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Summary: Sophie Johnson is your typical sixteen year old girl went from one night walking home from a friend's house to getting sucked into Narnia. What happens when she meets a certain King the Just? How will love factor it in?

Pairing: Edmund/OC

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Chapter 1

Sophie POV

"Yeah, okay I'll pick it up before I leave for Jane's house. Fine Mom bye" I said as I hung up. I rolled my eyes as I walked into the convenience store to pick up some things for my mom.

I'm Sophie Johnson. I'm only sixteen; have yet to get my license and just your typical plain boring chick with no life. I have short brown hair like a pixie hairstyle but layered, clear green eyes and I'm only five foot three and I dress like I'm popping out of a punk magazine. I do have the piercings but only in my ears. I have two holes in each ear and not to mention an earring on the top of my left ear. I live in North Philadelphia where the only thing is there to do is see historical landmarks.

I hopped on to my bike and rode past people as I made my way back home to drop off the grocery for Mom before I make it over to Jane's house. Jane and I have been friends since we were in second grade. She was the new kid and I was the kid that punched Dylan Smith in the nose for trying to kiss me on the playground at recess.

I managed to get home and see my younger brother Jason playing his XBOX once again in the den. "Mom" I called out.

"Kitchen" I hear her. I walked in and saw her working on bills yet again. "Thanks sweetie. Do you know how long you're going to be at Jane's?"

"Maybe a couple of hours or until her mom kicks me out" I replied in a joking way.

"Okay I don't want you out late. A lot of nutcases are out tonight" she said.

"Don't worry Mom, I'll be fine" I said as I headed upstairs. I tossed my bag on my bed and grabbed my house key which went into my pocket along with my small black messenger bag. I shoved my phone in my sweatshirt and made my way out of the house.

I was heading out when I heard snippets of the news saying some lion escaped from the zoo outside of town and is nowhere to be seen. I rolled my eyes as I headed out the door.

"No way."

"Way, she made it seem like he broke it off rather than she did" Jane said.

"I don't believe it" I said. Jane walked over to her desk and opened up her drawer. "You still smoke?"

"Yeah and why not say it louder?" she hissed.

"Sorry it's not like your parents would even care" I said rolling my eyes. Jane put her cigarettes away as she heard footsteps out of her room but they past as they went down the other side of the hall.

"Lucky I didn't get caught" she mumbled.

"Even I don't even do that, you know my mother would wring my neck" I said.

"My parents need to lighten up a little bit. I know my father can be a strict pain in the ass but seriously he can't even take a joke half the time" Jane complained.

"Do they even know what's going on?"

"No and they shouldn't I don't see why not" she snapped. God she can be such a bitch.

"Whatever I'm going to head out" I said, getting off her bed, grabbing my bag.

"You got here like an hour ago" she said, noting the clock.

"Needed home for dinner" I said leaving her room. I may love my best friend but I hate on how she acts like she can do whatever she wants.

It was starting to get dark as I walked through the park nearby. I let my mind wander off like I always do. I may be only sixteen but hey, I can daydream right?

I felt someone watching me as I was walking. I took a good look around me to see if anyone was around but I didn't see anything or anyone.

"Calm down Soph, just a figment of your imagination" I said to myself. I took the next few steps before I heard a pair of footsteps from behind. I looked behind me and saw a man just staring at me intently which gave my shivers in a nervous way.

I quickened my pace as I heard them coming closer and closer. Next thing I knew, I started to run for my life. I kept on running through the grass until I was deep in the wooded area nearby. I crouched down in some trees as I saw a figure come by. It stood there for a minute before taking off in another direction.

I breathed a sigh of relief and got up slowly, but I lost my balance and fell backwards.

Only this time, I didn't stop falling.

I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I squeezed my eyes shut as I can only see the darkness around me. I felt pain going through my back as I landed on something hard.

My eyes fluttered open as I saw bright light. Don't tell me I died.

I could make out the tree branches as my eyes were completely opened. I saw trees that were full of leaves around me and some were on the ground. I sat up slowly as I tried to make out my surroundings.

"Holy crap" I said, sitting up. I was in some forest but I couldn't be in the forest back home. It was getting dark when I was walking home. I got up and wiped off some dirt that was on my jeans and my boots. I went through my pockets and I felt my house key. I went through my bag and everything was there but not my phone.

Crap, now that's gone to god knows where. But the main question was where the hell am I?

Unless I got knocked out unconscious then it would make sense. This time, it didn't. I don't know why though.

"Hello?" I called out. I heard nothing.

"This is great. Just freaking great" I said. I looked around before I took a few steps in one direction to see if anyone was around. I shoved my hands in my sweater pockets and started walking.

This was getting stupid. I felt like I was walking around in circles. No way in or out of this neck of the woods. Oh the irony of that statement. It was slowly getting dark out and with me alone in this forest surely can equal disaster in the making or as I would call it the next horror movie of my life.

I wish I knew where I was so that way I know where I can go to get help. Then again, it got me thinking. Is there any civilization out here?

I heard some noise behind me and I spun around. "H-Hello?" I said. I looked behind me but nothing. I kept on walking until I heard a twig snap.

That's when I took off running for my life. I kept on running past the woods dodging tree branches and I had to jump over a few fallen logs. I didn't know whether or not whoever it was is still after me but it was entirely impossible to not know.

I came across a stone bridge. I was catching my breath when I reached out for the ledge. I squeezed my eyes shut and my back was against the bridge when I felt the rocks gave away and my body falling. I screamed as I fell and landed on my stomach on a few rocks. I groaned in pain as I rolled on my back.

I tried to get up but I wounded up crawling as fast as I can until I managed to pull myself up. I started to run until I felt my head getting dizzy. I dropped to my knees as I squeezed my eyes shut to let the nauseous feeling go away and then my world went black after that.

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