Honeymoon For 4
AN: Writen by Remusgirl Jaggie Bade and Idea by Marie S Zachary This is a sequel to 'The Things We Do For Love'
Disclaimer: Never have, and (sadly) never will.

Beck and Jade were on their honeymoon, in (guess where?) Disneyworld. I know, not your usual honeymoon destination. But the reason they went to Disneyworld on their honeymoon was because they were taking their children, Willow and Olivia, and wanted them to have a good time.

"Babe, can you take Olivia? Willow wants to go on the teacup ride." Jade asked Beck

"Sure. C'mon Olivia, wanna go see the animals in the petting zoo?"
She nodded, smiling.

"Meet us at the petting zoo after the ride's over, ok?"


"C'mon Willow, ready to go on the ride?"

When they were on the ride, Willow was smiling and laughing the whole time, and Jade was happy her daughter was having so much fun.
After the ride, they met up with Beck and Olivia at the petting zoo, and Willow decided she wanted to go on the rolar coaster with 'Daddy'. So, Beck took Willow on the rolar coaster and Jade took Olivia to get some cotton candy.

"So, did Willow like the rolar coaster?" Jade asked Beck when they came back

"Yeah, she loved it."


A few hours later, they decided it was time to go.

"Aw, but I wanna stay!" whined Willow
"I know you do honey but we'll come back tomorrow. Maybe even later today. Right now Olivia's really tired." said Jade, holding the sleeping 2 1/2 year old in her arms.
When they got in the car, Willow was talking about how much fun she had. Beck and Jade smiled, glad that she had so much fun.
When they got back to the hotel, the girls were fast asleep.

"I'll get Olivia, Beck, you get Willow." she said, picking up Olivia and carrying her into the hotel, with Beck right behind her.
When they got back to the room, they took off the girls shoesn, got them into their pajamas, and placed them in their bed. Jade smiled. "Look at them. Willow was so happy today."

"Yeah, she was." suddenly Beck thought of something

"Hey babe?"


"Where are we gonna sleep?"

"On the fold out bed."

"Oh. Wanna get some sleep now?"

"You just wanna start the wedding night, don't you?"

"Maybe." he said slyly