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Few months later…


"What are you doing love?" Edmund asked, as I was in the garden looking at the flowers. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Trying to decide which flowers looked best. Seriously, though white roses or white lilies?" I asked. I never knew deciding on flowers would be this hard. I would imagine how the dress fitting would be like.

"I say," he said, leading me towards the bench where his arms never left me. "You should go for however you want your flowers to be."

"Are you sure? I do want to have your opinion on them you know I mean after all it is our wedding," I said.

"Trust me I do want to be part of the planning but I think it's your decision to decide on the flowers," he said.

"I guess. I'll surprise you then," I said.

He held me closer and kissed me on the lips softly. I couldn't believe that we're only seventeen years old and planning our wedding. Well he wasn't going to be eighteen until the middle of May. Our wedding is set for the beginning of fall which is fine by everyone.

Susan and Caspian are still happily married and there is talk about producing the next heir to Narnia. I do think that they might wait awhile before anything like that happens.

Lucy and Susan were going to be my maid and matron of honor while Peter is going to be best man and Caspian was going to be a groomsman for the ceremony. That was somewhat the easy part because it was a little hard to decide on who's going to be whose maid of honor or best man since we're close with one another.

Things are here are good. We've had some ups and downs. There hasn't been a big war or anything going on. We do try to maintain peace around us and even with the other countries that I've never even heard of. It's a different way of how things are done here but I've managed to get use to it one day at a time.

Do I miss my family and friends back home? Absolutely.

I think about them every day. I think about what they're doing and how they're living their lives without me. I wonder if they miss me too. I know it sounds stupid but it was something that pops in my head once in a blue moon, but that thought had disappeared.

I looked over at Edmund who looked like he was trying to get me to pay attention to him.

"I'm sorry, I just spaced out," I said.

"It's alright love. For a minute there, I thought I'd lost you," he said.

"Oh please you can never get rid of me. Besides, you have some help to do with this wedding mister," I said.

"Yes my lady," he said.

"Flattery will get you anywhere, does it?"

"Maybe, maybe not," he replied, with a sly grin.

"Later, right now I need to get these flower arrangements done," I said, as I was trying to hold back a smile but I couldn't.

It was late that night when I was sitting on the balcony rail just staring up at the stars. The flower arrangements got done and so did the dress designs for my dress since I'd came up with a few ideas for what it should look like but that's for a different story.

Susan and Lucy had their outfits planning out already and the boys were going to wait on theirs but I have a feeling it'll most likely be left until the last minute but I can trust them knowing that it'll get done.

I got off the railing and went inside since the cool wind started to come by. I went on to my bed and just lied on the bed staring out into nothing. All of a sudden, I found myself looking back at the entire situation that unfolded before my eyes.

I'd never thought that almost a year ago, I would be in another world let alone a different country. I thought I was going crazy when I first came here. But when I saw the different creatures and animals talking, I'll admit, I had no idea what I was about to get myself into.

Then came meeting the kings and queens and my supposedly fight with Edmund. If this was the situation back home and I met them, I would probably punched Edmund in the face if he acted like he did when we met. I'm just glad that we did make up that night because otherwise I wouldn't be in this position.

Our wedding may be a few months, but it seems like everything was falling into place.

I reached over for my IPOD that was lying on the night table. I haven't used it in what it felt like ages. I turned it on and saw that it had half of battery left. I haven't used much of it since what happened with the battle months before.

I put on Cyndi Lauper's True Colors since that is one of my favorite songs. While the song was playing, I do wonder what my parents and Jason are doing right now. I hope that they're coping without me there on earth. I love them and even if me and Jason didn't get along most of the time, but I knew that he loved me as much as I loved him.

I wonder at this point what they're doing right now.

Back on earth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Third Person POV

Back in the suburbs of Philadelphia, there lives a family who once had a house full of life and laughter and of course, the usual ups and downs that any family would go through in life. In the recent days, however; their daughter Sophie; had gone missing while she was walking home from a friend's house. A witness told police that someone was following the girl which led to a chase in the woods and they were never seen again.

It wasn't until a few days later that her body was found in the woods with a severe head wound that only lasted her in a coma a few days and the doctors told her parents that the chances of her coming out a coma was slim.

After what happened, the family is slowing going through the healing process of grief and trying to go on with their lives. The only family member, however; was that Sophie's brother, Jason; who especially took the loss the hardest. His parents tried to help him but it only worked once in awhile. He and Sophie were close when they were young but once she had hit the teen years, she didn't want nothing to do with him at first. But as the years progressed, they tolerate one another as time went on.

It's been months since Sophie has been gone and Jason is slowly starting to process why it happened and moving on with his life. Though it hasn't been easy, but with the support of his friends and his parents, he's taking it one day at a time.

However, it suddenly changed one day when he was coming home from school on a fall afternoon. It would be almost a year since Sophie has been gone and it wasn't something he looked forward to at all. He wanted to forget that day even happened.

He got home from school and saw his parents weren't home from work yet so he was free to have the house to himself for awhile. Jason was going to play some Xbox since that hasn't been touched in almost a year. As he went to set it up, he decided to bring in the mail as it was part of his routine unless both his mom or dad was home and they got it.

When he got back into the house, he shuffled through the mail until he saw his name on a white envelope. He didn't see any return address so he just shrugged and shoved it in his pocket. Jason got back to the Xbox but he couldn't get his mind off of the envelope.

He dropped his controller on the couch and took out the envelope, opening it only to find a piece of paper with writing on it.

Jason stared closely at the words that lied on the paper as he read it aloud to no one.

"There will come a time when one close will need help.

The chosen one will help the others save lives and stop the darkness from happening."

He continued to stare at it before he rolled his eyes and put the letter on the side.

"Like that's ever going to happen anytime soon," he mumbled.

In Narnia, late that night…

Sophie's POV

I shot up from my bed but I wasn't having any nightmares. I did see Aslan however and he only told me that something was going to happen soon and he couldn't tell me whether it was bad or good. It was weird though considering I was trying to catch my breath.

"Love, are you alright? You want me to fetch the nurse?" Edmund asked, worriedly. He sat up from his spot on the bed and put his hand on my forehead to see if I had a fever or not.

"I don't need a nurse," I said. "I'm not sick but I'm fine."

"Then what is it?" he asked.

I looked over at him with a raised eyebrow and a quizzical expression. "If I may be right and I don't know if that'll be a good thing, but I think that we might have our next adventure sometime soon," I replied.

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