Dear Reader of this Letter,

Hallo, I am Ludwig Beilschmidt, the personification of the country of Germany. I, er, I didn't really want to start a letter writing website like all the other countries are doing but mein bruder East wouldn't stop bothering me until I did it. So, here it is, even if I believe it to be a waste of time. Feel free to write to me and I will try to reply the best I can.


Ludwig Beilschmidt

((ALRIGHTY THEN! I am on this bandwagon after a request from Yuri n'Chuka. I hope this makes her happy. She apparently believes I made a good Germany in dogsrule's 'Vee I Get to Write Letters Too?' and it would be nice if I made an official letter writing story under his name. I suppose I'm okay with that. If someone else has done this for Germany I apologize for encrouching on your turf and all, but I think everyone deserves a chance to be different countries. If you have someone playing Italy for you, someone else can get a chance with me. It'll be nice you know?

I have no problems with any pairings with Germany, GermanyXItaly will be fine if it's made to happen (I find them difficult to set into motion though, it took 80 letters with dogsrule before ANY chance at Geretalia showed up), but I'm also cool with Austria X Germany or even a little Prussia X Germany. I'm flexible. Just keep it all rated T unless a really good France gets involved. Or a really dirty Prussia. Then rating might change.

My one rule is this: If you post as a country and do not send in another letter within a week of my reply without explanation (like, saying you'll be on holiday, or busy or something) you forfeit your rights to be that country. If you pick it back up before anyone else does however you can have the role back no problem, this is mostly just to avoid losing characters.

And I will say this: OCs are fine, but I always consider canon characters preferrable.))


The Following Warning For This Story Concerns New Readers Only Since Old Readers Know This Already


Heavily implied one way and possibly two way Germancest

A story arc involving Nazi Germany which contains racist remarks and vulgar language

IF THESE DISTRESS YOU, DO NOT READ FURTHER! (Even though I personally don't view them as that bad, I could be warped for all I know, so I'm just letting you know)