Chapter 4 Dead Men Don't Walk

Sam was in the kitchen, making himself some toast and eggs. Maya also was awake, but instead insisted on taking yet another shower. While doing so, he also looked at the contents of the cache, and found that the SC20k was still as clean as it had when a Third Echelon employee had put it in. With three thirty round magazines and four sticky shockers, memories flooded back. He had used this weapon, weather breaking into a mansion in a humid jungle, or hunting down a North Korean spy, it was his friend. Fisher turned the heat down to as low as it would get on the eggs, and pulled out his toast, and loaded a magazine into the rifle.

As Sam out the oak door, Ben asked, looking up from his movie, "Where you going Sam? Big ol' rifle with that?" Hansen asked.

"Testing out the rifle and making sure its working right." Sam lied, went outside, shut the door, and walked down the stairs and went directly into the back yard, which expanded into what seemed acres of empty farmland, except for the occasional tree.

Sam took out the SC20K and aimed at a young tree, that was only around five feet tall. The scope went directly over the center, and since there was little range he snapped the trigger. A horizontal snap popped up, and the upper foot and the half fell to the ground.

This time, at longer range Sam aimed at what was a fully grown tree, one Sam could not tell from so far away. The sight was aimed exactly at the sprout of a thick branch, and Sam pulled it up a little bit, and just a tad bit to the left. It was perfect aim, and Sam fired. CRACK! The tree branch fell and smashed into the ground.

"Yeah!" Sam whispered to himself, as he turned back around and found Ben running towards him, goggles in hand and an SC3000 over his back.

"SAM! Russian mercenaries!" Ben screamed like a child, as he tossed me the green goggles.

Sam slung the rifle over my shoulders and sprinted into the house from the backdoor and looked outside the window next to the oak door. There were two white SUVs, and the two could see two men from each, covered completely in black, with black masks over the head.

"Valentina is getting dressed, she'll join us if this gets ugly. Still recovering." Hansen stated as they started to walk up to the door.

"Grim, Russians." Sam said into his throat implant.

He waited for the response, but wasn't going to wait for the Russians to strike. The sound of a charge being planted on the door was obviously heard, so Sam did the only thing he could, breaking it down.

Sam slid over the man who was planting it, as his head was thrown back into an impossible angle and snapped. As he hit the grass and rolled, dodging fire from MP5 machine guns, and Hansen, from cover of the doorway and suppressed some of it. Sam was finally able to shoot back as well, and took one of the Russians down.

It looked like the firefight was over quickly, but both knew if four were coming, more were on the way. Sam walked up to the first SUV, whose back windows were taped shut.

"Spent a tad to much on those guns." Sam said, referring to the fact the windows could have been tinted, "I'll open the door and you rush in and capture anyone whose back here." Sam planned, and opened up the door quickly.

"Get the hell out!" Hansen screamed, as he saw one Russian mercenary, dressed up like the rest, light body armor and completely in black, besides a sliver of white underneath his sunglasses and bandana.

Ben shot the laptop from the mercenary's lap and pulled him out and tossed him onto the pavement and shot him twice in both knees.

"What the hell you doing?" Fisher screamed, picking up the Russian and punching him in between the eyes.

The mercenary babbled in Russian, and it was mostly gibberish. Sam managed to pick up that he couldn't speak English and just passed the boot camp. This kid could only be in his twenties or so, so Fisher decided to go light on him.

"Now, answer my questions as quick as you can. You get three lies. When all three lies are gone, you die."

"Get out! We got more men coming in just a few minutes. Kill me, I'm already a dead man." He screamed out, jerking to get out of Sam's iron tight grip.

"Sam, that guy is right. Our UAV confirms five vans with five people each. We're seeing military weapons." Anna said over the speaker implanted into every Splinter Cell's ear.

"Okay, Ben, go get Maya, and get inside this van," Sam pointed at the one that was unharmed by gunfire, "Get in when you do and cover different doors." Sam ordered, disarming the Russian and throwing him onto the street and changing into a mercenary outfit. When he was done, he picked the guy back up and sat him up in the passenger seat as he took the driver side.

"Now, you see that guy over there?" Sam asked, pointing at Ben who was running with Maya to the van, "He will shoot you if you don't comply. Now if one of your buddies comes over, act cool." Sam said as the two got in, reclined the seats down and crouched on top of them, and pointed their weapons towards the door.

They sat there for a while, before someone knocked on the window, and Sam rolled it down, as the captured mercenary talked.

"What happened to the agents? Any of them killed?" A mercenary dressed just like the rest, asked.

"Two of them escaped unharmed, but the girl was killed by a grenade. We cannot find the bodies. It was a large firefight." The captured man said.

"We'll recover the bodies and I'll put them in here."

"No, you'll have to take them in your van. I have got to go back to the mansion."

"Open the damn door." The officer commanded, and his hand was inching to a pistol, the captured mercenary had to open it.

Hansen acted quick and instead of making a gory mess, he grabbed the officer mercenary inside and tossed him into the back seat and shot him in the head. No one from behind saw it.

"Holy shit that was close." Valentina said in amazement, and was shocked at how effective Hansen was.

"Grim, we're moving out. Captured mercenary, and the safe house has been compromised." Sam whispered, as he prepared to kill the captured man.

"Don't worry about it, we don't have Rainbow for nothing-" Grim reported, but before she could finish a chaff grenade exploded on the outside, and the car stopped, as Russians who were hiding in the corn fields popped out and forced everyone out of the car.

"ON THE FUCKING GROUND!" They all screamed, weather that or variations.

Sam was removed from the car and forced onto the pavement and felt his pistol removed and the same for the rifle. He was tied up and he felt himself thrown onto his knees, in just a matter of seconds.

"Line then up!" He heard a Russian scream, and understood it all, executions.

Sam turned around and could see similar things happening to Hansen and Valentina, and they were forced next to him.

"Shoot!" An commanding officer screamed, and he could hear a rifle go off, and heard Valentina slump into the grass.

"Oh shit Sam." Ben whispered, but was interrupted by something in their ears.

"Sniper in position. Waiting for engagement." A voice said, calmly over their ear speakers.

"Chaos One in position. Waiting for engagement." Another voice said, just like the first.

"Chaos Two in position. Sniper, shoot the armed one, One toss a frag in between. GO!" Yet another voice ordered, and could hear a grenade, a sniper rifle, and several shells from a shotgun all go off at once.

A couple more shots went off, and then a few screams in Russian and then everything was quiet.

"Anna, we report one hostage down and about eleven hostiles eliminated. Chaos One is a KIA" Chaos Two reported, and Sam felt himself being untied and helped up.

He turned around to find what he knew instantly was a Rainbow Six operative. The two lower ranked men were dressed like all operatives, helmets with clear goggles on top, and some medium weight armor, fast, protected, and deadly. The officer of the team was dressed differently, with almost no armor, and completely in black, face mask, and balaclava, and a black baseball cap.

The officer looked at Fisher, then tapped onto his own radio implants, and said, "Tactical Six Team Two has recovered the package. Chaos One is KIA." The officer, Chaos Two, reported to someone else, most likely the other team.

The response was broadcasted to everyone, even Sam and Ben, "Team One is meeting heavy resistance! Mayhem One is severely wounded! I need support damn it!" The officer from the other team, who was likely covering the safe house, reported in.

"Okay, everyone inside the van. You guys, my name is Captain Patterson, and the sniper is Sergeant Woods!" The officer screamed out as they piled into the vehicle, "Woods! Get your ass over to Moore and provide fire!" Patterson screamed, as he took the wheel and started burning rubber towards the house.

"So, who will extract the bodies?" Hansen asked, who again was in the backseat and was ready to jump out and shoot some Russians.

"Another Six team will back us up, get out!" Patterson screamed, as everyone saw a grenade roll towards the van, as they neared the rural safe house.

It exploded and knocked everyone out. Sam rolled away from the exploding car, and found everything was in complete hell. An elite squad of Rainbow Six operatives and Ben were taking cover behind a mercenary van, as fire from AK-47s and a set up machine gun were pumping what seemed millions of rounds a second. The snipers were not seen and were not hitting targets like they should have been.

Sam, not being seen, whipped out his SC20k and aimed the sight at the machine gunner and shot, and saw it pierce the brick and blood came out of the window. And just like that the Six team started to suppress the Russians, with blasting M4 Carbines. The team then ran inside, and after what seemed a few seconds, the entire safe house was clear.

The entire group met back in the streets, and they were certain that the entire area was clear of mercenaries.

"I've called in a chopper! Local police special operations has hit the rest. Vlad's main infantry unit has been wiped out." Captain Patterson said, as they eagerly awaited a rescue helicopter.

"So, how do you know about Vlad and our operation?" Ben asked, lightly cleaning his rifle.

"Our snipers will be providing support on the nearby area. A Rainbow Six and FBI joint team will then raid the house. Our goal will be to capture or kill Vlad, you need to get some information from his house and loosen up security. I'm sure this Grim person can help you more." Patterson answered, as the helicopter came near.

"Rainbow Chaos Team, this is Black Hawk Delta, prepare for a ride back to Chicago. National Guard is shooting down anything that leaves the ground." The chopper pilot radioed them, and dropped down a black rope, and we climbed up.

So as they climbed abroad, Ben asked a question everyone was wanting to know, "Why would messing with a little gang attract the attention of a trusted mercenary company?"

"We don't have any idea yet. Deployed units that have helped us in Afghanistan have turned and have taken hold of a few towns. The Army isn't nearly as prepared and can't get troops in and out easily. Rumors got it next Six is deploying us in with some Ghosts." Patterson answered, referring to the Army's Ghost Recon who could get any job done whether it require hot combat in Iraq all the way to stealth in the Himalayas.

"Let's just focus on this mission first. Dead men don't walk." Patterson's sniper said.