Ernie: Bert, can you guess what time it is?

Bert: Well, let's seeā€¦. the lights are off, it's dark outside, you and I are both in bed, I'm trying to fall asleep. I'd say it's~

Ernie: Perfect time for a musical number?

Bert: No, Ernie. Please not tonight.

Ernie: Yes Bert, indeed I am talking about tonight.


Ernie (ignoring Bert): And just to make it more fun, I invited back our old friends, the Boogie-Woogie Sheep.

Bert (quietly): Help me.

Ernie: Everything is right in this place

Traveling through outer space

Soon we'll land back in our beds

Buddy Bert,

All the things dancing in our heads

Can soon become a reality!

If we adventure it,

Just wait 'til the bed starts tappin'

Adventure it

And something special's gonna happen

If you believe we're truly somewhere we're not

'Cause in bed, imagining's the only fun we've got

So Bert,

Stay in bed and adventure with me

I've got my duckie, you, you're pigeon

Prohibitions, not a smidgen

Me and you,

Can travel over the horiiiiiiiiiiiizon

(Bert: What?

Ernie: It's just a song, Bert. It doesn't have to make sense.)

But only if we adventure it,

Imagine those bears and tigers

Now we're cavemen inventing fire

Oh buddy Bert, it's a real live wire!

So, every night as we lie in bed

I start seeing pictures dancing in my head

So buddy Bert, buckle up and we'll fly away