Title: Changes Part One

Chapter 8: The Day After

By: Cody Furlong

The next day rose peacefully over the salvage yard, the complex was silent as it was bathed in the morning rays of the sun. Up in the tiny, apartment over the garage in the master bedroom, the tabby-tom that called this place home was awake. Unlike the previous nights however he wasn't tense, restless, or even alone for that matter.

Chance lay on his back his left arm curled up with it's attached hand behind his head, his right arm was wrapped around the narrow waist of the peach furred she-kat asleep against him. The Deputy Mayor's head lay on his shoulder, her long, silky blonde hair spread out over his chest, and partially covering her arm that rested across his right pectoral.

After the pretty Kat had checked him over and patched him up, he had done his best to answer the burning questions the petite female had thrown at him. The tabby had told her about his past as an Enforcer and how he and Jake had been wrongly given the boot before being sentenced to the yard.

As afternoon moved into dusk talk had moved into how the hangar had been found and their choice of becoming the Swat Kats. It wasn't until after a brief yet enjoyable dinner Callie had cooked up for them, that he had shown her the video, and informed her about what really had happened to his lover.

That's where things had come crashing down for him, after spending all his anger and frustration on Hard Drive the only thing he was left with was his anguish. Everything he'd kept pushing away came rushing back to him as he poured his heart out to his friend.

It was hard to imagine that such a strong, macho warrior could be reduced to a bawling kitten, but that's what he had been as he'd cried his sorrow out into the Deputy Mayor's sympathetic embrace. She'd comforted him and given him support, then helped him to bed when he'd exhausted himself of his emotions.

Thinking back on it now Chance had no idea what had possessed him to plant that kiss on her lips when they'd gotten there. But he had and was surprised when she had returned the lip lock full force. She didn't even try to resist when his large hands hand found their way to her blouse buttons.

It wasn't like he'd fought back very hard either though as the blonde haired she-kat had stripped him of his clothing, then gave him a light shove to his bare chest to get him to lay down. He'd even purred out his pleasure watching her finish undressing herself before climbing on top of his interested body.

It was clear that they both had wanted it, and he had no doubt that he didn't need it after the last few nights. When he was joined deep within her everything had vanished until it was just him, her, and the shuddering climaxes she pulled from him.

Now the day after, looking down at the slumbering queen he didn't feel like he'd betrayed his mate at all, if anything he only felt refreshed enough to be able to open the garage. He knew he wouldn't give up on trying to find Jake, it would be hard to run the garage and protect the city without him. But now he felt that with Callie here to help him he'd be able to remain sane enough to do it and not get himself killed while trying.

End...To Be Continued...