Chapter Six

1September 1944

I know not what to expect at this new school. Professor Dumbledore has been kind enough to accompany me as I purchased my school supplies. He was the one who found me. According to him, he was at the British Ministry of Magic when the aurors heard of a vampire attack out in the country. If he had not come before them, I would be dead...Actually, I am dead. Well, almost. Being a vampire is about as close as one can get to being dead.

Either way, the train to school leaves from King's Cross Station at eleven o'clock. I am quite dreading having to be around so many people. Their blood is so appetising, but Dumbledore said that this will pass in time. He left several packets of blood with me for just this purpose. Perhaps I should indulge in one before the train...

Then again no. Unfortunately, my eyes turn red after I feed, presumably due to the extra blood flowing through them. Either that or I cannot absorb others' haemoglobin so I lose my eye colour. Anyway...

I suppose I should explain who I am, even if this is just a diary. My name is Tenebre Veleni, not that it isn't obvious on the cover. I was born to a rich Muggle family in Venice, Italy. I lived there until I was eleven years old. That was when I found out about the Wizarding World and all its wonders. After one year at a rather shoddy school in Venice, I was accepted to the College of Magic in Rome on talent alone. That is, of course, the most prestigious school of magic in southern Europe.

I spent five wonderful years there before vampire met me as I walked to my parents' house. I never knew the streets of Venice were so dangerous.

I never knew his name. It seems rather odd to me now that someone who changed my life so much did not even bother to tell me their name before they dragged me off to Britain. All I know is that he was from a small town near Dover. He brought me there, changed me, and left me to die.

I don't suppose I'll ever know why he did not just feed on me and kill me. Perhaps he wanted to see how I would be as a vampire, but then he would not have left me there.

Either way, I lay in the street for all of an hour before an aging man in robes came and brought me to Hogwarts. That man was Albus Dumbledore.

It later turned out to be my luck that he was a teacher at Hogwarts. He convinced Headmaster Dippet to allow me to have my final year of school there, though perhaps I should explain why. My school in Rome would not have a vampire within its grounds, let alone as a student.

Dumbledore took me to see my parents five days after I was changed. When they saw what I was, they wanted nothing to do with me. They never really loved me, anyway. All they wanted was to marry me off to some rich man. They never truly cared, unlike my brother.

My brother was the only person to actually care about me whilst I grew up. His name is Marco. Our parents told me never to contact them or him again. Marco would hear nothing of it. That very night, I sent him an owl. We've kept in touch since.

Anyway, Dumbledore has told me that at Hogwarts, there are four 'houses'. Apparently, they are the four main groups in the school. Each year of students is split up into these four for everything from classes to tables at lunch. They are Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Ravenclaw was for the most intelligent and studious students. Gryffindor is the destination for people who are brave to a fault. Hufflepuff is, according to Dumbledore, the place for loyal, honest people, though the way he describes it they are worthless and spineless. Slytherin is far more interesting. It is the house for the sly and clever. According to Dumbledore, every dark witch or wizard that was schooled at Hogwarts was in Slytherin, but the way he describes the people is not at all bad. They are self-interested and cynical. Whilst I qualify as more cautious and bitter, he seems to think I will be in Ravenclaw. I doubt that, though I shall let them decide, as I am supposed to.

Someone is coming. I shall write again later.