Contract Formed

Once Again

I own nothing of Black Butler. In my mind Sebastian is mine

An AU type story – Instead of losing his soul to Sebastion, Ciel was murdered. Since this is fanfiction, I'm allowed to do this. :-) Please enjoy.

(1st person POV)

How long has it been since he had died in my arms? How long have dwelled in my sorrows? How long have I remained idle and afraid to do anything to avenge him? Days, months, years – Far too long for my taste. My name is Alliahnna Phantomhive – Twin sister to Ciel. I'm 18 years old and the only surviving member of the Phantomhive family. This is my story.


It's been a long time since Ciel died. And even though we drifted apart from one another, I still can't get over his death. Watching Ciel's vibrant blue eyes fade into a lifeless gray…and I was unable to save him. For years I sat in my room, dwelling on that horrible incident. My once long voluminous black hair was becoming brittle and wiry from my stress. My Phantomhive blue eyes were starting to lose their shade are my vision became obscured from my endless flowing tears. My body would not move. My mind would not derail from its only train of thought. I was a shell of the person I once was – A fun loving adventurous girl who would never back down from a challenge. I did not become as stern or melancholy as Ciel did, but I did know when to put on a firm face when faced with a new challenge. But lately, it almost seemed impossible for me to smile.

When we were ten years old, Ciel and I were once the best of friends. Our parents and Aunt would always take us into the garden so Ciel and I could pretend to go on expeditions. His fiancée, Elizabeth, was like a little sister to me. She would always make me adorable trinkets for my birthday. Till this day, I still receive presents. You could say we were all one big happy family. Well, like every family, there's that link in our chain where once it's severed, it's hard to reattach. After our parents were killed, Ciel and I started to drift apart from each other. With Tanaka watching over us, Ciel and I acted as business partners, talking and discussing how we would keep the Phantomhive business going. Then it went to where we couldn't work together – we wouldn't speak to each other - we couldn't be in the same room. Finally it fell to where we wouldn't even look each other in the eye. I eventually couldn't stand to be in the same house as Ciel. His depressing persona was wearing me out. I eventually packed up my things and moved to Paris to live with Lord Schneizel from Britannia.(Code Geass) He was a close friend of our fathers and welcomed me into his household. For two years, things were going well. I enjoyed being Schneizel's assistant. He was really kind to me. He never treated me like a servant; he was something of an older brother to me. It wasn't until I heard what happened in London that Ciel and I were brought back together. Little did I know…it would be the last time.

London was being burned to cinders. The ashes of the burnt people flew into the air, returning the heavens from where they were sent. The buildings that were built from the ground up had returned to the soil. Never had I seen something so horrific. Not since Ciel and I watched our parents die. Fearing for Ciel, I dashed for the new Phantomhive estate. Tanaka had mailed me the location. He always had a way of looking after me. When I discovered the new estate, it met the fate of the previous one. It was gone – turned to ash and dust. I saw Tanaka running from the building. He was in his chibi form. I ran up to him and begged him to tell me what had happened and where Ciel was. He managed to draw on his residual energy and went into full form. It was then that Tanaka told me about the angel that attacked them. He and the Queen plotted against Ciel. He mentioned how our Aunt was murdered, Lee was killed, and many other people we knew and loved. I couldn't believe how much destruction had come while I was gone for two years. Tanaka mentioned four others to me. The servants were Mey-Rin, Bardroy, Finnian, and a hellish butler that Ciel kept at his side at all times. His name was Sebastian Michaelis. Tanaka said that once Ciel gave an order, Sebastian would always be at his side, ready to protect him. Tanaka lost his energy, so I picked him up and ran through the tattered streets of London. We found the three servants who were pleased to meet me. I asked them to take me to Ciel. I was guided to a broken down bridge. On top, wearing his top hat and usual renaissance clothing, was my brother Ciel and his Butler. Across from them was an angel.

I had to see Ciel. I had to stop whatever madness was going on up there. All I wanted, after two years of ignoring one another, all I wanted to bring Ciel back to Paris with me. There we could start over and have a total new life. We could put our parent's death behind us and finally be a family again. I scaled the bridge. A few times I lost my footing, but I kept going. My hands were becoming bruised and bloodied, but I didn't care. I wanted, I needed, to reach my brother. I wanted my Ciel back.

I reached the top. Ciel's butler was darting all over the bridge, striking at the angel, trying to eliminate him. The Butler was a handsome man. His crimson eyes, inhuman though they looked, were so hypnotic, I found myself entranced by their beauty. The angel, however, was a different story. He may have looked like an Angel, but he had the aura of a hellish devil surrounding him. His purple eyes calling, demanding for blood – truly, he was a monster. The fight between the two demons got so ferocious, that the wing of the Angel knocked Ciel over. He was now hanging off of a ledge, trying desperately not to fall to the icy waters below. The Angel – no, the White Winged Devil – tossed Sebastian aside. Sebastion landed, back first, onto protruding spikes. The Angels eyes fell onto Ciel. He was going to kill him. I grabbed whatever I could – a sharped pipe – and I ran for the dark angel. He saw me coming, but I managed the swipe the pipe across his face. I scarred his eye. I then stabbed it into his heart. He held his eye and chest, growling animally at his humiliation at being injured by a human. I ignored him thinking those wounds would kill him. I ran over to Ciel and pulled him up. I commented on his eye patch, saying he looked like a pirate. He told me to shut my mouth of course. But that was to be expected. Ciel and I marveled at one another. It may have been two years, but it seemed like 20 with everything that was happening. As we were about to reminisce, Ciel's eyes widened with horror. The Angel was standing behind me. His eye and chest were bleeding severely and yet he was standing as if nothing happened. He glared death bound daggers at me. He raised a hand. I wrapped my arms around Ciel protectively. I was not about to let him touch my brother. The Angel's hand made contact with me. I was slammed into a spire, the impact knocking the wind out of me. Ciel was in my lap, unharmed. Thank god. The angel approached us again. Sebastian, the butler, was slowly pulling himself off the spikes. But he was so damaged that he wouldn't reach us. I gazed up at the Angel. His eyes, those horrible purple eye, they were boring a hole deep into my soul. I couldn't scream, I couldn't move. I almost stopped breathing. I sincerely thought that this was going to be it. This would be the moment where I would die.

"What a nuisance!" The angel snarled. He had in his hand the pipe I used to scratch his eye. He raised it over me. My mind screamed for me to run. It told me to take Ciel and head for any place that would be safe. But it was for not. My legs would not move. I was frozen with fear. Was it the angel's eyes? Was it his presence? Whatever it was, the Angel was preventing me from moving and from saving Ciel.

Just as the Angel brought the pipe down, I squeezed my eyes shut. I waited for the impact…it never came. I opened my eyes. My mouth and eyes gaped with such terror my stomach churned five different directions. Ciel had gotten in the Angels path and took the pipe through his chest. "MASTER!" I heard Sebastion cry.

Ciel's eye patch dropped from his face as he fell back into my arms. Ciel's patch hid a weird mark his eye was labeled with. But I did not care. I caressed Ciel's face. Begging and pleading him to stay with me. His blue eyes were staring to close. His breath quickened as he struggled not to cry out form the pain. The blood oozed from his chest, and all over my dress. I said I'd go for help, but Ciel urged me not to. Instead, he spoke to me. "The Queen…that angel…they are…the cause…for our…parents," he rasped. "It was…because of that…for two years…you and I…have been…apart." He raised a shaking hand. I took his hand and held it to my face. His skin was just as smooth and delicate as ever. "My time…in this world…has finally…come to its end. I'm sorry…that we…couldn't…spend…more time together."

"So am I Ciel," I replied. Tears streamed down my face and onto his. "I never should have left."

"No…Anna. If you didn't…I wouldn't get…to see…my Saintly double."

My eyes widened. Since I was born, my parents would always say that Ciel and I were polar opposites. Ciel was an imp while I was the saint. I would talk and Ciel would take action. We both completed each other. Ciel's skin became even paler, his blue eyes fading in and out. I could feel his life slipping through my fingers. "Cee…" I croaked, "No matter what happened back then, no matter what I said or did, please know that I have always, ALWAYS loved you. And I always will."

Ciel smiled genuinely and whispered, "And…I…you…." His hand went cold. The color left his eyes and his head fell back. My brother was gone. I pulled Ciel in and hugged him tightly. Whatever warmth he had left, I wanted it. I wanted him to know, that even though he's dead and that we haven't spoken, I loved him more than life itself.

The mark on his eye vanished. As did his butler and the angel. I laid Ciel down, closed his eyes, and looked up to the sky. My whole family was gone. All of London was turned to ash. It was without a doubt one of the darkest days of my life. I took the only thing Ciel had left. It was our family ring. I placed it on my thumb and I brought my brother down from the bridge.

After we buried Ciel next to our parents, I returned to Paris with Schneizel. Without anywhere else to live, we brought Tanaka and the others to live with us. Finny took care of the garden, Mey-Rin tended to the house, and Bardroy took over the kitchen.

For a year I didn't speak. I remained in my room a vast majority of the time. The only times I left were for the bathroom breaks. My food was brought to my room. I never left my bed. All I could do was sit there and dwell on how weak I was. Dwell on how too terrified I was to save Ciel. That angel…that devilish angel…petrified me. I wanted that power. I wanted the power to gaze at someone and make them realize how weak they really are. I want to scare someone so badly that they can't move without pissing themselves. Why do I want to scare people you ask? Because I want to terrify that angel. I want to make him realize that he is just as weak and defenseless as any mortal. I want him to know what becomes of those who take a Phantomhive's life. But I lacked that power. And from what I witnessed when he fought, I lack the strength. I don't care what it takes. My heart, my soul, my body, my ENTIRE life – I will never stop until I make that angel pay!

Now I bet you're all wondering what became of Sebastion and that Angel, right? How could they just vanish into thin air like that? Well I can't say much for the angel. Sebastion, however, was an entirely different matter.

I was sitting in my room. I had the bed curtains closed around my bed. I had my face buried in my gloved hands, and my dress puffed up like a parachute. I wished for power, I wanted revenge…no matter what. "No matter what?" Said a voice. I shot my head up. I didn't see anybody. The silhouette of a man stood outside my bed. "Would you be prepared to give up anything?" I tore the curtains open. No one was there. I moved from my bed and went to my window. As I opened it, I saw a shadow disappear onto the roof. I walked onto the awning and scaled along the rim. I climbed my way up to the mid spire. I reached out to grab it, but lost my footing. As I slipped down, a hand reached out and grabbed mine. I looked up and gasped. It was Ciel's old butler Sebastian. "I'm impressed young mistress," he commented with his smooth British tone. He pulled me up and held me by the waist. "Ciel spoke well of your climbing abilities. But I guess they wore down after being immobile for a year." I moved away from him. My back hit the spire. Sebastian moved in, his red eyes glowing from the moonlight. He knelt down and bowed his head. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Alliahnna Phantomhive," he greeted, "I am Sebastian Michaelis."

"I remember you," I replied, trying to control my shaking voice, "You fought that purple eyed angel that killed Ciel!" I snarled. Sebastian's gaze went blank. "Tanaka said you were the best Butler Ciel had. Why didn't you save him?"

"I know an apology can never be enough," he started, "But you should know that I tried my best to help him. Unfortunately, even I can't save everyone I work for."

"Obviously!" I walked up to him. I gave him permission to rise to his feet. When he did so, he towered over me. His entire being was intimidating. How Ciel commanded a man like this, was beyond me. But I continued to rag on him. "So why are you here? Ciel's dead, you don't need to be around the Phantomhive's anymore."

"That is not entirely true." He corrected me. "True my young lord is dead. But our contract has yet to be completed."

Contract? I thought to myself. He must have been talking about the pentagram on Ciel's eye. "What were the terms of this contract?"

"That I would serve him until he got revenge on the ones who murdered your parents. But since he's dead…" before I could blink, he swiped his hand swiftly across my chest. The top of my dress and bra ripped open. I blushed madly and tried to cover myself. Sebastion grabbed both my wrists in one hand and held them over my head. He touched the spot over my breasts. The pentagram that Ciel had over his eye was now on my chest. "You are now the inheritor of the contract."

"Why the hell would I accept?" I hissed, "What do I get out of this? To boss you around? I don't know if Ciel told you, but I don't believe in having servants!"

"He has informed me of that," he released my hands. I closed my dress up, shying away, "I also know that, that mark won't vanish until the contract is completed." He had to be kidding! I mean, I had to have this…demonic, yet handsome, butler was going to be following me around? He had to give me a better reason to cooperate. "What if I told you I could give you the power you desire?" That caught my attention. "As a human, you don't stand a chance against that murderous angel. However if you were to become a demon…" he trailed off menacingly.

"WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?" I boomed. Sebastion smiled devilishly. I calmed myself and asked again, "What…would I…have to give?" I asked carefully.

"I will decide on that when you are of the appropriate age," He explained, "But I assure you that you will not have to give up your soul like Ciel tried to do."

"What would I have to give?" I asked again, only this time I was scared of what he might say.

"As I said, I will collect once you are of proper age." He trailed a hand down my neck. When his fingers reached my hands, they just parted. It was as if an invisible force made my hands move. My chest was exposed once again. Sebastion touched the mark. "But in order to attain this power, you must agree to the contract. I will become your servant. You will command me and I shall obey. Should you get into trouble, I shall be there to help you. But," he added sticking a finger up, "There will be moments where you will become my demon protégé and obey me."

I hesitated to answer. The way he said protégé made it sound like he and I would have more than just a master servant relationship. By at the same time, I would be given power. I wanted the power…more than anything else in the world. But it worried me that he wouldn't tell me what it was that he wanted. But as I said, I was willingly to give anything to attain my revenge. "Fine," I sighed, "I agree."

Sebastion nodded. He bit down on one of his fingers. Blood trailed out of the tip. He placed it to my chest, the cold red fluid sending chills throughout my body. He traced the finger around the mark, moving ever so slowly, taking pleasure from me squirming from tickling sensation. He then touched the center of my mark and leaned in to my ear. He whispered, "This may hurt." When he removed the finger, the blood seeped into my skin. The mark began to glow. My chest tightened and contracted. I dropped to my knees, holding it tightly. It felt like my chest was crushing my heart, which also felt like it would implode. I squeaked and gasped with pain, but I tried not to cry out. Then my whole body began to burn. My back, my face – everywhere was in agony. My teeth contorted into fangs. Bat like wings sprouted from my back, expanding as if to take flight. My ears become pointed. A tail with a triangular tip sprang out. Finally my eyes – the blue changed into a crimson red, and the pupils became slits. The pain finally ended. I heaved heavily. Sweat beaded down my face. I felt my body, my newly added limbs, and the teeth. I had actually become a demon. Sebastion helped me to my feet. "You are now the Demon of Paris." He bowed to me, "And I am you most humble and loyal servant." Sebastion explained to me that the contract gifted to me the power over fear. It's a type of illusionary technique. With direct eye contact, I can see and make a person live out their worst nightmare. Sebastion warned me to not take this power lightly. Though it is powerful, it also comes with a price. If I use it too much, my eyes could either become stuck in that state or I could lose my sight. Sebastion said he could help me should it come to that, but I should still be cautious. I should not use the Fear Sight more than three times a day – until my powers grew stronger. My gaze can only work on a person once, but the trauma lasts for weeks. "Remember," He moved my hair and purred in my ear, "I plan to collect, My Mistress."

It was at that moment that Sebastion and I were joined by contract and blood. And it was at that very moment, the means to my revenge were handed to me. I plan to use these powers to the fullest. I will do whatever it takes to achieve my revenge.

I'll end it here for now. I'll continue depending on if I get reviews. This mainly a test story, but if you want I can continue. Tell me what you want to see done differently or if you like it. I'm still open to suggestions for a title for the story. Leave reviews, but please be nice. This is my first Black Butler story.