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"Mama! Mama! Tell me a stowy! Pwease?" the 3-year-old little black haired/amber eyed girl with one black dog ear and one silver one, asked as she jumped on the bed.

"You're such a baby Midori," teased the 5-year-old silver haired/blue eyed boy with silver dig ears atop his head.

"Well… Kiyo's a poopy-head!" the little girl replied stinking her tongue out.

"Now, now you two don't go calling each other names." Said the raven-haired woman.

"Kiyo stawted it!" Midori pouted.

"Baby, remember what I always tell you? Be the bigger person? Now Midori why don't you apologize to your older brother Kiyosuke and Kiyosuke why don't you apologize to your little sister Midori?"

Kiyosuke sighed and walked over to his little sister who was now in her little princess bed, "I'm sorry."

Midori smiled, "I'm sorry too onii-san." She gave him a hug and a wet kiss on the cheek.

Kiyosuke wiped his cheek, "gross!" he yelled jokingly then began to tickle his little sister.

Kagome laughed, "Okay babies, it's time for Midori to go to bed and time for Kiyosuke to go to bed too."

"Can onii-san sleep in my room tonight mama? Pwease?"

"Well baby, you have to ask him that."

She looked over at her brother shyly and smiled a toothy grin, "Onii-san! Can you sleep with me tonight?"

"I don't know… your room is pretty scary with all these dolls."

"No they not! Onii-san mean!" she said as she let out crocodile tears.

"Okay okay! Just don't cry! I'll protect you from all the evil dolls."

Midori smiled, "yay! Stowy time!"

Kagome tucked her two children in and sat down on a little pink chair Midori used for her tea parties. "What story would you like to hear?"

"Oh! About the pwincess and the pwince!"

"Awh Mi, we've heard that like 10 times!" complained Kiyosuke.

"But…but" she began, her eyes water once more, Kiyosuke sighed but caved in to his little sister's crocdile tears, "Yay!"

Kagome laughed at her children, Midori was becoming more and more of an actress then Kagome was with all her crocodile tears, and Kiyosuke was becoming more and more like his father, stubborn yet very loving and caring. "Let's see… once a upon a time—"

"DADDY!" yelled Midori.

"DAD!" yelled Kiyosuke, as the two jumped out of bed and into the arms of their father.

"Hey princess, hey sport." He greeted them as he hoisted them both up in his arms.

"Now look what you've done, I just convinced them to go to sleep, not their energies are up again." Kagome lectured lovingly.

"I'm sorry." InuYasha whispered as he walked over to her and kissed her forehead. The two kids in his arms covered their eyes and giggled.

"Daddy loves mama!" Yelled Midori. They all laughed and InuYasha set the two kids down.

"Now you two off to bed." They nodded and hopped into the pink bed once more, "Kiyosuke, why are in Midori's bed?"

"She asked me to protect her," he said proudly.

"Onii-sans the bestest!" he blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"Story time! Story time!" yelled the excited Midori.

Kagome once again sat in the little pink chair and InuYasha sat beside her on the carpeted floor.

"Once upon a time, prince Suke was traveling in the woods and met a common village girl named Oda. The royal family was please that their son had found a future wife, but did not know the truth that she was just a common village girl. Soon after their marriage and prince Suke had taken the throne, a baby girl was born into the royal family of Higu Kingdom. However, when the newly crowned king fells ill, the newly crowned queen grew weak. When King Suke died, Oda couldn't bare to live in the castle that reminded her of her beloved husband, so she took off into the woods and into the village to start a new life. Suke's father, the former kind was devastated and asked his armies to search high and low, far and wide, for his beloved granddaughter.

21 years had passed and king Toma's searchers finally discovered her where she was immediately brought to the palace. Now, the princess who had grown as a peasant could not believe she was a princess, so she ran far away into the forest of metal. It was an enchanted place filled with trees that were made of metal and dirt made of cement. It was a dangerous place where wild animals preyed on innocent beings. As the princess ran and ran, she stopped when she felt the raindrops fall unto her head. She heard a loud screech and goose-bumps formed on her fair skin. There in front of her was a black beast with fangs as long as her arms! She stood still hoping it would pass by her, but to her surprise it stopped and lay on the ground.

"Young maiden, a person such as yourself should not be wondering around the Forest of Metal." Said the prince that slid off the huge beast. The princess bowed and apologize saying she will leave at once. "It is dangerous out here, please let me take you home."

So the prince helped the princess onto the black beast and they made their way to a small village. "I see, so you live on the Higu kingdom's village. I live on the other side, the Taka kingdom."

"Thank you very much for taking me home." She said in a polite manner.

Now after days of trying to convince the princess that she truly was of royal birth, she finally gave in and accepted the role as a princess." Kagome continued telling her fairytale version of how she met InuYasha and smiled as the two calmed down and stared drifting off to sleep towards the end of the story.

"After leaving for 4 years, the princess and prince were finally reunited and although it took some time to convince the princess that it was all a misunderstanding, they eventually got married… and they truly lived happily ever after."

Kagome and InuYasha kissed the two sleeping forms on the forehead goodnight and made their way out the door, closing it lightly.

"Great story, I can relate." InuYasha said jokingly.

Kagome rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. "I love you."

InuYasha smirked, "And I, love you."


"Ugh! I hate him!" yelled a now 17-year-old girl Midori, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" she shouted as she threw her bag in the living room.

"Midori, what in the world is all this commotion?" asked Kagome who was by now in her late 30's early 40's.

Midori looked over at her mother and growled, "Ma! I hate him! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!"

"Hate who dear?"

"Kai! He's such a— I don't even know how to describe him! I'm never going to fall in love ever again! I never want to speak to him again!" she yelled.

"Sweetheart, why don't you calm down and tell me what happened?"

"You wouldn't understand." She sighed as she plopped down on the couch.

Kagome rolled her eyes playfully and shook her head, "I was a teenager once too you know."

She gave a sigh, "he was totally using me. I overheard a few of his friends talking about it. We are so done."

"Did you ask him about it?"

"I don't need to, I know what he'll say."

Kagome sighed and sat down next to very frustrated daughter, "you know, I think you should ask for his side of the story."

"Yeah, well my relationship isn't gonna turn out like yours and dads. Not after he used me like that."

"Honey… do you remember the story of the a princess I always told to you when you were a little girl?"

Midori grabbed one to the pillows on the couch and buried her head in it, "I'm not a little kid anymore mom. I know fairytales like that don't come true." She mumbled.

"Actually, it's not a fairytale sweetheart." Midori looked up from the pillow and stared at her mom.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that story is based on your father and I."

"Seriously?" she aksed in disbelief, "you're the princess?"

Kagome laughed, "that's not the point baby. What I'm trying to say is, sometimes you need to listen to the truth instead of jumping to conclusions. The princess traveled the world because she wanted to get away, but then she realized it was all a misinterpretation."

Midori sighed, "I guess I should talk to him forst before making any conclusions…"

Kagome smiled, "That's my girl."

She got up from the couch and smiled back at her mom, "I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetheart."

"Hey, don't I get any love?" asked Kiyosuke who had just entered the house.

Midori rolled her eyes, "onii-san's so corny."

"What was that pipsqueak?" he joked playfully grabbing her in a headlock. The two laughed.

"I give I give!" yelled Midori.

Kiyosuke let go of his little sister and ruffled her hair, "what no welcome back hug?"

"Pssh, you're the one who grabbed me in a headlock before I could give you one."

He laughed and stepped back opening his arms wide and closed his eyes, "I'm waiting"

Midori smirked and tackled him to the ground, "boy did you have that one coming." She laughed sitting on her brother.

"You knocked the wind right out of me."

"Alright you two, time to get off the floor. Now Kiyo, come greet your mother like a good boy."

Kiyo got up off the floor and hugged his mother tightly. "I've missed you guys so much."

"We've missed you too. why didn't you tell us you were coming back today?"

"Dad said to keep it a surprise."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "where id your father anyway?"

Kiyo put on a smile, "he stayed back to take care of last minute business, but he'll be here within 2 or 3 days."

Kagome sighed much like how Midori had done earlier, "I guess I'll prepare dinner then."

Kiyo hesitated and called his mother, "wait mom, could you go to the store and make our favorite?"

"Huh? But I was going to prepare—"

"Please? Just go to the store?"

Kagome looked at him suspiciously, "okay… I'll be back then. Don't burn the house while I'm gone."

"We'll try." The siblings said in unison.

Kagome drove off to the store and Midori looked over at her brother, "why did you send mom out and not the servant? And why do you have a guilty look on your face?"

"Guilty? I'm not guilty."

Midori gave him a look and he laughed, "alright, alright you caught me. Dad made me promise not to tell mom he was here because he wanted to surprise her."

"Are you sure your not the one being tricked here?"

"Huh what do you mean?"

"You really think mom wouldn't have figured it out by now?" he stayed quiet and Midori laughed, "Mom always said I was the better actor."

"I think I should just stick to numbers…" Kiyo sighed.

Midori patted his back, "I think so too."

"So what was that all about?" asked Kagome as she closed the door and looked over at her husband who was currently setting up a table.

"Busted." He whispered then turned to his beautiful wife. Granted they were both in their early 40's but InuYasha still couldn't believe how many men still gawked at his wife. And the same goes for InuYasha as well. Both didn't seem to age much, more mature faces, but nothing serious.

"You really think you could fool me? Especially with your son's acting?"

InuYasha laughed, "I love you."

Kagome walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, "And I, love you."

They shared a kiss, no care in the world; it was just the two of them for now. The nuzzled their noses together to share an Eskimo kiss and sat down beneath the stars thanking God for their blessed life.