A Secret Weapon

Lexy couldn't tell what time of day it was. The absence of light made the hours and days slip away without her knowing. In the dark all she could do was lay on the bone chilling stone floor and listen to her frail heart beat getting slower and slower. It had felt like an eternity since one of the guards had fed her let alone checked on her. The last time that happened they dragged her out of the prison to Storm's den and left her there defenseless for him to have his way with her. Tears welled up in Lexy's eyes at the thought of how weak she had been, how she had tried to fight back but nothing seemed to work. Every time she struck him he countered it and struck back with two times the force. Her bruises were a silent reminder of his power. To help keep herself sane, every night before she fell asleep she would focus all of her energy on imaging what Connor looked like. The way his coat shone in the sun or the way his crooked smile always seemed to make her smile just as big. She also tried to remember the way he would laugh and how she would always call him out when his voice would crack. After she was done with that she would sift through the many memories that they had shared together. One of the most fondest, and probably the most terrifying was when Connor had saved her from an icy death. . .

Snow crunched under Lexy's paws sending up little puffs of ice crystals into the frigid winter air that was blowing over the top of the Athabascan glacier. She could hear Connor's voice coming from behind her.

"So what do you think?" he asked.

"Sorry if I'm not paying attention but I'm trying not to die here." she replied not taking her eyes off of the cracks she was navigating around.

"I was saying I want to ask Kate to the moonlight howl," he said ignoring her comment.

"Oh that's uh, that's cool, Watch out for these crevices," she said flatly.

"Well what do you think?" Connor pried.

"I think she's bad news," she said quickly. "And I know her and I are friends but I'm just warning you,"

"But she's ssssoooooo hot," he crooned.

"Doesn't mean she won't take advantage of you,"

"Kate can take advantage of me all she wants," he winked.

Lexy rolled her eyes, Connor could be so immature at times.

"I can't even describe the things I want to do to her," Connor drooled.

"Connor that's gross!" she smacked him on the back of his head. "I can't believe you,"

Connor clutched the back of his head. "Hey you're one to talk! I saw you and Humphrey getting all cozy last night,"

"That's different," Lexy blushed. "Nothing happened. . ."

"Oh yeah I'm sure," he laughed.

"I'm serious, he's got a thing with Kate," she sighed.

"See that right there?" a small smile forming on his lips.

"You like him!"

"NO I-" she was cut off by a huge booming sound that resonated from deep within the glacier.

"Lexy don't move," Connor urged.

"You don't need to tell me twice," She whispered.

They stood absolutely still trying to listen for more of the cracking sounds. Noticing a small crack forming by her feet Lexy tried to move towards her brother. Without warning the shifting of her weight caused the crack to split and send a shockwave through the ice.

"Connor!" Lexy screamed as she slipped down through the gash and into the icy abyss. She tried desperately to grab onto the edge but her claws slipped on the glistening surface. The light faded from her vision as she plummeted further from the surface until everything went black.

"Lex, Lexy," Connor's voice called from the edge of her conscienceness. "I need you to hold on tight,"

Without saying a word she wrapped her arms around Connor and let him lift her onto his back. She could feel the ripple of his muscles and hear the sound of his claws stabbing into the ice and slowly she began to see light again.

"Almost there," Connor panted.

Lexy cracked open her eyes and looked down, the maw of the glacier stared back at her. A thunderous boom tore through the glacier and the walls started sliding together. Connor began to scale the wall quicker leaping from ledge to ledge dodging falling chunks of ice. Reaching the top Connor flung Lexy over the edge and hauled himself up after her. Together they broke out into a run as the hole which Lexy had fallen down began to widen and crumble away.

"Don't look back!" Connor yelled as he urged Lexy forward. As they ran along the glacier's edge it became clear that the only way they were getting down was by jumping. Lexy spied a pond of melt water that had formed at the base of the ice. Hoping that Connor would follow suit she waited until she as a few meters away and leapt from the edge. The free fall was short almost a blink of an eye, the frigid water stopped Lexy's heart as she plunged into the pond. She surfaced to see a massive piece of the glacier crack off and smash into the ground crushing the trees that stood near by.

"Connor!" She screamed.

"Why are you yelling!?" Connor's voice yelled form behind her.

Lexy turned to see Connor soaking wet and grinning from ear to ear.

"See told you it'd be fun!" He laughed.

Despite her anger Lexy couldn't help but join in with her brother and crack a small smile.

And just like that, the memory was gone, vanished like fleeting motes of dust caught in a sunbeam. That was when she had first taken an interest in climbing, so he taught her, and in the months that followed she unwaveringly honed her skills until she surpassed his skill.

"People who say don't look down are missing the whole point of climbing, it's about the rush you get when you see how high up you are. If it weren't for that then why do it?" She remembered him telling her once. Of course over the years she found more practical uses for the art but she never once forgot that feeling the first time she snuck a glance down at the ground. Paw steps rocked Lexy out of her deep thought and back into the dark cave. She felt a jaw clamp around the scruff of her neck begin dragging her across the floor. Light began to seep into her vision as she drew closer to the outside world, and when she was thrown from the cave the stark white landscape blinded her. Even in the moonlight the stunning mountains looked bright as in the day. Storm was standing waiting for her, with a complacent smile on his face.

"Ahh Lexy, nice to see you're up and about!" Storm chirped happily.

"Shove it storm," she croaked.

"Oh no need to be coarse, tonight is a night for celebration!" He boomed.

"Why's that?" Lexy asked trying to be menacing even though she felt anything but.

"Tonight marks the beginning of the end for your pack," He grinned smugly. "And there's nothing you can do about it,"

"I don't know if you've noticed but they drove you out, you lost," Lexy said defiantly.

"Ah but you see, we have a secret weapon," said Storm.

"What do you mean?" Lexy pried.

"Well, when I was thinking what my next move should be I toyed with the idea of a full frontal assault, I mean I have more than enough able bodied fighters, why not?" He paused and started circling Lexy. "But then I realized the problem with destroying them by brute force is any survivors, and there will inevitably be some, will come back for revenge. So I thought, why not break their spirit? It'll force them into submission and they'll be easy to kill,"

"And how do plan to do this?" Lexy asked barring her fangs.

"Kill Winston of course! It'll leave them demoralized and in disarray, two birds one stone, it's brilliant!" He exclaimed gleefully.

Lexy started laugh uncontrollably. "Are you kidding me? He's untouchable, his guards won't let you lay a paw on him,"

"True, and when I realized this I was about to go back to the drawing board, but then my secret weapon showed up and she offered me her services."

"She?" Lexy gulped.

"Yeah, a beautiful wolf, stunning really, let me introduce you," Storm motioned to his guards. "Kate! There's someone here I'd like you too meet,"

Lexy turned to see Kate being lead towards them by storms guards, she wore a sinister look of determination on her face.

"Kate?" Lexy gawked. "What the hell are you doing?"

"You see with Kate working for me, I can kill Winston with out even having to lift a paw. She can get close to him and when no one is looking slit his throat," he made a motion across his throat with a paw.

"Y-you'd kill your own father?" Lexy asked stunned.

"Things will be better this way," Kate said flatly.

"That it will," Storm nodded in agreement, "But it's getting late Lexy you should really be inside, guards!"

Two hulking wolves grabbed Lexy and began to drag her back into the black mouth of the cave.

"Kate you can't do this, think of all your friends and family, Kate please, Kate!" Lexy cried as the blackness of the cave swallowed her up once again.