Kurt couldn't believe it was actually happening. He couldn't believe he was standing there, staring out at the beautiful campus. He shifted his weight a little, leaning further out over the railing to look past a tree, only to have his eyes met with even more beauty. Everything about this school was gorgeous; the buildings, the landscaping, the people. And here he was, waiting to hear how he fit into all of it. And boy, were his nerves going crazy. Gazing in wonder at everything was all he could do to keep from freaking out.

Then there came a noise from behind him: someone clearing their throat.

Kurt whirled around to find a thin, older woman staring at him from back inside. Her hair was a light blonde with streaks of gray running tastefully through it. He noted that she was well dressed, her bright blue button-down was tucked perfectly into her knee-length wool skirt, and her heels were tasteful. He smiled nervously at her, and, to his surprise, she returned it warmly.

"You must be Mister Hummel," she started, gesturing to the chair on the other side of the desk. "Please, take a seat."

Kurt obeyed, keeping his eyes on the ground as he moved. "I hope you don't mind that I was on the balcony," he said, wringing his hands nervously as he sat down. "The view was just so beautiful; I forgot that I was in your office." Kurt looked up at her, the scared smile still drawn across his features.

The woman chuckled. "Don't be silly, Mister Hummel. What good is the balcony if no one uses it?"

He let out a sigh of relief. He then made a point to put his hands on his thighs and try to relax. This woman seemed nice; he really shouldn't be so concerned. "You have a gorgeous school."

She smiled and glanced back at the view. "Thank you. Now," She uncrossed her hands and extended one to him. "My name is Mrs. Barr, I run this little school."

Kurt leaned forward and grasped her hand, shaking it carefully. "I'm Kurt Hummel, and I'm honored to meet you." He then let his hand drop back to his lap, where it fiddled with the seam of his pant leg.

"We're very pleased to have you, Kurt. I heard your audition was outstanding, and I don't hear that about first auditions very often. You must be very talented."

Kurt felt the temperature of his cheeks rise a considerable amount; he couldn't keep himself from blushing. Although he'd heard plenty of compliments over the years, hearing this from the head of his dream school was amazing. "Thank you so much," was all he could manage to say.

Mrs. Barr nodded as she pulled a file with his name written on it in big, black letters. She placed it on the desk and opened it to pull out a stack of papers. The paper on top was slid his way, along with a key. "This is your room number, your room key, and a map of the school. Of course, you're in the Freshmen Dorms, which is the building to the left of this one." She slid another, smaller piece of paper towards him. "You paid for a spot in the reserved lot, so this goes on your front windshield. Keep in mind that all guests must park in the visitor lot in the back of the grounds." A large stack came next, stapled together with a cover of blue and yellow, the school colors. "Here is a copy of the student handbook. I'm sure you've already seen it online, but here's a hard copy anyway. And last but not least," she finished, placing the final paper in front of him. "Your class schedule. You'll have a meeting with a counselor within the week, and classes start next Tuesday."

He looked down at the papers, and suddenly it all felt official. This was finally happening. He could feel tears building in his eyes, and he quickly blinked them away. He could cry later, safe in his room. Hopefully he would get there before his roommate. "Thank you, Mrs. Barr," he breathed, looking up at her.

She grinned and put his file away before standing up. "You're very welcome! Now, I have another new student coming in in a few minutes. I trust you can find your room?"

Kurt nodded. He picked up his papers and stood, brushing a bit of hair out of his eyes. As he headed out the door, he glanced back at Mrs. Barr, who was picking up the phone. A small smile crept onto his face. So far so good. Nothing had gone wrong yet. He couldn't say exactly why, but he had expected something to go horribly wrong during his meeting with the head of the school. But, he had managed to keep his composure and not blurt out anything to compromise her opinion of him.

He headed down the hall, sliding his papers into his bag, towards the door. As he exited, the wind seemed to pick up just slightly, tousling his hair. He couldn't help but feel like he was in a movie; the dramatic gust of wind moving his light brown hair as music played in the background, expressing his emotions perfectly.

He was still smiling, except more widely, as he hurried along the pathway towards the Dorms. He would go fetch his car and things once he'd seen his room. Hopefully before he met his roommate, though.

His nerves slowly crept back as he pulled open the door to the building. The hall was spotless, obviously slaved over at night by the cleaners. There were only a few sleepy students wandering them, as most Freshmen either hadn't arrived yet, or were still sleeping. Kurt cleared his throat and tightened the grip on the strap of his bag.

He pulled the paper with his room number on it from his bag, glancing down at the number. "115," he read out loud before slipping it back into the bag. As he reached his room, he fished the key from his pocket, and then took a deep breath. Staring at the door, he hoped and prayed his new roommate wasn't in. He would really like to get to know his surroundings before he had to meet the person he'd be forced to live with.

With another deep breath, he slid the key into the lock and turned. It clicked, and he reached out and turned the handle. The door swung open to reveal a decently sized room. Two beds, on opposite sides of the room occupied a lot of the space. There were two desks, also on opposite sides. There were a couple of lamps and bedside tables as well.

Kurt noticed that only one side of the room was unoccupied by personal belongings. One bed had a brightly colored, but somehow adult, Harry Potter comforter spread across it, with matching pillows. It was neatly made, just like Kurt's bed at home. The desk and bedside table were also obviously in use. His roommate, however, was nowhere in sight. This was good.

He made his way over to the bed and sat his bag on it, noting the plain, boring sheets the school provided. Luckily he'd expected it, and had his favorite bedspreads waiting in his car.

As he continued to scan the room, he noticed something he hadn't seen the first time. And now, as he stared at it, he wondered how he could have missed it. There was a door at the foot of the other bed. Obviously, it lead to the bathroom, but the fact that it was there wasn't what surprised him. The door was open, and the sound of the shower running spilled out of it along with the steam.

Kurt's throat tightened, and he froze. Was fresh out of the shower the way he wanted to meet his new roommate? He debated whether or not he should go fetch his things and give the man more time to get out, or if he should just stay and wait. As he was over-thinking, however, the shower turned off and he heard the door slide open. Now or never!

He grabbed his bag and flew out the door.

Kurt's heart was pounding as he went to his car. He wasn't exactly sure why he was so nervous about meeting this guy. All he knew was that if he were braver he would have begged for a single room. But, Freshmen very rarely get to have their own, so he didn't push the issue.

He sat in his car for a moment, regaining his composure. Then Kurt started it, backed out of the visitor spot, and drove slowly to the reserved lot. This, conveniently, was right next to the Dorms. He turned his car off and stared at the building. With a heavy sigh, he popped the trunk and got out.

Luckily, his dad had agreed to bring the rest of his things to him within the next week, so he only had to haul six bags to his room. Each time he re-entered, his roommate seemed to still be in the bathroom. Which suited Kurt just fine. As he lugged the sixth bag through the door, however, he heard bare footsteps.

A lump formed in Kurt's throat as he shut the door and carried his final bag to his bed. This was it, the moment of truth. First impressions mean everything. He kept his back to the bathroom as he heard the footsteps stop, then the door frame creek.

"Before you get comfortable, I should tell you that I'm gay," came a voice from behind him, a voice that sounded so incredibly familiar that it made Kurt's heart beat speed up. "So if you have a problem with that, you should probably go talk to Mrs. Barr." Kurt's mind raced as he tried to place the voice, which was bringing tightness to his chest. "My last roommate showed up yesterday and flipped out," the voice continued, making Kurt even more and more confused. "He got a new room, so yeah."

The awkward, scared feeling Kurt was experiencing made him so very hesitant to turn around. He wasn't really sure he wanted to see the reason he was in so much pain. He pushed his hair back and sighed, working up the courage.

"Hello?" Came the voice again.

Kurt cleared his throat, forced a smile onto his face, and whipped around. "I'm gay, too, so you don't ha—" But, as he laid eyes on his new roommate, his voice suddenly cut off, his oxygen supply temporarily blocked. He just stood there, completely shocked, taking in the man who stood before him. In just a towel.

Shock covered the other man's face as well, and he uncrossed his arms to put a hand to his chest. "Kurt?"

"I…" Kurt started, barely able to speak. He swallowed, trying to remove the large lump in his throat.

"You remember me, right? It's me, B—"

"Blaine," Kurt finished, taking a step back as his ex-boyfriend stepped towards him. "I didn't know you were going here."

Blaine shrugged and crossed his arms once again, a goofy grin on his face. "Well, you spoke so highly of it."

"Yeah, but you never said you wanted to go here."

"Is this a problem? Like, are you mad or something?"

"No, Blaine, I'm not mad."

"Well, you look mad."

"I'm not mad!"

Blaine put his hands up and chuckled, shaking his head. He was obviously amused, which did make Kurt angry. He turned around and went back into the bathroom, leaving Kurt to just stand there red-faced.

"Well," Blaine voice trailed out from the bathroom. "I think this is pretty freaking awesome. None of that awkward getting-to-know-your-roommate shit."

Kurt couldn't help but chuckle a bit at that. The fact that Blaine didn't think this was awkward was both frustrating and hilarious. Leave it to Blaine Anderson to be comfortable in the most awkward situation ever. On his own once again, Kurt was able to regain a little bit of his composure. He cleared his throat again and was just getting his breathing back to normal when Blaine re-entered the room, wearing clothes this time.

Kurt watched him carefully as he walked to his bed and sat down with his legs crossed. He rested his elbows on his knees and put his chin in his hands. Kurt hesitantly sat down on his own bed, one ankle hooked into the other, his hands folded on his lap. "So…" He breathed, looking anywhere but at Blaine.

"So," Blaine repeated, his eyes focused on Kurt's face. "How have you been?"

Kurt sighed and finally looked Blaine in the eye. "Up until this moment, pretty good."