'Heaven help me,' he thought standing there on the deck outside the Master Cabin, 'who would have imagined? Over a hundred years and I find myself an incurable romantic at heart." Gazing at the lovely blonde woman there, he paused to make sure she was breathing steadily, sound asleep.

Even though it was entirely unnecessary, he turned the latch on the doors, and stepped inside the cabin. Walking slowly, he looked down at Carolyn Muir. A day ago, he had never even known she existed, and now a day later it was clear with her arrival, his world would never be the same.

Gently speaking aloud, he began sharing words he knew he would never be able to say to her in this world. "I never once allowed a woman onboard my ship, but if I had known you a hundred years ago, I would have carried you out to sea and shown you how beautiful the world can be. I'd have met my match in you." He paused, and let himself feel the frustration, the sense of injustice that would not be restrained.

"Lord knows I waited for you, and hunted for you, how was I to know you hadn't even been born yet?"

Stopping again, he saw a slight smile appear on her lovely, sleeping face, and realized she was, on some level, listening and clearly appreciating his words. "No you won't remember any of this when you wake up Madam," he said clearing the memory from her mind. "You shan't have that advantage over me."

Taking a long sigh, he watched as her smile faded into a faint frown, and knowing he had no other choice, accepted all that fate had handed him this day, "How sad that you were not born in my time, nor I in yours."

He faded from view, and a breeze pushed the door open further, the noise suddenly waking the young woman. Opening her eyes, she slid off the bed, and closed the door, turning the lock gently, "Old houses like you have a way of getting the advantage – hope I'm more than a match for you." Slipping back into bed, she looked confused and squinted her eyes as she tried to recall something, "I've heard those words before, I'm sure of it, but where?" Curling up under the covers she murmured, "can't recall . . . hmmm, how sad. Maybe next time?"

Drifting off, she had a sudden flash, almost a memory of the Captain standing before her, and the sound of his voice, but she couldn't quite hear the words. "Blast," she murmured, punching her pillow and settling down to sleep.