Summary:Yumichika confessed to Ikkaku, but his friend didn't seem to return the feeling. After trying to kill himself, Yumichika was saved by the other man, and they stayed friends. But what will happen when they won't express themselves?

Pairing: YumichikaxIkkaku

Rating:M [This Chapter] Language. Sexual Situations.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.

What Beautiful Hearts Want

Chapter 4

Yumichika stuffed his clothing into his bag hurriedly but made sure they were still folded beautifully before he threw the bag over his shoulder, walking to the door. It opened before he reached it though and Ikkaku stood in the doorway.

"What do you want?" The Fifth Seat grumbled, his purple eyes trying to drill holes through the other man.

"Yumi… you know I didn't mean-"

"If you didn't mean it, why did you do it?" Yumichika tried to push past his superior but Ikkaku grabbed him and pushed him against the bedroom wall. "What Ikkaku? What do you want?" Yumichika seethed.

"I'm trying to tell you I'm sorry." The Third Seat avoided his gaze. "That damn shop keeper was just pissing me off."

"Perhaps you should work on taking your anger out only on the one you're angry at then."

"I'm sorry. He just kept pushin' me, saying that I only want your body. That I love you because of it."

"Perhaps he's right. You seem to see me naked enough." The Fifth Seat didn't know what he was saying. He knew Ikkaku would never chase after him for solely his body, but the purple-head was just so upset, he couldn't keep the words from escaping his mouth.

"He's most definitely not fuckin' right Yumi. You know that I'm not like that. Like I said, I don't love your body, I love you."

"Words don't prove anything. All you've done is state something that could be covering up the truth."

Ikkaku sighed deeply, then leaned forward and slammed his lips against Yumichika's. The smaller body froze, shocked by the action. Yumichika knew that his friend didn't love him in this way, so why was he kissing him? Ikkaku pulled back, their lips slowing parting and Yumichika breathed heavily, his heart racing.

"Does that prove anything?" The Third Seat asked, a hand running through his love's hair.

"W-why…?" Yumichika breathed, looking up into Ikkaku's eyes. "When… how…?"

"When you told me you loved me in Rukongai, I acted stupid. I know I called you disgusting and said that I didn't want to be near you, but it was a lie. I was just… surprised and confused. I hadn't expected to hear those words out of you, not after I failed to get us food again, and when we stilled lived in that shit hole." The taller rested his head on the beauty's shoulder, his breath blowing against Yumichika's neck. "I do love you Yumi, that's why I came back. I was going to tell you I was wrong but you were hurt, and then when you woke up, you seemed so angry that I thought you didn't love me anymore. I thought I was the only one that still possessed feelings, which I still do."

"And… I thought all these years that you didn't love me. I thought that you only wanted to be friends."

"This was just a big misunderstanding I guess."

"Perhaps we should have expressed ourselves earlier. All this time we could have been so much more than friends and we spent it longing for each other." Yumichika slowly brought his hands up to wrap around Ikkaku's neck. "Ikka…" He said softly.

"Hm?" The Third Seat lifted his head.

"Can you… kiss me again?"

"What? You're not still pissed at me?"

"I… I overreacted I guess. I was being selfish, which was very unbeautiful. I was upset with you for not loving me when really, you did. And now, I want you to kiss me." Yumichika pulled Ikkaku down and brought their lips together in a gentle but passionate kiss. The Third Seat's eyes widened but he soon pushed back against the kiss, his tongue sliding into Yumichika's mouth as his hand caressed the purple-head's cheek. They released for a second to breathe before they slammed back together with more fever than previously.

Their faces pressed harder against each other and their tongues entwined, moving constantly as they explored the other's mouth. Ikkaku brought his hand down to his love's thigh and lifted it, letting it wrap around his waist before Yumichika jumped up, both legs now completely off the floor. The Third Seat carried the beauty to the closest futon bed and dropped him onto it, untying their obis once he had done so. He sat back and took his kosode off while the Fifth Seat pulled off his hakama, his smooth thighs landing on Ikkaku's.

"Hey Yumi. I've been waiting so long for this." The larger bent over t kiss his new lover again before standing to take his hakama off as well. When he knelt back down he lifted Yumichika's legs up and kissed his thighs before moving to lick his entrance, earning a shiver from the one beneath him.

"Ah, Ikka…" He moaned, his hands squeezing the bed sheets as he felt himself get hard. "I love you…"

"Yeah, I love you too Yumi." Ikkaku moved the beauty's legs back down, then pushed two fingers in, watching his love jerk in pain. "Sssh. It'll be alright. Just give me a minute." He moved his fingers around, brushing the other's prostate and Yumichika moaned, his eyes lidded, his face red and his breath quick. "You look so hot right now." The Third Seat growled and his lover shook his head.

"Beautiful." He smiled, then groaned as another finger entered him. "Hah… Ikka hurry…" He curled his arms up under Ikkaku's and hugged him close as the fingers were removed and the Third Seat's cock rubbed against his own, the friction a wonderful feeling.

"Here I go." Ikkaku lined himself up and pushed in slowly, stopping every few seconds when Yumichika scrunched his face in pain. After a minute, he was fully seated and he nipped his love's neck to calm him, and to keep from just thrusting into the smaller body senselessly.

"Hm. Go ahead." The Fifth Seat nodded, and Ikkaku complied, his hips beginning to move. He thrust into his lover harshly, trying hard to find his prostate, which he did quickly and Yumichika arched his back, his eyes squeezing shut in pleasure. "Ikka!" He shouted, holding his lover closer as his climax quickly approached.

This was what he always wanted, to be held in his love's arms and make love with him. And now, it wasn't a dream. Ikkaku was really there kissing him, caressing him, thrusting madly -but passionately- into him. Ikkaku loved him, loved him in a way that only lover's do, held in a way that only someone who was madly in love with him would.

"Yumi… I can't last much longer…" Ikkaku moved faster, his thrusts becoming erratic and he gripped Yumichika's cock, stroking it until he felt the smaller arch his back and come between them.

"Come inside Ikka…" He breathed, eager to have the most beautiful thing he had ever seen fill him up with his essence. It wasn't a beautiful act by any means, but it was something he wanted. To be marked, stained, permanently owned by the one above him, the one he had loved for so many years, who he had followed every single day, until this gloriously beautiful day when he finally got what he wanted.

"Shit Yumi…" Ikkaku jerked and came inside his small lover, the beauty's body arching one last time as he felt the hot liquid enter his body. The two panted, and snuggled together in the bed, Ikkaku's softening cock still in Yumichika. He kissed the beauty's forehead and rubbed his lower back gently to help relieve the pain that flowed from the Fifth Seat's bottom. "You're so beautiful Yumi. I love you."

"I love you too Ikka." Yumichika smiled in a satisfied way, his hands running over his lover's muscled chest. "This is just the way I imagined our relationship to be."

Outside of the room Urahara sat smiling, fanning his face. "It seems that the problem has been resolved." He sang happily. "Now I won't have to worry about anything getting broken." He laughed then left to leave the two Squad Eleven members their privacy.

"Ikka." Yumichika woke his lover up, kissing his lips and rubbing their noses together. "Come on, we have to go to work."

"Hmmm…" Ikkaku grumbled, still half-asleep and getting over his hangover. "A little longer Yumi. It's not like Captain Zaraki will care whether we're on time or not."

"I know that but being late to something is a very ugly thing to do. It makes one seem unprofessional."

"Alright alright, I'm up." Ikkaku sat up rubbing his eyes then reached a hand behind his lover's head and pulled him closer for a kiss. "I love you Yumi." He said once they pulled away.

"Me too Ikka." The Fifth Seat smiled, tucking some hair behind his ear. "Thank goodness for that beautiful day two weeks ago. I feel so much better knowing you feel this way about me."

"Yeah. Me too." Pulling on the smaller's hair gently, Ikkaku tilted Yumichika's head back and kissed his giant scar, licking it afterwards.

"Hey! Don't be doing that now, otherwise we'll most definitely be late for work!" Yumichika laughed pushing Ikkaku back onto the bed roughly but it was all in play. As he started to walk away though, the larger got his revenge and grabbed the beauty's ankle, sending him to the floor on his stomach. Ikkaku crawled over to and looked down at the Fifth Seat as he turned over, both of them laughing. They kissed deeply, then slowly made their way back to the bed, their bodies tangled together. Work could wait for a while.

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