Title: Changes Part One

Chapter 1: Separation

By: Cody Furlong

The sounds of soft rock music and the distinct clank of a tool on metal filled the still air of the old, run down garage as a lone mechanic toiled away. Jacob Clawson, or just Jake to his friends paused in his duty of replacing the water pump on what was so far, the only vehicle in the garage in need of repair.

Reaching into the right back pocket of his coveralls the five foot seven inch, athletically built male fished out a relatively clean red bandana. Folding the cloth in half, the cinnamon furred tom then pulled off his sweat stained red baseball cap, and used the bandana to mop even more sweat from his forehead.

Usually the sweltering building was home to two mechanics, though the larger of the pair had left some ten minutes prior. Jake envied his larger partner sometimes, Chance's short, blonde fur did a lot better in the summer heat than his own long, thick, dark colored coat did.

Despite the fact the small two bay garage wasn't air conditioned, and they both had to wear heavy work clothing, Jake knew it'd still be a lot hotter outside than in. He was glad that it had been Chance who had volunteered to run into the city, and pick up whatever groceries their small income could afford.

A knowing smile slowly wandered across the feline's muzzle at the thought of that tom-kat. It had only been some seven months ago, that the two had taken their first steps down the road that would lead them to being more than just close friends, or partners.

While Jake might have had his doubts at first, his own feelings for the large tom eventually won out. He loved that muscled tabby with all his heart, and couldn't think of any other place he'd rather be then curled up in his strong arms.

A cold chill suddenly stalking up his spine pulled the musing tom from his thoughts, the warning came to late however as a pair of burly arms suddenly encircled his waist and trapped his arms to his sides. Dropping the wrench cap and bandanna the dark furred tom made a token struggle against the binding arms.

"Chance!…You scared me tiger…" Jake giggled looking down at the large arms having fully expected it to be his lover .

His laughter quickly died however when his eyes settled on the powerful, pitch black and dark gray striped arms holding him. His cinnamon fur rising on end at how someone could've sneaked up on him the mechanic began to struggle in earnest.

"That's right…I'm not your tabby…yet…" The deep, rumbling growl in his left ear, along with the burly arms tightening around his torso like a vise froze him in his tracks.

"Crud… Whoever this guy is, he's got a grip as strong as steel." The small tom gulped lightly as his head was forced back against a well muscled chest, and rock hard abs ground into his back. "Who…who are you, and what do you want?"

A low purr rumbled up out of the male body he was forced back against, and almost seemed to vibrate through his slim frame in answer to is questions. The tiny male involuntary shivered in pleasure when he felt the stranger's hot breath cascade down the back of his neck before a large, wet nose nuzzled him roughly.

"What the hell is going on!?….Why am I responding to this guy?…" Jake mentally yelled at himself, though outwardly he only let out a soft moan as the tom's rough tongue snaked it's way down the side of his neck.

"I know you like this… I can sense it, there's no use in trying to fight off what I'm going to do to you…" That samedeep, husky voice chuckled.

The cinnamon tom gasped loudly and went completely limp when he felt the other male's fangs graze along his jugular vain, tiny daggers threatening to draw his blood, yet sending waves of unwanted pleasure racing through him.

Groaning the slim tom realized that some part of him actually wanted it! To feel those fangs pierce through his fur and flesh, to feel his own hot blood trickling down the side of his neck.

Suddenly something dully clicked in the back of his fogged mind, and Jake knew exactly what was happening, and that he was helpless to stop it! This guy was obviously some kind of vampire, and was using his abilities to seduce him.

As if his assailant was reading his thoughts, and he very well could have been for all Jake knew. The fangs quickly pulled away and the large tongue returned to its licking, slowly trailing a path back up his neck, across his cheek, and then up along the edge of his ear.

"Not yet kitten, but soon…Once I've broken you and you beg me to take you." The male's rumbling voice returned, hot and moist in his ear. "Now take a good look around Jake, because it will be a very long time before you ever see this place again."

Not caring at the moment of how the black and dark gray tom knew his name the grease monkey did as ordered, he didn't have much choice since it was obvious he wasn't going to get away.

Looking around his home the reddish-brown feline noticed for the first time that it was darker inside now than it had been, as if the whole building was in heavy shadow, yet the sun was still shining brightly outside. Heaving out a heavy sigh, he shed a tear at the thought of not getting to see his love again, and what Chance would do with him gone.

The vamp laughed in his ear always keeping his face just out of view, now that he was aware of it, Jake could feel the presence of the striped male inside his mind. The black furred kat's power suppressing his mental defenses, and slowly spreading to every corner of his consciousness.

"It's time for you to sleep now kitty, when you wake the fun can really begin." The dark tom purred. "You'll soon know who your master is and obey me willingly…. Now SLEEP!"

The command was simple and swift, the last thought Jake had before darkness swallowed him was a brief image of Chance's smiling face.