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Blaine and Kurt were the last to rise the next morning, and the Warblers had a fairly good idea why. They said nothing of it, though; they were just glad that their 'power couple' had stopped fighting. Everything was much easier to enjoy without the gigantic elephant in the room.

Since it was their final morning in Hawaii, it was mostly dedicated to packing up and just relaxing. Blaine finished gathering his things together in only fifteen minutes, but Kurt took predictably longer. Much longer. Although, to be fair, Blaine volunteered to help, and they got easily sidetracked at the lightest of touches, the briefest of kisses. It was like they hadn't seen each other in years and were making up for lost time.

"I can't believe I thought even for a second that you would cheat on me," Kurt sighed, snuggling still closer into Blaine's chest. They'd finally packed away all of Kurt's belongings, and were now resting on the bed together before going downstairs and joining the others. Blaine traced abstract patterns across Kurt's back with his ring finger.

"I would never even dream of it," he promised, gentle yet firm. "You're my whole world, Kurt – I don't know how else I can make you see that. I know-...I know we're young, and high school relationships hardly ever last, but...Kurt, I honestly can't picture my life without you anymore."

Kurt struggled for the words. "Oh thank god," he finally breathed. Then, laughing at Blaine's confused expression, he explained, "That's exactly how I feel, too."

"Fabulous minds think alike?"

Kurt chuckled and kissed him on the forehead. "Precisely."

After a late breakfast, Blaine invited Kurt for a final stroll along the beach before their afternoon flight back to Ohio. It was fairly empty, which suited them just fine. They wandered down the waterline, their feet just barely getting wet, their arms wrapped around one another, their smiles chiseled into their faces.

"You know, even though this trip didn't turn out the way I'd imagined...I don't regret coming," Kurt mused. "I feel like we're even stronger now."

Blaine's hand rubbed up and down Kurt's waist. "I couldn't agree more," he beamed. "If we can get through that, I'm not too worried about the future. Our future."

It's official. I have the greatest boyfriend in the whole world.

And then, suddenly, a figure was blocking their path.

"Blaine!" Roy hailed. "Haven't seen you since the party! Too numb from our kiss to move or something?"

"I swear to god I'm going to tear that smirk right off your face, you god damn-!" Kurt growled. Blaine pulled him back.

"Kurt, don't," he muttered under his breath. "He's not even worth it."

"Oh come on, baby, don't be like that."

Kurt cut into the boy with the iciest of glares, and Blaine saw the flash of surprise across Roy's face, even a little fright. "Okay, listen here, Hill," Kurt spat, lethally quiet. "One, Blaine's not your 'baby.' Two, Blaine's not yours, period! He's mine. You need to learn that some people are off limits. And I cannot wait for the day you step out of line one too many times and get a black eye for it."

Blaine – with a smirk of his own in place, because damn, Kurt was hot when he got territorial like that – steered the countertenor around to head back towards the house. But then he paused. And glanced back. And retraced his steps. And smiled up at Roy.

And punched him squarely in the nose.

Five minutes later, Kurt was still chuckling to himself.

"Is this going to become a pattern for you?" he managed to get out. Not yet ready to go back to Wes's, they'd bypassed the beach house and continued walking until they came across a nice little outcrop for them to sit on together. The sun was high in the sky, making the water glisten before them. Waves crashed upon the rocks and sprayed them with a fine mist.

"Pattern?" Blaine echoed.

"Punching people in the face when they threaten our relationship," Kurt clarified. "You did the same to Ethan."

Blaine joined him in laughing. "I guess so, yeah! What can I say, I don't want anything to come between us again..." He winked, pulling Kurt closer. The younger boy settled himself into Blaine's side, where he fit perfectly. Everything about them fit perfectly. Their fight had been hard on both of them, yes, but he'd never felt closer to Blaine than in that moment. They understood each other even better now, appreciated one another more.

"Neska was right," Kurt realized.

"I'm sorry?"

Kurt gazed out over the ocean, then down at the waves lapping at their rock. He retold Neska's comparison between waves and relationships. "So even though we fought and we hurt...Everything washed away. Leaving behind something...polished, and beautiful." He frowned to himself. "Sorry, I'm not making much sense, am I?"

Blaine laughed again and kissed his temple. "No, you're making perfect sense." His lips pressed to Kurt's cheek next. "And I love you, too." And finally, his lips found their way to Kurt's.

Kurt hummed happily into the kiss. "I knew you'd understand."

Last chapter. *le sob*

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