"Look, Isabella, I swear, we've been here before" Hawke practically screamed for the fifth time.

"Of course we have" she replied, rolling her eyes "This just like the cave with those Tal'Vashoth exiles… and exactly like the one with the Spiders that we found with Merril… We've been over this dozens of times love. We're not at Sundermount. We're on the coast. And look- this one's supposed to be full of Apostates. Not Qunari, or spiders. "

"I know that!" Hawke snapped back, shaking his head with growing frustration. "But still. Look. We're going to go 'round this corner" he strode forward as he spoke, armor rustling, drawing his sword "and there'll be a stairway leading down. To a fire pit. That's still got a fire in it. We'll have just missed them" He rounded the corner with confidence, and sure enough, a set of rickety wooden stairs set into the cliff face led steeply down to- of all things- a still smoldering fire pit. "You see!" He cried, gesturing wildly and all but jumping up and down with agitation. "I told you all! I told you!"

The rest of the group followed his yells round the corner, and Anders shook his head "Yes, yes Hawke- We're all so very impressed with your cavernous foresight. But look- it's a dead end. There's no where else to go."

"There'll be a secret door, right there!" Hawke shouted, storming down the steps and kicking a portion of the wall holding what looked like a door frame. Sure enough, the wall swung open- the stone somehow on a hinge . "SEE! SEE! LOOK!" He shouted, storming through the door and drawing his sword. "There'll be a trap. RIGHT HERE" He shouted, reaching the corner of the passage and slamming his left foot onto the ground.

To the surprise, amusement and slight horror of the rest of the group, a fireball blossomed from the spot where he'd stomped his foot. Hawke was flung from his feet and into a wall. "It's fine…" He shouted, slapping out the flames and staggering to his feet, still smoking. "Just a little singed! But you see what I mean?"

Isabelle sighed and turned to Varric. "He'll be impossible to live with after this- you know that right? Especially after the whole thing with the docks. I mean, who could have guessed those two chests would be in the same spot on different piers"

"THIS IS JUST LIKE THE WAREHOUSES" Hawke shouted up, storming forward and waving his blade about. "And of course… the Apostates are going to be right in… HERE." His tirade continued, and he kicked another slab of stone open, striding through, ranting the whole time.

Varric, who looked up from his journal to glance at Isabella replied "I know… Sometimes I worry about the guy. All this stress must be getting to his head." and returned to writing, scribbling down.

"The Champion entered the Apostate's hideout, moving with a single minded purpose, unfazed by the traps they had left to hinder him." and then below it "Hideout in a cave. Cave's got walls- some hidden doors. Something about a fire pit? It's a cave…" before stowing his journal and pulling out Bianca as Hawke's screams of pain started echoing down the hallway.

"Looks like he was right about those Apostates" Varric grunted, before charging down after Isabella and Anders to save their fearless leader from the pummeling he was receiving.