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Reid and JJ finished up their coffee and sweets; heading out to a small shopping plaza. It was rather busy, with a lot of small children running around. The liaison wanted to get a souvenir for her son, which Reid was happy to help out with. He figured he might as well get something for his mother, too.

"How about this?" JJ asked, holding up a small shirt that stated 'Momma's Boy' with a little fish on the front.

"I think he'd like it." Spencer grinned.

"Good, now I need to find something for Will. Did you find something for your mom?"

"There was this necklace, but she doesn't wear jewelry. So, I'll keep looking."

The blonde smiled; she was glad her friend was feeling better. They looked around a few more stores before heading back. JJ ended up getting a hat for her husband, while Reid found a book for his mother. After what seemed like forever shopping, JJ drove the young genius back to the hotel. As they pulled in to the hotel, they saw the rest of their team out by the pool.

"I guess we should probably head over there. You can leave your things in the car, if you want." JJ said,

"Oh, uh, do we have to go over there?"

"You can deal with an angry Garcia if you don't."

Spencer mumbled something to himself before following his friend to the pool.


Emily Prentiss was the first one to notice the two agents' arrival. She was laying on a foldout chair, due to the fact that she couldn't get in the pool. The brunette lowered her sunglasses and waved.

"Look who's here!" Prentiss grinned.

Hotch and Rossi were sitting at a table talking, too busy to realize who arrived. Garcia was in the pool with Derek, splashing around like a child.

"How long have you guys been here?" JJ asked, taking a seat by Emily.

"Not long, you haven't really missed much." The other agent replied.

The two women started chatting; ignoring the fact that Reid was standing there. He felt left out and he didn't even want to come.

"Boy Wonder, come and get in the pool!" Garcia shouted.

"I really don't want too…"

"Get in the pool, genius! I promise I won't splash you, and even if I did, your big chocolate hunk would save you!"

Morgan looked at his partner, stopping the childish gestures. He flashed a smile to Reid, noticing the blush appearing on the younger man's cheeks.

"I…um, I'll go change. Then I'll come and get in, okay?" The youngest agent mumbled.

Before anyone could say anything else, Reid hurried inside the hotel and to his room. Once he got there, he hissed in frustration, realizing he forgot his key. To make matters worse, he hit his injured wrist, causing even more pain.

"You okay, Pretty Boy?" Morgan asked, coming up behind the genius.

"I'm perfectly fine, no need to worry about me." Reid glared.

"Spencer, I'm sorry. I apologize for how I acted earlier, okay? I wasn't thinking, I shouldn't be doing that. I have you and that's all I need." The older man said sternly.

Reid felt speechless; he didn't even have to bring up the topic for his lover to know what was on his mind. Morgan sighed, leaning in closer and giving a small kiss on the young profiler's lips. It was sweet, and soft.

"Do you forgive me?" Morgan muttered, inches away from Reid's face.

The genius nodded, blush covering his face. Derek grinned with satisfaction, pulling the smaller man into a hug.

"Mor-Derek! You're still wet from the pool, get off!" Reid laughed, trying to push him away.

"Whatever, kid, you know you like it."

"Actually, I don't and now I have to change."

Morgan chuckled as he pulled out his key for the hotel room. Reid walked into the room, walking quickly towards his room.


Garcia climbed out of the pool, tired of waiting for her friends to come back. Morgan had gone to talk to Reid about some problem that she had no idea about. Although, it seemed like JJ knew because when the older man ran after Reid, she had a smile on her face. The analyst dried herself off with the beach towel, grabbing her laptop that she had brought along.

"You can't stay away from a computer can you?" Hotch asked.

"You don't understand, this new game came out and I have to play it. I'm almost past the first arc, it's all about murder and-"

"You don't get enough of that at work?" Prentiss laughed.

"Just for your information, there are very attractive men in this game. Murder is not the only reason I play! It's a role playing." Garcia stuck her tongue out at the brunette.

The team sat around the pool, taking in the warm weather, as they waited for the other two agents to return. JJ helped Prentiss up, walking her to the side of the pool. She was allowed to stick her feet in the pool, as long as she didn't get her knee brace wet. Rossi followed suit, enjoying the cool water on his feet.

Morgan and Reid came back shortly after, holding hands as they walked in. The young genius was wearing plain blue swim trunks and a light hoodie over it. He had taken his wrist wrap off, not wanting to get it wet.

"Can we get back in the pool now?" The bubbly analyst questioned, closing her laptop.

"Anything for you, Baby Girl." Morgan grinned.

He ran towards the pool, diving in the deep side. The splash caused the crippled agents to get wet, despite their attempts not too. Hotch chuckled as he watched his team play around. Spencer walked over to where his boss was sitting, taking a seat beside him.

"I thought the whole point of this was so you would get in the pool." Hotch stated.

"I don't want to take my hoodie off." Reid said, embarrassed.

"Reid, nothing is wrong with seeing them. Your scars show that you're here, and that you survived."

The younger agent wasn't surprised that his boss knew exactly why he was nervous. He sighed, slowly removing the light hoodie. As the sunlight hit his bare chest, he gave a small smile at the warmth of it. Reid looked down, tracing his fingers over one of the scars. He bit his lip, standing up, and giving a small nod towards Hotch.

"Reid, I must say, you actually look pretty hot right now!" Prentiss shouted.

"I agree with Em!" JJ giggled.

Spencer felt embarrassed being complimented by his fellow co-workers. As he was blushing, a wave of cool water hit him. He shrieked, jumping backwards, listening to Morgan's laugh.

"Derek! Don't do that!" Reid glared.

"Then get in the pool, Pretty Boy, and it won't happen again!" Morgan said, still laughing.

Reid walked slowly to the pool, taking the pool stairs to get in. The water was cold against his skin, causing little goose bumps to appear. Morgan grinned mischievously, not wanting to wait for his lover anymore. He swam over to where the smaller man was standing, holding back his laugh.

Garcia watched with amusement as Morgan wrapped his arms around Reid, dragging him to the deeper end of the pool. Spencer struggled to get away, but the older man was much stronger. They were both laughing by the time they had both gotten completely soaked.

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