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Chapter 22

"Ahhhhh." A shrill scream bit through the air inside the quiet, dark curtained room of Edward Masen. Bella's eyes flew open as her body was sent into panic mode. Reaching for Edward, she felt something land on the end of their bed and make it's way towards the top. Edward must have had the same frightening panic coursing through him because Bella felt him pull away from her and reach towards the nightstand...and his gun.

Finally able to see what was on top of her, Bella quit struggling and screamed, "Edward, no!"

Alice Brandon was sitting in between her and Edward with a smile that immediately made Bella laugh. "Holy shit, Al, way to be fucking subtle..." Bella muttered, but pulled her friend into a huge hug. The feeling of comfort completely swamped her as she kissed her friends cheek and shook her head.

"Sorry, I guess I just got excited. Jasper just told me when we got off the plane that Jake had found you and I'm just so happy that you're okay...and PREGNANT! How could you not tell me this? We need to go shopping. We'll get one of those cute crib sets with the matching changing table and little dressers. Oh my, God, we have to plan a shower! Bella we only have eight months..."

"Alice, shh," Bella whispered, trying to reign in her excited friend, "I'm not least...I don't know for sure and the chances are pretty slim that it's true."

The smile fell from her face for an instant before a devilish one appeared, "Does that mean you two are still trying? Oh, and by the way, hi, Edward!"

"Hello, Alice," he said, sitting up now with his bare chest exposed—showing his cuts and bruises, looking rather awkward, and holding the sheets closely to the rest of him.

Alice ignored him again and went back to Bella, whispering, "Is he naked?"

"Um...I think so. Also, he almost just shot you. Perhaps you should wait for us downstairs?" Bella hinted, only half joking.

"Alright," sighed Alice. Just then Jasper's voice came from the doorway.

"Alice...holy shit, Edward..." he cringed after looking at his friends chest.

"Yeah. I get it, Jazz."

"It's gross. Oh, Bella's not pregnant, Jazz. Well, she might be. Edward's naked."

"Alright, enough. As much as I love you all, for the love of God, wait for us downstairs," Edward said and Bella couldn't tell if he was more amused or annoyed. Alice followed Jasper out just as Rosalie and Emmett were making their way towards the door. Edward sighed and pulled the blankets around himself, closing the door before they could get in...and locking it.

"Good morning, baby," Bella said, a look of contentment on her face while Emmett yelled something about breaking down the door.

"Morning," Edward smiled, climbing back into bed and pulling her towards him, "let's make today better than yesterday."

"You almost pulled a gun on Alice this morning. I mean, I know she can be annoying if you aren't a morning person..." Bella began, a little annoyed that he didn't seem to feel bad about it.

"I wouldn't have shot her. I just didn't know what was happening and if I needed to protect you, you better believe the gun would have been ready."

"So, I know you told me last night that Jake was being shipped back to the states in cuffs but you still haven't told me how or what the hell happened."

"We really need to get downstairs right now, I know it's ridiculously early but Alice is probably notifying all of London that you aren't really pregnant and I think we have some explaining to do."

"We also have something else to do," Bella said with a smirk, running her finger down his side and to the thin sheet covering his obvious excitement.

"How about we get rid of the company for a little while this evening, let my parents take them to some expensive restaurant, and then we'll talk other things. Though, not necessarily in that order..."

Bella pulled the covers off of herself, and padded towards the bathroom in a pair of Edward's pants and one of his old t-shirts. She realized there was no way she would ever buy pajamas again. "I have to pee. Put some pants on and meet me downstairs."

They broke the news to everyone that Bella was indeed not pregnant. If Esme's face had been sad to see after she found out her son really wasn't married, she looked absolutely devastated that he wasn't going to be a daddy. Of course, Charlie had been the one who was rocked the most that morning. It was around six am by the time they had come downstairs to find everyone. The first thing Bella did was run for her father. He hugged her and she could have sworn she saw him tear up for the first time since her mother had taken off on them.

After hellos were said, Edward cleared his throat and announced, "Yesterday brought on a lot of problems. I know some of you are excited and some of you might not have even been aware of the lie I told. Bella isn't pregnant. I'm sorry if it upsets anyone that I lied but there was...a possibility of was a very, very slim one..."

"Woah, what is this about my daughter being pregnant?" Charlie glared at Edward and Bella tried to calm him down.

"Chief Swan, with all due respect, sir, things happened...between Bella and I..."

"I already know she cheated on Jake. Why the hell would you lie about something like this? Don't you think my daughter's been through enough..."

Edward cut him off, "Sir, I've already lost one child. I could not and will not go through that again. If there was even the slightest chance that she was pregnant, I was going to beg, borrow, and steal until I made sure her and the baby were absolutely safe. Still, I truly did not think she really was but she is just as important, baby or no baby. So, I lied. I don't regret doing it. I'll do it again if I ever have to. Bella is my life. I will die before I let her."

This seemed to appease not only Charlie but everyone else in the room. Rosalie was standing beside her now, playing with her hair, and in Rose fashion was the first to speak up. "You two did the deed. Are we absolutely certain you aren't pregnant?"

"There is a ridiculously slim chance. It would have been due to a broken condom...or just an ineffective one. Either way, it's really unlikely, Rose," Edward explained sullenly and Bella's heart felt for him. He looked so young that it was hard for her to accept that he'd lost his fiance and his child. She would give him a baby if it killed her. She vowed it.

"Alright, someone seriously needs to start explaining. What happened to Jake?" Alice asked.

Edward looked to Bella and she knew he was unsure if she wanted him to tell everyone before her. She nodded her head to tell him to answer Alice. So, he began. "Well, after Bella left, Jude tried to get me to leave. Apparently, he decided to call the cops. Earlier that day, Chief Swan had put a warrant out for Jake's arrest for the murder of Tyler Crowley. Jake was right there. I could have had him...but I kept going back and forth between coming back for Bella or giving myself up and killing him. Believe me, I didn't walk away from this like the bigger man some of you think I turned into last night.

"I went out to my get a gun...but before I could make it out there and back in, the cops were already arriving. I was outside with Liam and they didn't really give us a second look. There were people everywhere. We waited while the cops gathered people up, thankfully Eddy and Jude are basically professionals at running from the police, and Liam and I sat to watch them bring people out. I was praying to God one of them would have been Jake. I was just starting to get worried that he'd gotten away when an officer was talking to some woman beside us. As soon as she walked away, I described Jake and asked if the man had seen him. I told him that Jake was wanted in the US for murder.

"When the man realized he had the chance to go after an actual murderer, he headed back inside. Minutes later, Jake was being hauled out with a little more force than the other guys. I thought he was going to try to come towards me for a minute but he's not as dumb as I thought and behaved himself. The officer was talking on the cars radio for what seemed like forever. It took the first ten minutes to realize that the ring I've been carrying around didn't belong to me—it belonged on Bella's finger and I was going to get it there as soon as I could.. I still couldn't leave though, not until he was in the backseat of that car and on his way to jail.

About twenty five minutes later, it was confirmed that he was indeed wanted for murder. They loaded him up and I got in my car. All I wanted was to get to the hospital, to know you were okay, I couldn't even call you because my phone's battery was dead. Of course there were people lining the streets to watch what was happening. Anyway, by the time I got to the hospital, no one knew where you were and I had them page for my father. I thought for sure you hadn't made it back. I didn't know what to...and Liam, Eddy, and Jude were calling the few people they knew had gotten away...I was completely numb. I couldn't move. My ribs were hurting so badly I thought that they had fractured worse. I couldn't come find you and that made me hate myself...and then there you were..."

"Edward, none of this was your fault," Bella said quietly, resting her head against his arm.

He didn't say anything and it seemed like everyone else was letting his words sink in. Bella was of course frustrated that he would blame himself for something that he shouldn't even have had to deal with in the first place—Jake was her problem, not his. How can one man hate himself this much?

"We're glad you're both okay," Alice said, hugging both of them and whispering to Bella, "I like him, Bells."

Bella smiled, knowing that she had her friend's approval, though it really wasn't needed. She took that moment to say, "Well, I'm glad you like him because we're getting married."

While Esme and Carlisle already knew, as well as everyone who witnessed it last night, her father and the Forks crew had not. "Holy shit!" Emmett boomed, "we are so fucking partying tonight!"

Bella noticed Charlie wasn't saying anything, just staring into space. Edward noticed it to and looked over at his soon-to-be-father-in-law. Of course, Emmett was oblivious, "What time do you want to go? We could get drinks..."

Edward finally looked back at Emmett, "Em, I think Bella and I really need to stay in tonight. Alone. There's a lot of things we need to figure out..a lot to talk about."

"Yeah, and I don't want to drink, anyway," Bella said, backing him up. She knew Emmett wouldn't let this go.

"So, you two are really going to try to have a baby?" Jasper asked with a smile.

"I think we're going to see what happens," Edward said, kissing his fiance's forehead.

"Well, show me the ring!" Rosalie said, pulling out of Emmett's arms and coming towards her.

While the girls demanded to know how it happened, she heard her father ask Edward to step outside with him. Bella was concerned. Charlie had that I'm-going-to-take-you-out-back-and-shoot-you look.

Edward met his eyes and she prayed her father wouldn't say something to make him hate himself even more. If he could sell himself to Charlie, Bella knew there was a chance that he would eventually forgive himself.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Edward?" Edward was surprised by the direction this was going, he expected Charlie to be more worried about him almost knocking up his daughter. "I'm not stupid. Bella is one of the most stubborn people...she definitely got that from her mother...and I just need to know that you are leading her to make the right decisions. You just met her. You're in your twenties, you aren't tied down to anyone. Marriage is a huge deal. Being the father of my grandchild is an even bigger one."

"Bella and I...we haven't known each other for very long. I know that. I also know that we've been through so much together that I couldn't imagine being with anybody but her. Chief Swan, I'll be the first person to admit to you that I did a lot of things that I deeply regret. I was into illegal fighting, gambling, drugs... things that you arrest people for on a daily basis. I wanted to die. When we met, sure I seemed no different from Emmett or Jasper, just a British dancer who was overpaid. I hated myself. I hated my life. My own mother was worried I was going to commit suicide...and she had reason to be. Your daughter is my second chance at happiness."

"Bella deserves to be happy, too. Jake has put her through absolute hell. He had us all fooled. I've known him his entire life. I swear to you, he really changed, it was never like this before. I just don't want to see her get hurt again. She loves you. I don't doubt that. I just need you to realize that her mind is clouded with her heart. She needs to be using both of them."

"I know there is nothing I can possibly say to prove to you that all I want is for her to be happy. If that is with me than that's amazing but if not...I'd deal with it for her. I would walk away if she asked me to. Sir, I won't let her down. I'm also not going to lie to you and say that she is definitely not pregnant. We don't know. I mean, I guess there's always a chance. If she is, I am going to promise you right now that I will be there for them both. I'm in this for life, Chief Swan."

"Well, you might as well start calling me Charlie..."

After a day of sleeping and celebrating, everyone took off to get dinner. Bella and Edward, though, stayed home. Sitting in the tree house on Edward's parent's property, Bella leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "I think you got peanut butter on me," Edward laughed, wiping his cheek with the sleeve of his shirt and returning the kiss. The two of them had turned down a super expensive dinner for good old peanut butter and jelly.

"So, where do we go from here?" Bella asked, becoming serious.

"I don't know. I really don't. I'd like to stay here but," he said, tucking hair behind her ear, "I don't want to take you away from your family."

"You're going to be my family now. I love Charlie but I barely saw him once every couple of weeks anyway."

"What about the girls? Rose and Ally?"

"I don't know. God, do you hear us? We're in our twenties, living in two different countries, and yet we're getting married after knowing each other for a month and a half. Now we can't even decide which of those countries to live in..."

Edward caught her mouth with his, kissing her gently before beginning an assault with his tongue. "We don't need to make all of these decisions tonight, Miss America. When do we leave tomorrow?"

"Ten in the morning. Ty's funeral is the next day."

"Then I guess we have some time to kill." His lips were making the way to the base of her throat.

"Edward, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, baby," he smiled, and pulled her closer towards him.

"Are you sure about getting married? You know, I'm not going anywhere. If this isn't what you want, we could wait. I love you."

"I know and I have no qualms about it..." Bella could see the honesty but also the small frown, as if fighting that inner struggle again.

"Please, just talk to me. I know you want to be with me but you seem...sad..."

"I'm sorry. It's just hard for me...I miss...I'm sorry."

"Emily." Bella said it with confidence, knowing without a doubt that he actually felt guilty. "Edward, you're never going to forget about her. I don't want you to. I'm not trying to replace her. I can't."

"You shouldn't have to deal with this. Bella, I still have her things. I never sold the apartment."

"What?" Bella asked, incredulous that he never mentioned it to her.

"I know. I'm pathetic. I just couldn't fucking do it. Her parents took a lot of her things. I still have her rings. I still have the wedding band she'll never wear. Everyone keeps asking me if this is what I want but what about what you want? I'm haunted by her but just because I want to be doesn't mean you have to suffer too."

"I'll gladly share you," Bella said with an easy smile. "Come on, I think there's somewhere we really should go tonight."

"Bells, come on. Really. We don't have to do this."

"Yes, we do. I'll wait here if you want. Just go in."


"Go. I'll be right here when you're finished."

"I want you to come with me."

"Okay..." Bella said, wondering if this was a good idea for her.

Taking his hand, they walked through the tall gates of the local cemetery. There were tall angel statues as well as crosses and rows of tombstones. Some looked extremely old, to the point that they were crumbling. Had it been darker, Bella would probably be scared, but it was still early evening and the sunset cast a soft orange glow over them. When Edward let go of her hand, heading towards the more modern stones, she followed but made sure to stay back a few extra steps. He deserved time to grieve.

When they walked another hundred yards or so, Edward stopped in front of a stone a little smaller and less extravagant than the large ones with sculptures all around. The stone, unlike most of the others, had two names on it. Emily's and Edward's. Briefly, Bella wondered if the plot was set up for him so that he could be buried beside her, then she realized what it was and her heart clenched. Edward confirmed it seconds later."They buried them both together. After my father fought with Em's parents, they agreed to give the baby my name. I like that they didn't go overboard with the tombstone. Em never would have wanted something fancy. She once told me that the only things she needed in life were a roof over her head, a man to keep her safe...," his voice was cracking and Bella felt tears forming in her eyes, "and the ability to save those who couldn't save themselves."

He was hunched over, his head hung low, and Bella wanted to reach out to him but thought better of it. After a little while, he started talking again. "It wasn't fair," he whispered as he reached down towards the ground, bracing himself against the marble rock. He started to pick at some weeds along the base and she could tell he was becoming more and more distressed. Finally, he stopped and wiped at his face, which she now noticed was tear streaked. Letting go of the stone that was keeping him somewhat upright, he literally crumpled to the ground and for the first time, she watched a man completely lose control of his emotions.

Giving up her resolve, she walked hastily to him and wrapped her arms around his upper body. She knelt beside him and held on tight, letting him cry and get out his aggression. She stayed quiet, her own eyes filled with tears, as she rocked the grown man, who after knowing him for a month, was now her fiance. Bella rode it out with him.

She had no idea how long they sat there but eventually he pulled away from her enough to run his hand over her engraved name and whisper something Bella couldn't make out. Neither of them mentioned what happened as he stood up and held his hand out to her. When they were in the car, on their way back, Bella said gently, "I want to stay here. In London."

"Are you sure? You don't have to make that decision right now," his voice came out hoarse.

"I don't want you to have to leave them, Edward."

He was silent as they pulled up to the large garage they had been at where he had picked up his car just a couple days ago. "What are we doing?"

"I have something I want to show you," he said, grinning like a little kid at Christmas. Bella rolled her eyes and followed him into the large, cement structure. He flipped the lights on and without the impending doom hanging over them from the last time they were there, she looked around a little more and was kind of amazed. There were now only two cars under tarps and she noticed the work benches, couches, and even the refrigerator that was humming away in the corner.

He walked over to the larger of the two vehicles, pulling the tarp this time with a little less bravado than the last. It revealed a sleek, black car that Bella had no clue of its name. "This is my baby. She's an Aston Martin Vanquish that my father bought me. Emily used to tell me that I drove too fast in it. She hated this car."

Laughing, Bella asked playfully, "So you drove an extra twenty minutes out of our way to show me a car? Really?"

She watched suspiciously as he opened the passengers side door and reached in. Seconds later, he pulled out a key and headed towards a small door to the side of the room. He didn't say anything but curiosity got the best of her and she followed. When they were in the room, he flipped on the lights and she noticed it was about the size of a small bathroom—almost the same size as his little apartment. The only difference between the two was that this one had a large safe in the corner. Edward didn't even hesitate before he started turning the dial on the combination lock, slipping the key in, and turning slightly to the right. The door popped open soundlessly and Bella heard herself gasp.

Lying inside were bundles and bundles of money. They weren't large bills like she would have expected, they were twenties, tens, and fives with a few packs of fifties—although few would mean about eighty packs of one thousand dollars worth. "Edward..."

"Bella, if something happens to me, you need to know this is here. Before I left for the states, I had been putting a thousand into a bank account here and there. I didn't want to raise any suspicions. Eventually, I plan to put all of it in. The cars, the money, and even a share in my family's property will belong to you."

Bella didn't know what to say. She knew the money came from illegal happenings but as much as she wanted to reject it for that fact, she realized how much of a price he'd paid for it. When she was finally able to speak, she asked quietly, "Even the red Ferrari?"

Edward tilted his head and she realized it had come out as sounding slightly jealous. "Bella, yes. Keira only had it that night because I wanted her to be in something quick to get you to the hospital. She's a dancer who doesn't even drive herself most of the time. She needed a vehicle and she sure as hell wasn't getting the Vanquish, that left the Ferrari."

Bella couldn't even believe they were discussing whether or not anybody they knew should have taken a Ferrari or a Vanquish. This was just insane. Who the hell has this much money? He motioned her back into the large section of the garage, shutting the door behind them. Bella felt like she was in shock. "What about the other car?"

Edward was in the process of covering the Vanquish back up when he stopped and looked at her. " to sell it."

"Can I see it?"

Edward looked back and forth between the car and her like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Sure," he relented.

Bella watched as he reached down and gently began to pull the tarp. This time, it was a small, blue mini cooper. The idea of Edward being in it made her laugh. With him standing beside it, the tiny car looked like one the clowns drove around in the circus. "Was it Emily's?"

"Yeah. We were going to get her a new one anyway. It's not very practical with a baby. She loved it, though, and I was going to keep it."

"So, why are you selling it now?"

"I guess because I finally feel that I can."

Bella walked over and sat down on the sheet-covered couch. There really weren't words to say and after he covered the little car back up, he joined her. "I feel like there's so much we don't know about each other, Edward."

"There's a lot we don't know," he agreed, matter of factly, "are you having second thoughts about everything?"

"No. I think that's why I'm so confused. I should be freaking out about marrying someone I hardly know but I'm not. This seems like the most natural thing I've ever done. Even more natural than dancing."

"Do you miss it? The dancing?"

"Yeah, I mean, it's all I've done for years. I love it."

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

He sighed, "If you are pregnant, you'll have to stop. I did this..."

"Um, we did this," Bella said with a small smile. "I want this. I want you. I want to have children. I want a home for us."

The sound of his ringing cell phone broke their little moment and Edward rolled his eyes, "What's up, dad?"

Bella couldn't make out what was being said on the other line but Edward's face dropped from an easy smile to a look of concern. He ran his fingers through his messy hair asking, "Are you absolutely sure?" and following up with, "Wow. Alright. No. I'll call you later..."

He hung up the phone without saying anything else. Terrible thoughts began to run through Bella's head as she slid off the couch to kneel in front of him. He wouldn't let her settle in though, pulling her up to sit on his lap and wrapping his arms around her. "Edward...what..."

He stayed quiet a little longer and she let him process whatever it was he was obviously in shock over.

"That was my dad."

"I got that. What did he say? Is everything alright?"

"Yeah. Why don't we head back to the house?"


The whole ride home, Bella kept glancing at him from her seat. He seemed anxious but she couldn't exactly say that he was upset...just...affected. Keeping quiet, she watched out the window, taking in the beautiful lights. When they approached the house, she was taken back once more by its beauty. There was something amazing about the home Edward had grown up in. It was huge but not unwelcoming. Edward drove to the other side of the property until they came to a dirt path lined with solar lights.

The sky was an amazing deep blue and as they walked, she leaned against her fiance, taking in the different types of trees and plants. At the end of the path, wooden ramps led into open hut-looking buildings that wound up into the large hill. Morning glories, million bells, and Easter bonnets showered down from above, hanging off the wooden roofs held up by log beams. The flowers wound down the beams and along all the ramps ran lit fountains. On the other side of the fountain streams, some in bloom and some not, were zinnias, cosmos, bachelor buttons, and tons of other flowers that Bella didn't recognize.

"This is incredible, Edward," Bella whispered breathlessly as they made their way to a small bench and Edward pulled her down onto his lap.

"I love you so much, Bella." The way he said it. They way he sounded terrified made Bella's heart speed up and she was brought back to reality. Carlisle had told him something on the phone, something that affected him profoundly.

"I love you, too. What did your dad say?"

"He said...the hospital..."

"Oh, God, not again. Who is it this time?" Bella's heart sank as she remembered those stressful days with Edward in that dreary room.

"No. It's nothing like that..." Bella sat up straight, now knowing exactly where he was going with this. When his hand came to rest on her stomach, as if confirming her thoughts, she instantly started to cry. The fact that she was actually going to have a baby was overwhelmingly terrifying just as much as it was overwhelmingly exciting. Edward took it as her just being terrified. "Bells, I'm sorry. I know you're scared but I'm right here. We're going to do this together..."

"No, no, I'm happy. Really. I'm's a lot to take in. I don't really know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything, love. No one else knows. Dad asked me if I wanted him to tell everyone and I told him no. We'll do it in our own time. When we feel it's right, we'll break the news. I just want us to have some time to comprehend it all."

"I want to stay here," she blurted finally.

"In London?" Edward asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. I want to stay right here with your wonderful family and crazy friends. I want our little one to have that cute accent of yours...the one where they've been to America so many times they haven't perfected either one. I want this little one to grow up here."

Bella knew at that moment, sitting under the beautiful flowers, that this was exactly what she wanted. It was as clear as day. While Cinderella had to fight all the other girls in the kingdom, she had danced her way into her prince's heart in a way that only fate could have made possible. She thought of the scars on her back and knees that she'd gotten from falling after all those times Jake pushed her. She thought of the harsh threats he used. She thought of him in that hotel room, pinning her to the bed as he twisted her wrists—which still hurt but she knew they weren't broken and didn't want to worry anyone. Last but not least, she thought of Edward, riding in like the dark prince he was and somehow managing to show her the light.

"Well, Miss America, Emmett just sent me a text saying they're back. Want to head up to the house?"

"Yeah and if...if it's okay...with you...I'd like to tell everyone now. I don't know when we'll have everyone together like this, especially both of our parents..."

"Bella, this is your call. I'm completely happy about it and am just as excited to let everyone know—especially my mom. Your dad is what I'm a little worried about," he said with a smirk.

"What did he say to you? Earlier today?" Bella pressed, standing up and taking his hand in hers.

"Just that I better know what the hell I'm doing and what I want. He doesn't want to see you get hurt again."

"And you? What did you say?"

"That I never want to see you hurt. Ever."

"No. About you knowing what you're doing. Do you know what you're doing?" Bella asked playfully, though definitely wondering what his answer would be.

"Bella, I don't have a freaking clue," he said, stopping to look her in the eyes, "but we're going to figure it out together."

After lyrics, there is an a/n at the bottom :)


Is our secret safe tonight
and are we out of sight
Or will our world come tumbling down?
Will they find our hiding place
is this our last embrace
or will the walls start caving in?

It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should have been right
It could be wrong, could be wrong, to let our hearts ignite
It could be wrong, could be wrong, are we digging a hole?

It could be wrong, could be wrong, this is out of control
It could be wrong, could be wrong, it can never last
It could be wrong, could be wrong, must erase it fast
It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should have been right
It could be wrong could be...

Love is our resistance
They'll keep us apart and they wont to stop breaking us down
Hold me
our lips must always be sealed

If we live a life in fear
I'll wait a thousand years
just to see you smile again

Kill your prayers for love and peace
You'll wake the thought police
we can't hide the truth inside

It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should have been right
It could be wrong, could be wrong, to let our hearts ignite
It could be wrong, could be wrong, are we digging a hole?

It could be wrong, could be wrong, this is out of control
It could be wrong, could be wrong, it can never last
It could be wrong, could be wrong, must erase it fast
It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should have been right
It could be wrong could be...

Love is our resistance
They'll keep us apart and they wont to stop breaking us down
Hold me
our lips must always be sealed

The night has reached it's end
We can't pretend
We must run
We must run
Its time to run
Take us away from here
Protect us from further harm

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