiting for her. "Alright, this is our chance to finally show people what we are made of."

Clearing her throat, Bella asked, "What about Ty, Cal? He's been here for a long time. Why isn't he being asked to partner?"

"Eventually, he will be. The guys here are trained for this already. Bella, we're not trying to deny that he's good. In fact, we're going to get him working with these three. Now, we're going to start with the basic waist lift. Guys, you need to get used to the weight of your partner. Please take a few steps forward...boys hand on their waist..." Bella hadn't even looked at Edward when she'd come to stand in front of him. Now, when he touched her, she was shocked that it actually made her heart start pumping harder. Wow, I really am sexually frustrated. "...and lift! Hold it there unless you can't."

Bella felt herself being smoothly lifted from the ground. She'd had a partner before but this was...different. Unable to decide if it was the feel of his palm spread over her hips or his light pressure of his fingers as he held her up, she forced herself to look around at the other couples. It seemed strange to her that the biggest of the Europeans had been paired with little Alice, while she clearly would have been better off with Jasper.

"Alright, set them down. Now, dip them down and make eye contact. This is a bonding experience more than anything. We'll work on technique later."

From the way Edward used his hands to turn her towards him and pushed her down by bringing a hand up and lightly pressing on her chest when she didn't want to bend, she realized technique probably wouldn't be an issue for him. Having no choice but to make eye contact, Bella finally looked up into her partners eyes. They were the most amazing shade of green she had ever seen and she found herself swallowing hard, trying to keep herself from drooling.

I can't be feeling this way. I just miss Jake. That's all. While she was trying to convince herself of this, Edward Cullen's voice broke through her thoughts. "Well, hello, Miss America."

His hand was still right below her collar bone and the way he held her screamed sexual energy. Cal's voice came next, "Good. Now..."

Bella didn't hear anything he said because Edward never let her go. He just kept the control over her body that he knew he had. "You can let me go now, Mr. Cullen."

"Oh, so we're using the awkward Mr and Miss?"

"No. Mr. and Mrs. I'm married."

He snorted but let her go, "Explain to me how that's my problem."

Biting back a retort, Bella crossed her arms and glared at him. "Black, what's going on? Wake up," Cal called to her.

Shaking her head, she tried to pull herself back to what she loved to do—even though it would never pay the bills. For the rest of the day, neither said more than a few words at a time to the other. The strangest part was, Bella had a lot of trust issues which sometimes made it difficult to bite the bullet and trust Mike to not let her fall. For whatever reason, she had no problem letting this strange man, who she had just met, take the lead each and every time. When they'd finally wrapped things up for the day, Bella didn't even say goodbye to him or the girls. She grabbed her bag, not bothering to change into street clothes and walked right out the door.

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