((Please note that there will only be ONE MORE chapter of this letterfic after this one. It's time to sign off. Please read note at the end for certain information you'll want to include in final letters))


Dear Bruder,

I know ya do, like I said before I've seen you with Italy. Well, that makes
sense. Italy has that kind of air about him so I'm not surprised. yes I said
lip and nose rings, it was 1977 and I was drunk out of my mind, Heck I don't
even remember getting to my home that night everything past midnight is blank
=.=' . yes we are. He will recognise me because i will be wearing the grown up
version of my old hat and cloak, along with holding the push-broom he gave me
before i left for my last war. I can't wait to finally see everyone again at
the wedding tomorrow!

Bro hugs,


Ps. To Hungary: I saw you earlier today with Austria, you two make a cute
couple *Wink*

PS. To Big bruder Prussia: It is me, this is no joke or trick. I swear on
everything that was, is, and ever will be precious to me that I am (Well used
to be) Holy Rome. in fact you can tell Italy that you need conformation and
use this line, he will tell you that It's me alright:

"Even though you run away when I follow, you follow me when I run away"

I said that to him before the war. I'm sorry about having everyone believe I
was dead, It was for the best.


Dear Alexander,

Ja, but that was over forty years ago. You just... left them in? I doubt I would've myself...

I am sure everyone will be pleased to see you as well. You will be welcome there. I look forward to meeting you in person.



Zealand II

Hej Tyskland,

You're getting married? I really have been busy, that's such a shock. As in my
sudden hearing of it, not that you're getting married, though, may I ask to

I'd love to come to your wedding. It's alright, I'm just glad I was able to
hear about it before it was too late. Whoever you're marrying must be wonder
and is very lucky. I'll be there for sure and with a gift, so I'll be seeing
you soon.





Well... I am getting married to mein bruder Gilbert, formerly Prussia, so he may be instated formally as East Germany. We both, I think, will be happy with this arrangement.

Danke. I look forward to seeing you there.



Italy XXXIV ((Lol! Yes, do that))

Ciao Ludwig!

Ve~ Are you sure I can't wear something else? This tuxedo feels really stuffy!

Oh, but guess what! I just talked to fratello and he agreed to come to your
wedding too! But it is really weird that he's kind of being a little nicer to
you you know why?

Can't wait to see Holy Rome tomorrow!,



Dear Feliciano,

Nein, Feli that is the proper dress for a wedding ceremony and I need you to wear it. You only need to wear it until the reception, then you may change to something more comfortable, but I thought you liked to wear stylish things like that? Also, at the reception, please be careful around the drinks. Considering that France will be present most likely, even the supposed non-alcoholic drinks will probably be unsafe. I should get someone to guard them perhaps...

Ja, I know, I was surprised to have a positive RSVP from him. I can only assume it's because he thinks if I'm married I will not be spending as much time with you. Er, I suppose I should inform you that even if initially I may see less of you because of my new arrangement, you will still be allowed to visit. However, I heavily discourage crawling into bed with me again. East may not be amused by it anymore.

I have been told he also looks forward to seeing you. I hope your meeting is a pleasant one.



PS. Hungary suggested that I ask you how to be more open about expressing my feelings. Since you tend to burst into tears in public, you are at least good at that. So how do you go about expressing your feelings?

Hungary XXXIX

Dear Germany,

Make up your mind! Jesus, they say /women/ can't decide anything!

Kidding, of course. If you want the tape, let Dana know and I'll make it a
wedding present.

And speaking of being open: If you want a lesson on loosening up, why don't
you give North Italy a call? He's told me he wants to make sure you're happy,
and...well...apart from me, you know him better than anyone else does. If
there's something to teach, I look forward to seeing you learn it. *grin*

Good luck,


PS: Don't worry, I'll make sure Italy wears his tuxedo. Not that that should
be a problem; he loves dressing up.

PPS: And I've got the wedding photographers all arranged; don't worry about
that either.

PS to Saxony: Bavaria? Hmm...I'm already getting ideas. Can you do lunch in
Brussels on Friday?

PS to Bavaria: Thanks for all your help with the parties!

PS to Alexander: So you have an evil sister. And she's both blonde and
dark-haired. Tell me: what /do/ they drink in Heaven? And if you /must/
manifest during the wedding, /please/ be polite about it.


Dear Hungary,

I... I suppose I will see the tape. I may regret it later, but now I am curious. As long as I can watch it privately first it should be fine.

I should ask... you're right. He is probably the best for advice on such a matter. Danke, Hungary.

Ja, I thought he did, but he mentioned that it was stuffy... just help press to him that he should wear it to the end of the ceremony, ja?

Oh, and danke for getting wedding photographers. I appreciate the assistance and I look forward to seeing you at the wedding.



Saxony X

Hallo Brüderschen,

was? Watch your tongue a little, brother dear! You know fully well that I'm
way more mature than Bavaria and Prussia /together/.

Ha! You didn't say nein right away. So I really did guess right? Gilbert
wouldn't answer when I mentioned his little tummy, but it seems I didn't
imagine things after all. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! That is wonderful. I am so
happy for you. Alright, I will definitely give you two a crash course before
the little one arrives. Now that I think about it, how about you babysit the
Sorbian twins from time to time as a practise?

Tschüß, Saxony

P.S. to Hungary: Friday, Brussels, lunch. Good. But please don't kill me, ja?
Keep in mind that it's not MY doing.


Hallo Saxony,

Well, ja, you are. Since I knew East may read this later I will say now that his immaturity can be very endearing. But I will also say that you, Saxony, should know that considering Bavaria and East's levels of maturity, outranking them both is not a big accomplishment.

Nein, I will be sure to raise my child with a bit more discipline than to act like those two. And ja, you guessed correctly, but East doesn't want it going around yet, so please keep quiet for now.



Bavaria XXVII

Servus Briaderl,

at least it was real Bavarian Maß (1 liter) and not Cologne's weird little
0,2 l glasses. But we really have to work on that, Ludwig.

Nein? Oh, don't be a poor sport. It would be fun... and knowing Hungary she
probably sent it to most nations via email in the meantime anyway.

If I hadn't told him, he probably wouldn't have agreed to come despite my
humble presence altogether.

Pfiadi, Bavaria

P.S.: If you ask me, you probably have forgotten to call it off... But well.
Date fixed, invitations sent, made an appointment at the register office, got
your suit and the rings,... The coffee junkie took care of the location and
such. Don't be so nervous, everything will be fine.

P.S. to Hungary: No problem. Thank you too.


Dear Bavaria,

Still, five liters of bier is not nearly respectable considering my providences can usually drink much more. I really do need to increase my tolerance.

I should hope not! Mein gott if my boss ever saw any of those tapes somehow then... nein. Please do not do such a thing at the wedding. Afterwards, in private, fine.

... well there is that. I appreciate you giving him a good time, anyway, despite your history. It was surprisingly mature of both of you.

I look forward to seeing you at the wedding. Danke, again, for supporting us in the end.



Malta I

Hallo Germany!

You haven't heard from me for a long time but I'm hoping we can talk. My name
is Malta and I just want to tell you that I don't blame you and Italy for what that
Austrian bastard made you do to me during the war. You were under the control
of your suffering from the end of the first war and I understand that. You're
a good person and Israel is lucky to have you as a friend!

Be happy at the wedding!

Your friend, Malta.


Hallo Malta,

Danke for your kind words and understanding. If I have any say in it, such a thing will never happen again.

I will do my best with that, as well.



Rainfall I

Sir Ludwig,

My name is Rainfall Wolfe, Representative of the Native America. Now, I assist
Alfred in all of his business affairs. I hope we may meet soon.

I also write to you on my own accord… I apologize, but sometimes, Alfred
cannot make it to some meetings. So he has sent me to stand in for him in the
next world conference.

How are you, Ludwig? And how is Germania? I remember knowing him when I had my
own country, and I've lost touch with him. I hope he fares well.

You resemble both Germania and the Holy Roman Empire… forgive me if I am
wrong. I do not remember your infancy… did you have any dealings with my
people? I am sorry I do not remember you.

I thank you for your time.





Danke for your letter, I look forward to meeting you at the next conference. I'm sure America could use time to catch up with things in his own country at this time.

Germania? Er, I am very sorry to inform you, but Germania passed on quite a long time ago, before I can remember in fact. Mein bruder tells me that I take after him, but I can't recall knowing him personally. I hope this will not come as too much of a shock.

I do not recall offhand sending boats of settlers to your land as other Europeans were doing at the time, but I'm sure there were some Germans that settled in your lands. I would remember better if I were not so busy I'm sure, but once everything is settled here I will be sure to get back to you about this.



London I

Dear Duetchland,

Hello, It's London, the capital of England. Mumsy told me to ask you my
questions right now cause she's "arguing with France in a heated battle".
Okay, question one. How do you and Italy make up after you get pissed at him?
And don't leave out any details. Question two. Can you please tell Prussia to
stop harassing me and Paris about twincest? I mean, come on! Paris is my
BROTHER! That's just sick.

Bobs your uncle and all that,



Dear London,

England... told you to ask me questions? Er, well I suppose I can try but I'm a little busy...

Italy is a very forgiving person by nature. Even when I get angry at him, he typically comes back to me later smiling and babbling about pasta and pretty girls as if nothing happened. When the person you are mad at acts that way, it's difficult to stay angry. He is a very confusing person.

Well, er, I can try to get him to stop though I really don't have full control over him. Still, he will be informed that it is inappropriate to harass you.



Prussia LIII

Dear West,

Don't ruin the fun by saying I can't blackmail family! What's the point of
being family is I can't use a little bit of blackmail from time to time?

You're going to have to tell me how much you care about me and love me once a
day but you have to remind me of how awesome I am five times a day. Kesese
having to remind myself of your feelings isn't any fun West!

I don't know how I don't remember but every memory of that night is gone!

The wedding is tomorrow and what if the dress doesn't fit? If I can't get the
stupid thing to close I'm not going to come out. No matter what you say I
won't! Nein!

Do we have to follow the rules and not let you see me until I walk down the
aisle? It's going to be so boring West!



PS. Just forget about them. Think about me not them.


Dear East,

I cannot approve you blackmailing family. Although if you do it anyway there's not a lot I can do about it, Bavaria asked me to tell you not to and I will stand with him in saying it is inappropriate.

East, I will tell you I love you as many times as you wish. But you call yourself awesome enough for hundreds of men; I'm not going to add to that number. I may use other adjectives, however.

Er, that is not a good thing. Perhaps we should have you examined by a doctor, I'm sure that's not normal...

It will fit, I assure you. If it fit today during the rehearsal then it will fit tomorrow.

That is an old superstition, but it wouldn't hurt to abide by it I think. It may be boring, but we will see each other soon. And... and remember that I love you, and after this... after this we will have many centuries to see each other.

I will see you tomorrow, in the church.



((The next update will be the last. You are all amazing. The last letters will take place after the wedding. Please share stories of the ceremony and reception, ask any last minute questions, and bear in mind this one event: During the reception, it is revealed that Gilbert is about two months pregnant (likely when he refuses to drink anything at the reception) and word travels fast. So, probably best to mention that in the letter too. This next one is the last, it's been a good run, let's end it well!))