Summary: The aim of this will be a collection of 100 word stories. Exactly 100 words. Any canon pairing, any canon character, any moment in the stories, before them, after them, any theme. It could be fluff, horror, romance, family, drama, anything. Whatever decides to inspire me.

Requests are completely welcome!

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Number One

Title: The Things We Don't Know

Summary: Perspective is a very fluid thing.

Perspective: 3rd Person. Cato POV. Hunger Games Book One.

Prompt: (From Stephanie) Cato, Happy


The road to being happy is simple to Cato: kill everyone.

Alliances were forged—only in convenience—to be broken later. Every weakness displayed remembered for when it could be used to demolish that person. Never sleeping without his sword clutched in his hand, never sleeping less than prepared to rouse and kill them all.

Cato was there to survive, to do well by his family, his training.

Then he could go home and be happy again.

(How strange it is, then, that his last thought is how happy he is he'll never have to live with any of this.)