Alternative Ending – The Music Maker

Mind you, I entirely prefer the original ending I wrote, BUT given how season two begins, I thought I should also craft an ATC that gives some idea about how the dynamic between Carolyn and her Captain changed so dramatically between the end of The Music Maker and the start of The Great Power Failure .

"It was just something I wrote a VERY long time ago."

Her silent nod and vacant stare made him realize that his casual comment had been taken, to his surprise, at face value. He had expected her to roll her eyes and chide him for the clearly ludicrous comment, but instead she stared off without another word. Watching her silently for a minute longer he realized he had entirely run aground. With a frustrated sigh, he disappeared to the widows walk. "What an addle-pated fool" he muttered to himself. "So close, and when the two of us might finally talk, admit what is between us, I hide my heart like a scared school boy!" Pacing quickly back and forth he continued his diatribe, with an unceasing stream of self-recrimination.

His self-scolding however was mild compared to the thoughts running through the mind of Carolyn Muir who had dashed upstairs to her room to give vent to her feelings immediately upon his disappearance. Walking briskly across the floor, she muttered aloud, "How DARE he! He lies to me about his ability to touch, creates a beautiful poem and then LIES to my face that it was not written for me, and now he just disappears like a, a . . . AARGH!"

Hearing her outburst, he paused, tilting his head as he attempted to hear her words, but they had ceased and were replaced by the solid, almost furious clattering of her typewriter keys. 'Well, better them than me,' he thought, but he recognized the truth, he'd far rather fight with her than be left out here in the emotionless cold.

He would have been deeply disturbed, if he had seen what Carolyn was typing. It was a personal manifesto, a proclamation to herself, promising she'd cease her fervent, romantic imaginings. From this moment forward, she intended to put up a solid, unrelenting barrier between Captain Daniel Gregg and her heart. She'd be damned if she'd fall so deeply, only to be hurt again. Let him cajole, woo and charm, she was going to make sure he'd never work his way into her heart again.