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Chapter 2

A few weeks have passed since my lunch with Bella and I hear from her on and off. Usually she sends texts here and there but once in a while she calls. It's a Friday night in late June and I'm sitting at home, bored out of my mind. Alice went to Jasper's for the night and my parents went to Port Angeles for a nice romantic dinner. Deciding that I'm too antsy to sit around, I head up to the bar hoping that someone I know is there.

I walk in and notice Tyler and Mike playing darts on the other side of the bar. I order a beer and make my way over to them.

"Hey guys."

"Edward!" They respond in unison, slapping me on the back. I can tell they have been drinking for awhile. I join in their conversation and soon we are laughing and talking about high school antics.

We do a shot of Jack and I'm bringing my beer up to my lips when I notice Bella across the bar, talking to Tanya. I smile and tell the guys I'll be right back.

I make my way across the bar and walk up to her back so I'm pressed up against her. She tenses as I lean in and steal her phrase from that first night. "Guess who?" I murmur into her ear.

I feel her body relax and she turns around and hugs me. "Hey Edward," she purrs into my ear. I can tell that she has also had a few. I say hello to Tanya and she nods in response.

Bella takes my hand and leads me back to the bar. We sit down and order a round of shots.

"So, what brings you to this fine establishment?" Bella asks.

"I was going stir crazy in the house," I respond.

"Where'd everyone go?"

"Mom and Dad went to Port Angeles for dinner and Alice went to Jasper's." I see a hint of sadness in Bella's eyes, but it quickly disappears.

"So, you thought hanging out at Fork's finest with the model citizens over there would be better?" she gestured to Mike and Tyler who were desperately trying to pick up some girls. Their drunken display is so pathetic that I am actually embarrassed for them.

I laugh and look back at her. She has a playful twinkle in her eyes and I start to see a little of the girl I left behind. "Well, my boredom brought me to you so I'm not complaining."

She swats my arm, "I forgot how cheesy you were!"

"Hey! I'm not cheesy," I say in mock offense. She rolls her eyes and orders another beer.

As the night progresses and we drink more, Bella becomes more carefree and we start to flirt. We've moved closer together as time goes on. Our stools are almost touching making our legs entwine and I am aware of every touch she has given me.

At one point I see her look back at Tanya, who gives her a slight nod.

"I'll be right back," she says. She falls into me as she tries to stand up and we gaze into each other's eyes. I start to lean into her, glancing at her lips. She clears her throat and the trance is broken. "Give me five minutes," she murmurs and I see the blush grow on her cheeks. I lean away and smirk at her. "Don't be too long." She nods and walks away. I can't help but appreciate her ass as she goes.

It feels so good to be with her like this. Flirting and laughing and talking about nothing of significance. This is how it used to be with us. I am deep in thought when I realize that she has been gone quite awhile. I glance around the bar, but don't see her anywhere. I get a sinking feeling in my stomach that she left without saying goodbye. I am about to stand up and go look for her when I feel her hands rest on my shoulders. She's leaning into me and I feel her breath on my neck.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" she asks.

"Definitely," I respond. I take the last few sips of my beer and grab my wallet. She watches as I settle the tab. I grab her hand and lead her out of the bar, deciding to brave the fifteen minute walk to my house since we're both pretty drunk.

We're stumbling and holding hands; she's giggling and I think to myself that I have never stopped loving this girl.

We finally make it back to my place and after struggling with the lock, we lurch through the door. Bella almost falls. As I grab her, everything stills. I look into her eyes and then down at her lips. I grab her face in my hands and crush her lips to mine. She opens her mouth to me and our tongues entwine. I moan into her mouth and can't help thinking how perfect she feels. Her hands weave into my hair and she pulls me closer. I walk her backward, never breaking our kiss until we make it to my room.

She breaks away and we stare at each other, panting. She gives me a slow, sexy smirk and starts to take her shirt off. I groan in response and rip my shirt off, stalking up to her. God, she's gorgeous. I take her breasts in my hands and squeeze them gently. She moans and closes her eyes. Pulling her bra down, I bend over taking her nipple into my mouth. Her head falls back and I lick and suck her perfect breast and her fingers are in my hair again. My eyes roll back and I reach behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. I kneel down kissing her stomach and reach for the button on her jeans. Looking into her eyes, she gives me a silent nod letting me know that it's ok. I quickly undo the button and pull her jeans and panties down. She steps out of them and I take in the beauty before me. I stand up to take off my pants, hissing as they press against my hard dick.

Bella backs up to the bed and moves toward the headboard, watching me as I shed the last of my clothing. I crawl onto the bed and move up her body. She grabs my dick and guides me to her. I feel the tip of my cock at her entrance, so warm and wet. I look into her eyes once more and she whispers, "Fuck me, Edward."

I almost lose my mind as I push into her. Her legs wrap around my waist and hook behind my ass. I take it slow at first, not wanting this to end too soon. I move inside her and it feels so damn good. Burying my face into her neck I tell her how much I've missed this. She hums in response and I start to lick and suck her neck.

"You feel so good," she breathes out and guides my face back to hers. We kiss passionately as I slowly thrust in and out. It gets to the point that I need more and move a little faster. "Yes," she moans.

"You like that?"

"God, yes. More." I move faster.

"Like this?"

"Unghh, yes," she hisses.

I grab her leg and hitch it up to my shoulder, lifting her ass a little to change the angle.

"Oh fuck...yeah...right there," she moans.

"Fuck Bella, you're so fucking sexy," I groan and bring her other leg up and grind into her and still.

"Holy shit!" I pull out and slam back into her. "Oh my god, Edward!"

I thrust into her again and again, knowing that I found the spot.

"Oh god, yes...holyshitdon'tstop," I feel her pussy start to clench around my dick and I look down to watch me slam into her. I'm mesmerized as I watch myself disappear into her. She rides out her orgasm, babbling nonsense and when I know she is finished, I grab her leg, pulling it over to the other side of my body. She knows what I want and flips over onto her stomach. I lift her hips a little and slide back in.

"Mmm, fuck that feels good." I set a relentless pace trying to get mine and I reach around to touch her, hoping to coax another out of her. She pushes back into me harder, moaning my name.

"Oh God..Fuck! I'm gonna cum," I groan, feeling the intense orgasm run through my body while her body trembles beneath me.

Collapsing to her side, I bring her closer and wrap my arms around her. We're breathing hard and I can feel her body shaking. Thinking she's cold I reach down and pull the covers over us. After we've calmed down, I lean back so I can look at her. I put my fingers under her chin and lift her head so I can look in her eyes. They're bloodshot and glassy, and it looks like she was crying.

"Hey," I whisper. "What's wrong, baby girl?" She shakes her head and lets out a shaky sigh.

"I've just missed you so much, more than I let myself think." She lets out a humorless laugh. I lean in and give her a slow, passionate kiss. I tuck her back under my chin and tell her that I feel the same way.

We must've drifted off to sleep soon after that because the next thing I know, it's light out. I roll over to pull Bella back into my arms but she's not there. I sit up and stretch, thinking to myself that she must be out in the living room. I quickly get out of bed and throw on my boxers. As I open the bedroom door, I hear movement and my body relaxes.

"Bella?" I ask as I make my way into the living room. But I don't find her there. Alice looks up with a shocked expression.

"Oh, hey Alice." I blush and run my fingers through my hair. I look down and realize I'm only in my boxers. "Oh shit," I mutter as I turn back to the bedroom.

I sit on the bed and my chest tightens. Why the hell did Bella leave? When did she leave? This just isn't like her. I mean, it's not like I was some one night stand. Was I? No, there's no way, not with our history. Shit, what the hell is going on with her?

I look around the floor and grab my pants from last night, pulling out my phone. I glance at it and see no new calls or texts. Damn. I quickly type out a text to her.

Where'd you go? ~E

I sit there for a minute and after I get no response, I make my way to the bathroom.

After my shower I make my way to the kitchen. Alice is sitting at the table, working on her laptop. "There's coffee," she says without looking up.

"Thanks." I sit down and ask Alice about her night. We conveniently sidestep the Bella conversation for most of the morning. After lunch we decide to head to the grocery store to restock the apartment. When we get to the check out, I pull out my wallet to pay. Reaching in I notice that I have no cash. "Huh," I say under my breath and grab the credit card instead.

"What is it?" Alice asks.

"Oh, I just thought I had cash on me. I must've spent more money last night than I thought." She had a strange expression on her face as I look down to sign the receipt.

We loaded Alice's car and made our way back home. "So, you went out last night?" she asks.

I glance at her and back to the road. "Uh, yeah. I went down to The Well. Oh, my car is still there. Mind swinging by there so I can pick it up?" I ask.

"Sure. So...I take it you ran into Bella?"

"Yeah, it was really nice," I respond feeling my face get hot. Shit! Since when do I blush?


"And what Alice? Yes, she came home with me." She looks less than happy with the confirmation of what happened the night before.

She pulls into the parking lot and stops by my car. I turn in my seat and sigh. "Listen...Alice. Tell me what's going on. You obviously know and I just...I need to. I can't stand the looks of disapproval from you for being with her, especially when you two used to be so close."

"It's just that...I just don't think it's my place to tell you. Just know that she isn't the innocent girl she once was. She kind of fell apart after Charlie died and then when she came back from Phoenix, she was just so different. I tried to be there for her, but she was constantly pushing me and Jasper away…almost like she did with you. Telling us that she needed to grieve by herself and then there were a few incidents and well, we just decided it wasn't worth it to try to help her anymore."

"It wasn't worth it?" I ask in astonishment. "Bella, your best friend, wasn't worth trying to help?"

I go to get out of the car and she grabs my hand. "Edward, please...it wasn't like that. I would have never turned my back on Bella; it's just that she wasn't Bella anymore."

"Why are you being so cryptic Alice? Just tell me."

"I can't. You need to ask Bella. I really don't even know the whole story. I left for school soon after and all I really know is from Jasper. Please don't be mad at me. I don't want to fight over her," she pleads.

"Don't worry; I'm not mad at you. I'm just confused about the whole thing and then with Bella just taking off, I want some answers, ya know?"

She frowns, "Yeah, I know. I miss her too."

I spend the rest of my day obsessively checking my phone for a reply to my morning text. I even try and call her later that night, but it goes right to voicemail. "Hey Bella. Um, I just want to make sure you're all right. I really enjoyed last night and was disappointed that I didn't wake up with you in my arms. Please call me so I know you're ok."

I decide to call it a night since I'm not being very social. My mind is in overdrive thinking about all my encounters with Bella. It seems like hours have passed when my mind finally slows enough to allow me to drift off to sleep.

The first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone off the nightstand. My heart quickens when I see the light flashing.

Sorry. I'm fine. ~B

I look at the phone, incredulously. That's it? That's all she sends me? I scroll up just to double check and confirm that it is, in fact, all she sent. I click on the message and see that it was sent at four in the morning. What is going on with you, Bella?

I take a deep breath and type out a response.

That's good. I was worried. Can u call me? ~E

I try and go about my day, but Bella is at the front of my mind. I am obsessed with my phone, waiting for texts or a call that I never receive. I try to call several times, but each time her voicemail pops up.

The week goes by like this. Alice and Jasper take a trip to Seattle for the week to shop and be alone, so I'm driving myself crazy obsessing over Bella. I even go down to the bar to see if she'll show up, but she never does. It seems that every other day she throws me a bone and sends me a short, vague text. At first I am relieved when I get these, but then I can't get her out of my head again.

It's Saturday and I'm home, playing around on my computer when the phone rings. I look at the number and my face breaks out in a smile.

"Hey, Bella," I say as I answer the phone.

"Hi," she responds in a lifeless voice. My smile instantly drops.

"What's going on? How are you?"

She clears her throat, "Um...I'm ok. I just wanted to call so you would stop worrying about me."

"What do you mean by that?" I ask.

"It's just," she pauses and sighs. "I think what we did was a mistake. I just got caught up in the moment and it felt nice to be with you again."

"What?" I can't believe she's saying this.

"I'm used to my life here, Edward, and I know you're going back to school. So why get all involved again?" Her voice sounds devoid of all emotion. "Just, could you stop calling?"

"I don't understand. Please talk to me...tell me what's going on Bella," I beg her.

"I can't. Goodbye Edward."

"Be..." I try and say before I realize that she hung up.

What the fuck? I sit there for an undetermined amount of time thinking about what she said. I mean, it's not like I was trying to jump back into a relationship with her. I don't understand why she's is cutting me off completely. Fuck.

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