Come Back To Me

"Kate have I ever told you how beautiful you are." Humphrey asked smiling as the sun slowly began to set over Jasper Park. The two wolves sat perched together on top of the howling rock watching the orange light recede into the distance.

"Yes, quite a few times actually." she answered returning the smile. Kate curled up beside Humphrey and closed her eyes savoring the moment. This would probably be the last time they could be alone together before the wedding started. Normally one would take maybe a day. But since her sister Lilly was going to be wed to Garth, Winston had declared a three-day celebration to mark the uniting of the packs. Kate didn't really care for the party but as a formality she had to attend. The wind began to pick up ruffling her fur as darkness crept over the silent forest. Kate shivered from the cold prompting Humphrey to wrap his arms around her to try and lock in the warmth.

"We should probably get going before we're late for the rehearsal dinner." she coaxed, breaking away from Humphrey.

"You sure this dinner a good idea Kate?" Humphrey asked as he gazed into her golden eyes.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Kate countered puzzled at the thought.

"I have a bad feeling about it, what if I say something wrong and make your parents hate me." he replied with his head hung low. Kate put her paw on his and gave Humphrey a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry Humphrey it will be fun!" she exclaimed. Humphrey grinned and moved closer breathing in her intoxicating sent.

"I love you Kate." he said kissing her lightly.

"I love you too Humphrey." Kate giggled as they began the long trek back to her den through the hot summer night.

"You know Humphrey I bet I'm faster than you." bragged Kate as they crested a small hill.

"Is that a challenge?" Humphrey asked playfully. Kate nodded her head giving an innocent look. Lining up beside her Humphrey crouched into a low position his back legs like springs waiting to be released. Before he was ready Kate screamed GO! at the top of her lungs and bolted into the trees, Humphrey followed blindly after her. He tried to copy Kate's exact moves as she swiftly traversed the forest floor under and over tree trunks and enormous rocks. Instead he opted (unwillingly) to smash into every obstacle that he was faced with causing him to stumble off of a low cliff that overlooked Kate's place. A small tree that was growing out of the rock face caught him and bent to an insane angle under his weight. Humphrey breathed a quick sigh of relief, but it was short lived as the aged bark began to give way until it finally snapped sling-shoting Humphrey over the open field straight into the den.

"Humphrey!" Kate yelled in horror. When she reached the mouth of the cave she saw the disaster he had created. Caribou and other edible items covered the walls making it look like a food fight had just taken place. Garth groaned as he picked himself up and brushed the meat from Lilly's fur.

"What the hell was that Kate?" he asked as she stepped into the cave.

"Oh just a little Omega I happen to know." Kate replied laughing uncontrollably.

"Humphrey, why you little! You managed to ruin the whole dinner in less than a minute!" Yelled Garth, pointing to the newly redecorated walls. Humphrey reached up and grabbed a piece of caribou.

He frowned. "I don't see why you're mad, the meat is still good."

Humphrey swore he could see steam coming from Garth's ears as the enraged alpha took deep breaths.

"What on earth were you doing out there Humphrey?" asked Eve, speaking for the first time. The embarrassed omega lowered his head in shame.

"Well you see I was just-"

"Being an idiot like always." Garth interrupted.

"Garth that's enough." Tony said sternly.

"Yes there is no need for this, you and Kate can just catch another caribou." Winston agreed. Garth gave Humphrey a menacing glare before trotting of into the night.

Kate and Garth walked along the narrow path to the hunting grounds pressed closely together.

"So you looking forward to the wedding?" she asked.

"Yeah." Garth said flatly trying to ignore the question.

"You don't sound to enthused." Kate said concerned.

"I don't know if I want to marry Lilly...I have my eyes on another girl but I'm not sure if she likes me."

"Who's this girl Garth?"

"You Kate..." he replied his voice echoing through the silent night. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him.

"Why are you telling me this now?" demanded Kate.

" to like Humphrey more than me..." he whispered.

"I only went with Humphrey too make you jealous." she said moving closer to Garth. Surprised by the reaction he tested his luck.

"So what does that mean exactly?" he asked inching forward to meet her.

"It means I want you." she purred.

"But we can't be together if we stay in Jasper..." Garth whispered.

"Then we will leave and never look back." Kate replied. Garth's eyes lit up with excitement.

"You really mean that Kate?"

"Yes, I do Garth."

"It's settled then, we can leave tomorrow night during the party, better sooner than later." Garth winked at her. Kate gave a sly smile before dragging him into the bushes on the side of the path.

The next morning Humphrey awoke curled up alone on the cold floor of Kate's den. He guessed his mate had been called out on an early morning patrol, which happened quite often so it did not worry him too much. He could smell the muggy summer air that hung thick over Jasper and despite the enticing thought of sleeping in he could not bare to see a beautiful day be spent indoors. Humphrey stood and stretched lazily before bursting into the harsh sunlight. Making his way through the valley he was stopped by Lilly who, was laying in the sun.

"Hey Humphrey what'cha doin?" she asked sweetly. Humphrey's ears perked up, he had never before noticed how beautiful her voice was.

"I'm trying to decide what I should do with my day off."

"Me too!" Lilly chimed in. Humphrey thought for a moment. The fact was the pack did not get many days off, and when it did occur they were most just spent lounging around.

"We could go for a swim?" Humphrey suggested after realizing just how hot it was. "If that'd be okay with Garth."

"I'm sure he won't mind, I haven't seen him all morning anyways." she said smiling.

Humphrey felt like a pup again as he splashed around in the small secluded creek with Lilly. Nothing could compare to the cooling sensation of the galicer water that soaked his fur. The two omegas frolicked through the shallows splashing each other as they went. Lilly managed to smash Humphrey with a huge wave and send him careening into the muddy bank. She couldn't help but fall down laughing as Humphrey wrenched his head free.

"Good shot." he groaned. Humphrey attempted to get the mud off of his face but no matter how hard he shook none would come loose.

"Here let me get that." Lilly said softly as she licked Humphrey's muzzle clean. Humphrey thanked the gods that he had fur on to hide his blushing. After she was finished Lilly smoothed out his fur, which had been sticking out in all directions. "Now you actually look presentable." she laughed.

"I need to be if I'm coming to the party tonight." he replied smiling. Lilly said nothing and hid her face in her paws. "What's up Lilly?"

"I'm scared Humphrey, this marriage is a big commitment."

"Lilly...don't worry about that, it's just butterflies." he comforted.

"I'll try not to." Lilly replied half-heartedly.

"Look on the bright-side! You have a freaking party in your honor, I'd kill for that!" Humphrey exclaimed.

"You kill?" Lilly laughed. "You couldn't hurt a fly."

"You're probably right." he replied joining in on the laughter. The sun now was beginning to dip below the horizon casting long shadows across the ground. Lilly insisted that she must leave and prepare for the gathering, which would be starting soon. Humphrey bid her goodbye and set off in search of Kate. On the way back to his den Humphrey checked every possible place that she could be and found nothing. She wasn't at the watering hole, she wasn't at the training grounds and she wasn't even at her parents place. Humphrey was beginning to worry now; he raced around the valley asking every wolf he saw if they had seen Kate. All of their answers where the same, no. In a panicked frenzy Humphrey sprinted flat out to the howling rock hopping that she would be at the party already. He navigated the throng of wolves that were milling around, constantly looking for any sign of his golden flower. He spotted Lilly in the distance and pushed his way towards her.

"Lilly have you seen-" he stopped breathless at the sight before him. Her fur sparkled like a million diamonds in the full moonlight and on her head she wore a headdress of snow-white lilies. The lavender of her innocent eyes gleamed like sunlight off a crystal clear lake. Lilly looked as if she were an angel that had fallen from the sky.

"You look freaked out. You okay?" she asked bringing Humphrey back to the problem at hand.

" I was just wondering if you've seen Kate recently." he said shaking his head clear.

"Yea she was right over there." Lilly replied pointing to a tail that had just disappeared behind a boulder. Without saying a word Humphrey took off at a run. Rounding the corner he stopped dead, frozen in horror. The girl that he loved was nuzzling with Garth, the way she usually did with him. The two wolves pressed close whispering in each other's ears. Each kiss she gave was like a stake driven through Humphrey's heart. Every fiber of Humphrey's being screamed for him to run but he could not. Instead he stood frozen to the spot watching Kate rip out his heart piece, by piece. He felt dead, empty, cast aside like caribou bones after a meal. Nothing registered in his mind, not even when Kate noticed his presence.

"Humphrey!" she gasped hugging closer to Garth's chest.

"Kate don't waste your time with this fool, let's get out of here." snickered Garth as he put his arm around Kate. Humphrey didn't stick around to see them leave. Not knowing where to go the confused omega sprinted to the top of the howling rock where he laid down and gazed towards the moon. Humphrey began to howl softly.

"Oh something must have made you say that

What did I do to make you say that to me?

Something must have made you so mad

What can I do to make you say come back to me?

Hoping for a moment that I turn around

And you'll be coming after me, after me

Cause all that I can say is that it's obvious

It's obvious you're all I see, all I see

So come on, baby, let me in

And show me what this really is about

Cause I can't read you

Come on baby, let me in

And show me what this really is

Cause something must have made you say that

What did I do to make you say that to me?

Something must have made you so mad

What can I do to make you say come back to me?

Come back to me."

After finishing his howl Humphrey slouched back to the party with his head down trying to hide the tears that streamed down his muzzle. Spotting a bowl of bitter berry wine Humphrey padded over and began to drink until nothing was left. That's when the night became a blur