Greetings, lovelies! :D This is the sequel to "Camping," but hopefully it will make sense even if you haven't read that. Just a few references that you might miss. But besides that...Hope you enjoy!

"Blaine, I love you and all, but you've got to stop waking me up at these insane hours..."

"It's eight o'clock!" Blaine laughed. Even over the phone, it sounded wonderful.

"Exactly!" Kurt half-buried his face back into his pillow. "It's Saturday morning...There is no legitimate excuse for getting up before ten."

He could practically hear his boyfriend rolling his eyes. "Come on, don't just sleep the day away!"

"Give me a good reason why I shouldn't," he muttered.

"Because I have some amazing news for you, and you need to get over here at once!"

"News? Oh my god Blaine, you're pregnant, aren't you?" Kurt pretended to gasp. The mention of big news had finally shaken him awake. He sat up in bed, holding his iPhone close to his ear.

Blaine burst into laughter. "Yes, Kurt, how'd you know?"

"Oh, you know, fatherly intuition and all..." Kurt bit back a chuckle of his own and crossed his room to his closet. "I don't have to wear my uniform, do I?"

"No, no, of course not. I'm in pajamas..."

"Oooh, I approve," Kurt smirked. "I'll be right over, in that case! See you soon."

Blaine was laughing too hard to say goodbye.

Ten o'clock arrived at the same time Kurt did. He wore his favorite red skinny jeans – the ones he knew drove Blaine mad – black Converse, a black collared shirt, and a silver vest with a pocket-watch. The look was finished off with a red and black scarf. He made his way up to the Warbler Hall, smiling in response when a few boys passed him in the hallway and greeted him warmly. Even after all this time, he was still getting used to the idea of being popular.

He pushed open the double doors. Most of the Warblers were already present. None of them were in their uniform – a truly strange sight indeed. They looked up at the sound and simultaneously broke into grins.

"Kurt, great, you're here!" Wes beamed. "Blaine went to change. We're just waiting for Trent, and then we can start."

"I'm back!" Blaine announced from behind semi-breathlessly. He noticed Kurt and drew him close to place an all-too-brief kiss on his cheek. "Hey, Kurt, glad you're here."

"Oh, there's nothing I enjoy more than cutting my beauty sleep short to go back to school on a Saturday morning for some unknown reason...It brings me immeasurable joy."

"Trust me, it'll be worth it." He winked and led them to an unoccupied spot on one of the couches. Trent arrived not long after that, balancing large cup-holders of coffee from the Lima Bean. After everyone had gotten their own and expressed their gratitude, Wes stood and began to speak.

"Now, this meeting had been called on account of a very rare and exciting opportunity." Blaine's hand found Kurt's; he was practically dancing in his seat. Clearly he already knew what this 'opportunity' was. "As some of you may already know, my parents have a summer beach house in Maui..." This made everybody shift excitedly, guessing where this was going. "Well, bring out your leis, boys, because I've finally convinced Principal Evans to let the Warblers take a little field Hawaii!"


You like? ;) I'll update as soon as I can! I'm college-touring all this week though so it's tricky to find time...Speed-typing late at night in hotel rooms is what I'm stuck with at the moment. Bare with me, please!