This Can't Be True

Okay. FINALLY! I managed to weasel something out of my head! I finish my KH fic and writers block is my reward. SERIOUSLY! I could barely write a shopping list. LOL, LOL!

This will be a semi short chapter. Short as in, there isn't going to be much to it. Hope you guys like it.

"Filthy…" Ash growled.

"Defiled…" Angela hissed.



"She scars the face of one who serves the higher power." Ash recited in hate.

"He turns the soul of one once pure into a sin of brimstone." Angela recounted in disgust.

"She falls in love, turning her back to the heavens."

"He claims her body, defiling the purity of woman."

"UNFORGIVABLE!" Voices of both Angels fumed. Their purples eyes flared in the dark of the night, casting a damning glare over all of Limoges.

"This tale will bear the ending I wish!" Ash declared. "This land – FRANCE – engulfed in a fiery blaze! CLEANSING THE FILTH ALLOWED TO REPRODUCE!"

"The spirits of my enemies will be broken!" Angela screeched. "Shattered as I cease the incessant beats of their hearts!"

"Pawns will be slaughtered!"

"Knights will be killed!"

"And the king and queen," Ash and Angela smiled, "Shall fall."


"YAAWWNN!" Taylor howled exhaustedly to the late night sky. Or rather the navy hue of the early morning. "Bloody Hell…" Taylor groaned, stretching and cracking his aching body. "The Commander's gonna kill me for this."

The clock struck 2:00 in the morning as Taylor, accompanied by Carmichael lugging a drunk out of his mind Maes, trudged tiresomely down the Limoges streets, anxious to fall onto the comfy mattress of their hotel beds. It was irresponsible of them to be out and about so late, and to allow Maes to become so drunk he couldn't walk straight. Worst of all was they had to wake up in a couple of hours. But what could they do? It wasn't as if they did this on purpose. It wasn't every day the three were allowed to visit one of the Country's major cities any time they wished. They're work kept them busy. Vacations rarely ever came. And even if they did get a vacation, it didn't extend to where they could visit another city and be back in time for duty. They wished to experience what Limoges had to offer before they left in a few hours. Of course Maes wished to try a sip of EVERY BRAND of whiskey, rum, ale – anything that was labeled as Alcohol, leaving Taylor and Carmichael lugging him back to his hotel room.

"If the Commander or LT ask," Carmichael grunted, feeling the weight of Maes grow unbearably heavy, "We were performing a public service."

"What service?" Taylor scoffed. "Letting Maes test each brand of Alcohol out of suspicion of poison?" Carmichael stopped for a moment, pondering the excuse. "Our commander is young, Carmichael. Not naïve."

"Okay…" Carmichael placed Maes against a wall. Maes hooted drunkenly, his red cheeks steaming. "Then…we put all blame on Maes?"

Taylor pointed in agreement, "Now that's a plan I can get behind."

"Then it's settled." Carmichael hoisted Maes onto his shoulder. "Now let's go before someone thinks we're lurking."

A white shoe stepped out from the shadows of an alleyway. Taylor and Carmichael came to a halt, seeing a man dressed in an all-white suit emerge from the alley. His porcelain lips were plastered in a smirk. His amethyst eyes flickered in the lamp light as he narrowed them to the three. Taylor positioned himself in front of Carmichael and Maes. Carmichael fortified himself, ready to move.

"It is late, Monsieurs." The man stated in his husky British accent, waltzing into the middle of their path. "With your friend the way he is, shouldn't you be inside?"

Taylor could hear the insincerity dripping from the white haired man's voice. And unless his eyes were affected by the thick alcohol fumes emitting from Maes' breath, Taylor could see a sword hanging on his hip.

"We were on our way now." Taylor informed the man, fighting the apprehension in his voice. "Thank you…" He choked, "For your concern." He put a hand to Carmichael, edging him back the other way. "Perhaps, sir," The man approached Taylor slowly, matching his strides, "You should go inside as well."

"No need to worry." Taylor and Carmichael whipped around. A woman, similar to the man in appearance, stood behind them with an accordion whip in her hands. "The two of us are perfectly capable of handling ourselves." She cracked the whip, striking a stone from the ground. Carmichael and Taylor cringed, flinching away.

"I think we've gotten our point across, Angela." The man purred, standing only a few feet away from the three men. Taylor spread his hands, guarding Carmichael and Maes as they backed away.

"I hope so, Ash." Angela strutted closer to the men, a hungry grin plastered to her face. "I would hate to end the lives of these," She put the butt of the whip hilt under Taylor's chin, "Three dashing gentlemen." She cooed. Taylor hissed helplessly. If he could reach his gun, he could subdue Angela. But there was a danger Ash would strike Carmichael and Maes while they're defenseless. The vice-versa could be said. "This one has fight in his old body."

"Watch your tongue!" Carmichael growled.

"So does the young one." Ash chuckled. He drew his sword, touching it to Maes' neck. "But this one isn't worth much inebriated."

"I guess that makes it easy for you cowards!" Taylor growled, ignoring the whip hilt. "One man unarmed carrying a drunken one. Another man old and frail." He smirked brazenly to Angela, keeping his hands out. "Truly the evil in this world has regressed miserably."

"Boldly spoken for a man at sword point." Angela chortled. She narrowed her eyes, "And serving the greatest evil in this world."

"WHAT?" Carmichael scoffed with an incredulous grin. He set Maes down again. "What are you talking about?"

"Your Lt Cmdr. Phoebus is aware of it." Ash added slyly. "As is the Count you so adamantly revere."

"What are you two talking about?"

"They know what they are and the allow them to run amuck." Angela proceeded to taunt the three men.

"Her best friend even learned of the secret and let the brother erase her memory."

"ENOUGH!" Taylor boomed, managing to shove Angela back. Angela giggled, relishing in the force behind the push. "Stop dancing around it!" He demanded. "How and what are you talking about?"

"Your Lady Commander." Ash announced.

Carmichael and Taylor raised their brows in fright. Taylor drew his gun. Carmichael reached for his side arm strapped to his leg. The two aimed at the mysterious people, frothing at the mouth. "NO MORE GAMES!" Carmichael fumed. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ALLIAHNNA?"

"Such devout loyalty to the one who has been lying to them." Angela hummed menacingly. "If only they knew."

"Knew what?" Taylor snarled, growing impatient.

"That your Lady Commander and her butler are demons." Ash let slip.

Carmichael and Taylor's shoulders sunk. They gaped in disbelief and surprise. "What?" They gasped.

Angela let the whip fall to the ground. A glowing cross shined on the hilt. Carmichael and Taylor recognized the glowing cross. It was the same symbol the townsfolk of Halnare had in their eyes. "And you gents are going to be the first of our pawns for the slaughter." Angela whirled the whip around and cracked it.


"Uh…" Alliahnna groaned. Her head was pounding slightly, her body felt heavy. There was a slight…pain…in the lower half of her."Ugh…" Her eyes fluttered open. A hazy vision of a grey peered through a window, alighting the glossy wooden floor boards of a bedroom. Floor boards? Bedroom? Her blurred vision cleared gradually with her blinks, bringing the hotel room she rented for the night into clear view. "Um…" She shoveled her hair back, and dragged the sand from her eyes. The room was lit by the overcast dawn of the morning. Alliahnna strained under the somewhat bright light to keep her eyes open. "Gah…" She reached for the nightstand, grabbing hold of a randomly placed pocket watch. Flipping the top open, the time read 6:00. The smaller notations read AM. Bloody Hell…She rasped drowsily. I feel as if my entire body is in a vice. Alliahnna gently closed the watch, sighing in relief she had another two hours to sleep. But why did her body feel so heavy…and sticky? Sweat? She was sweating? It wasn't that warm in the room. Were it not for the blanket she'd probably be freezing. Was she getting sick?

"Ow…" She hissed, tensing up. Her lower back ebbed in pain. "When did that happen?" She grumbled under her breath. "Huh?" The pocket watch in her hand had a little knickknack attached to it. A cat. A cat? The same cat she gave to Sebastian for his birthday. It was Sebastian's. Sebastian? That's right. Alliahnna stayed in a hotel room…with Sebastian.

The heat rose to Alliahnna's face. She placed a hand to her mouth. Why would I be…when did we…what happened last night? Alliahnna scrambled her eyes over the white sheets, searching the stitches for her laps in memory. 'Sebastian's hand trailing over her bare stomach…" Alliahnna followed her hand along. Lying on top, leaning over her…Alliahnna hugged her arms around herself. His bare chest touching her…bare chest! His hips moving into hers!' Alliahnna's entire face ignited bright red. She pulled the covers over her, wanting to hide from the world. She groaned shamefully. NO! NO! NO! Anxiety clouds sputtered from her head. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! IT COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED! "Ow…" The soreness in her pelvic region would testify to otherwise. Alliahnna moved a hand down, to massage her sore area. "What the-?" Her hand only touched flesh. Chest, stomach, lower regions – all skin. No clothing? Alliahnna scrunched the sheets up, burying her face in embarrassment. "Oh lord…" Her stomach twisted into knots. "Schneizel and Phoebus will implode." She dreaded. That's assuming my legs will move. She was in so much pain, Sebastian punching her square in the back two years ago was more of a flick to the forehead compare to this.

Poke, Poke. Something poked her in the back. Tiny prickles of pain crawled around. Alliahnna mentally cursed the finger that poked her. Poke, poke, slide…The finger tickled up her back, making Alliahnna squeak. Alliahnna slowly turned to her other side, hissing at the pain. Poking her head out, Alliahnna was greeted by a menacing smirk and beaming red eyes.

"Good morning, My Lady." Sebastian greeted her in a husky whisper. Alliahnna's eyes quivered in incredulity. She was…in bed with him…with no clothes on. "Sleep well?" He teased, sliding a hand up her arm.

"All things considering." Her breath hitched, widening Sebastian's smirk. Alliahnna's hand went numb. Sebastian touched her hand to his bare chest, chortling when the fingers twitched. He slid the hand lower. She felt his stomach, his waist…His trousers are missing! Sebastian stopped, seeing the utter embarrassment on her face. "You did well last night." He lightly pecked her on the lips. "Your moans…" He glided the backs of his fingers over her cheek, "Were simply delightful." He smirked triumphantly when she blushed.

Alliahnna turned onto her stomach, planting her face into the sheets. "I don't believe this." She groaned. Sebastian shifted from under the blankets, letting them fall to his waist as he sat up. "One birthday gift and this happens. And the final result is you being happy as a clown to my pain!"

Sebastian chuckled. "Well you were a little tight." Alliahnna's entire body stiffened. The pain returned to her pelvis. Sebastian noticed her discomfort and smiled slyly. "Then again you are…" He trailed off.

"Hmm…" Alliahnna groaned in dread, pushing back.

Sebastian purposefully cleared his throat. He brought his mouth to her ear. "Or were a…"

"UGGHH!" Alliahnna buried her face into the bed. Her last remaining sliver of dignity slipped from her soul, leaving shame in her place.

Sebastian stifled his laughter under a closed hand. "So it is to be expected that you feel some pain." He paused for a moment, relishing in his Lady's misery. "Or a lot of pain."

"PLEASE!" Alliahnna blurted. "I'M BEGGING YOU, SEBASTIAN!" She held clapped hands out to him, "STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!" She concealed herself under the blankets. "Though I'm sure your ego will entice you to hang this over me until I grow wrinkles!" The blankets muffled her wails.

"Most likely." He admitted indifferently.

Alliahnna poked an erected finger from under the covers, "Then I have no choice but to ignore you until that time!"

"Luckily I have another means to make you forgive me." He slid his hand down her blanket covered back, earning wheezing groans. "I here strawberries and champagne work wonders."

Alliahnna poked her head from under the covers, glaring with a pout. "Wonders for what? My pain? Or stroking your ego?"

"Both." He purred. "Champagne…" He let the word hum as he slid closer to Alliahnna, "Dulls the pain." He rolled onto her back, wrapping his arms around her waist and stomach. "Strawberries heighten the pleasure." He licked her outer ear, making her whimper with chills. "Put them together," His hot breath tickled her ear, "And you will beg for me to continue…" A traced a finger along her slender side, "As warm tingles travel through your body…" His hand caressed her inner thigh, "And explode hot ecstasy." He curled his fingers in, gripping the thigh firmly.

"AH!" Alliahnna cried out, her body trembling and wriggling.

"I'll wager your tail is ten times more sensitive."

"Alright, alright." Alliahnna gave in with a moan. "What places are still in service at this hour?"

"I'm not sure." Sebastian answered nonchalantly. "I guess we'll have to find out." He continued to tickle her legs, relishing in the wriggling beneath him. "What better way to work out your stiffness than with a morning jaunt." He nipped at her ear, earning another moan. "Or would you rather explain to Elizabeth and your subordinates why you seem to be walking as if someone placed a stick up your…" He trailed off for a moment, pausing for thought. "Oh wait," he touched a finger to the side of his chin, tilting his head with false obliviousness, "I did."

"PLEASE STOP!" Alliahnna howled desperately.

Knock, knock, knock. Sebastian growled in the back of his throat. Alliahnna sighed with relief, burying her face into the mattress. "This is not over." Sebastian warned her. Alliahnna shooed her hand, snidely ordering him to answer the door and dove under the blankets. Sebastian hissed and reached for a robe. Knock, knock, knock. Sebastian rasped in irritation. "At least they were courteous enough to let us finish." He breathed irately, tying the robe around him.

"Not talking about this!" Alliahnna grabbed her clothes from the floor, shuffling under the blankets.

Sebastian laughed, and then meandered to the door. Alliahnna peeked from out of the blankets, watching Sebastian walk to the door. She had to admit, he looked good in a robe. An involuntary giggle escaped her lips. Sebastian smirked to her when he heard the giggle, prompting Alliahnna to hide under the blankets again. Sebastian shook his head playfully. Three more knocks came to the door, reminding the Butler that there was someone outside interrupting their moment. Again. When Sebastian opened the door, he was surprised to see a skinny man dressed in a courier's uniform. "Are you…" He looked at his roster, "Sebastian Michaelis?"

"I am?" Sebastian answered in bewilderment. The man handed Sebastian an envelope.

"Is an Alliahnna Britannia present?"

"She…" He glanced out of the corner of his eye, hearing the blankets shuffle, "Is not decent at the moment." He chortled.

The courier handed him another envelope. "Can you make sure she gets this?"

"Indeed I can." Sebastian promised, giving the man two coins. The courier bowed his head in thanks and went on his way. Sebastian closed the door, eyeing the envelopes curiously.

Alliahnna poked out from the covers, fully clothed and hair cleaned up. "What was that about?" She asked, buttoning up her blazer.

"The train conductor has written us notices." Sebastian answered, reading the writing on the envelope. He handed one to Alliahnna. "It must pertain to the train situation."

Sebastian was correct. Opening the letters, the two read the cursive writing.

Dear Train Passenger,

The tracks have been cleared of rubble and will be ready to depart by 7:00am.


The Conductor.

"I guess they want to leave early." Alliahnna scratched her head. "I'm not too surprised. With all the delay's," She stretched her arms out over her head, "I'm surprised we weren't' woken up last night." Alliahnna opened Sebastian's pocket watch again. The time read 6:10am. "We've got an hour." She alerted him. "I wonder if the others got letters as well."

"Most likely." Sebastian assured her, meandering to the bed. "We are only a mere ten minutes away from the train station." Sebastian sat next to Alliahnna, drawing her into a warm embrace with an arm around her shoulders. "Shall we go another round?" He whispered. He brought his mouth to her ear, "I can turn your pain into pleasure." He gently nipped her ear. Alliahnna let out a small groan.

Alliahnna pushed her hands to his chest, moving him back. "Not going to happen!" She promised him. She glared at him with flushed cheeks, "I actually enjoy being able to walk."

"I can assure you you'll be able to walk." He promised, stroking a finger down her leg.

"Do not mistake waddling for walking." She hissed as she tried to stand up. Alliahnna growled, massaging her lower back. "I'm going to feel this for a while."

Sebastian licked his fingers. "I certainly hope so."

"GRM!" Alliahnna snarled to him. "Let's just find the others and get going!"

"Is that an order?"

"It is, actually!" She snapped. "Here's another: You're sitting with Grell the entire ride!" Anime dread lines drooped down Sebastian's forehead. If he wasn't before, he was sure he was in the proverbial dog house now.


"UGGGHHH!" Druitt groaned in dread, slumping into the train seats. His porcelain skin bruised and broken. "How many times did I have to explain I didn't know she was a married woman before they released me?"

"There is no doubt in my mind that you knew she was married!" Alliahnna hissed, sitting backward facing seat diagonally from him. She crossed her legs and folded her arms, glaring at the Viscount, "But of course your lack of shame and morals blinded you to that fact and allowed you lower extremities to do all of your thinking."

"Could you blame me?" He shrieked, trying to defend himself. "The way she was acting, a married man would think with his lower extremities!"

"Ugh!" Alliahnna massaged her fingertips on her eyelids. "Men."

"Not all of us are so bad." Sebastian chortled, sitting next to his Lady Master. "Some of us are actually quite charming." Mey-Rin, Bardroy, Tanaka, and Finnian sauntered onto the train, catching the conversation at a peculiar time.

"Like a snake." Alliahnna grumbled. Sebastian twinkled his eyes to her, understanding the cause for her harsh words. It infuriated Alliahnna that he was inwardly laughing at her.

"I happen to find snakes very charming." Lao remarked. He and Ran-Mao sat across from Sebastian and Alliahnna. "Their smooth, slender bodies," He purred, caressing Ran-Mao's legs, "Very charming."

"What is this conversation about snakes?" Soma asked, he and Agni sitting in the same booth as Lao and Ran-Mao.

"A metaphor taken out of context." Alliahnna assured him.

Phoebus, Esmeralda, and Schneizel were the next to enter onto the train. Joyous to all, Phoebus's arm was out of its sling. He was given a notice by the Physician of Limoges stating he could relieve his arm of the sling, but he needed to be careful. The wound in his shoulder could reopen.

"Good to see you back to full health, Master Phoebus." Finnian congratulated.

"Thank you Finnian." Phoebus flexed his arm, cracking his shoulder. "It feels good to move my arm again." He, Esmeralda, and Schneizel sat down, feeling a sense of relief that they were only a few hours away from Toulouse. "Now I feel less hindered."

"I'm just glad it wasn't as serious as it looked." Alliahnna praised with relief. "I don't think I could bear it if you lost an arm."

"Do not worry, My Lady. I'm as fit as a horse."

"Good." She nodded. "I'm glad."

Carmichael and Taylor walked onto the train, bags under their eyes from their late night. They groaned irritably, leaning against the door sill exhaustedly. "WHAT'S THE HOLD UP?" Maes cheered, slapping a hand to their shoulders, startling them awake. "You boys are acting like you didn't get a wink of sleep!" Carmichael and Taylor growled irately. They didn't get any sleep. Maes danced past the two, bowing as he swept his hands down the aisle of seats. "Let's take our seats before the train gets going." He urged. Carmichael and Taylor rolled their eyes at their friend's cheery disposition.

"Hello there, Gentlemen." Phoebus saluted two fingers in a greeting. Carmichael and Taylor froze, locking their sights to Phoebus.

"Late night?" Alliahnna joked. The two soldiers swallowed nervous lumps lodged in their throats. Alliahnna's smile faded when she saw their nervous expressions. "Something wrong?"

"Judging from how elated Maes is," Schneizel chuckled, "I suspect they were up late carrying him back from the nearest tavern." Carmichael's voice hitched in his throat. His breathing picked up. His heart raced. Schneizel, Phoebus, and Alliahnna began to grow worried. Maes also found himself confused by their trepidation. Why were they acting like perps in an interrogation. "Calm yourself, Private." Schneizel chuckled nervously. "I merely jest."

Taylor placed a hand to Carmichael's face, edging him into his chest. "Forgive him." Taylor tittered, massaging the back of his neck with an impish grin. "Carmichael had a couple last night, himself." Carmichael furrowed his brow. Don't make me out to be like Maes! "As for me I just didn't get enough sleep."

The four nodded their heads, understanding their predicament. "Then get some rest." Schneizel ordered. "We have another eight hours before we reach Toulouse."

"Thank you, My Lord." Carmichael and Taylor trudged listlessly down the aisle. Their gazes, hardened and filled with anger, shifted between Schneizel and Phoebus, making the two feel as if they had offended them in some way. When they flashed the same glare to Alliahnna and Sebastian, the two gaped in confusion. Carmichael and Taylor sat in the very last booth, their backs facing the other passengers.

Maes arched a brow, stopping next to his commander and Lieutenant, sharing in their bewilderment. "Did something happen last night that we're not aware of?" Alliahnna asked fretfully.

"Not sure, My Lady." Maes scratched the side of his head. "I was…um…" His cheeks flushed, "Well…"

"Say no more." Phoebus assured his friend gently. "You three must be tired from the excitement." He patted Maes on the back. "Go sit."

"Yes sir." Maes smiled warmly to his superior officers. "Thank you, both." He continued on his way. Alliahnna, Sebastian, Schneizel, and Phoebus all exchanged concerned stares. What was that all about? They all thought.

Maes sat across from his friends. Both kept their attention to the floor, not seeming – or trying not to – notice Maes. "You two alright?" He asked, breaking their concentration. "Sorry if I was a hassle last night." He hoped he wasn't the cause for their ire.

"No need to apologize." Carmichael assured him with a weak smile. "This isn't about you."

"We just met a couple of…troublemakers last night." Taylor clarified. "We're just shaken up."

"Oh…" Maes trailed off, doubting his words. Not that he could say they were false. Maes was so drunk the other night, he wouldn't know if he swam through the English Channel in nothing but his birthday suit. "Okay." Maes leaned back into his seat, glancing out the window so not to seem as if he's still trying to pry. But out of the corner of his eye he could see the fumes of contempt emanating from his friends. What really happened last night?

"Well it is about time we're leaving!" Grell complained, sauntering onto the train with his hands on his hips. "This city is such a bore." He shook his head in disdain. "Not a dead or dying soul in the last few hours," He slumped into a seat, hugging his arms tightly around himself, "Nor any time in the warm embrace of a handsome, strong man. Hint, hint Will."

Will and Undertaker meandered behind him, taking their seat next to him. Will cleared his throat, appalled by his subordinate's suggestion. "If you wish for an embrace, I am sure I can arrange for pops to embrace you in his glass frame crafter."

Grell shuddered, imagining the saw blade. "Oh look!" He pointed to the rock formation. "What fascinating rocks! So big and hard." He cooed. Will sighed dismally, adjusting his glasses. Grell chuckled.

"Don't be too upset." Undertaker cackled. "I too had my share of disappointments." Shuffling a hand into his cloak, Undertaker produced a jar of marmite with the French flag on the label. "France does not believe in British Marmite. The only good type of marmite." He dipped his finger in, exaggeratedly liking the goo from his finger. "

"Pfft!" Grell puffed strand of his hair from his face heatedly. "Life must be so tragic for you." She droned sardonically.

Alliahnna nonchalantly nudged Sebastian with her elbow. He raised a brow to her, wondering what she required. Smirking, Alliahnna motioned her head to Grell and the empty space next to him. Sebastian grunted, staring to his Lady Master in skepticism. "I wasn't joking." She assured with an impish grin.

"Grr…" Sebastian growled quietly. He nodded his head, grudgingly accepting her order. Stoically, Sebastian rose from his seat and meandered down the aisle.

"Huh?" Grell noticed the Butler sauntering to him. Sebastian wordlessly sat himself next to the Reaper, not even so much as begging his pardon. Undertaker gaped, humming in intrigue as he brought his attention to the smirking Alirah. She giggled, looking away in feigned innocence. "MY," Grell purred, scooting closer to him, "What an unexpected surprise." He cooed, slithering his arms around Sebastian's. "This dull trip has borne fruit." He caressed a slender finger down Sebastian's cheek. "Finally tired of your Lady Master, hmm?" Sebastian ignored the advances, plotting the most agonizing revenge against his Lady.

"Quite the contrary," Sebastian replied emotionlessly. He furrowed his brow sharply, "I am simply giving her a false sense of security before I counter."

Alliahnna touched a hand to her mouth, stifling an impish giggle. Jasper and Zanosuke joined the young Phantomhive. "Why is Sebastian with the Reaper?" Jasper questioned, wondering if she and Sebastian were arguing.

"No reason." She lied.

"OH MS. PHANTOMHIVE~" Grell crooned, beckoning her with a stretched up waved hand. "I don't suppose," He slid a leg onto Sebastian's legs, and an arm around his shoulders, "You would mind us doing a little naughty-naughty in the private booths, would you? GAH!"

Will pierced Grell's head with his shears. For once Sebastian was tempted to thank the stoic reaper. "Need I remind you, Grell, you are a reaper of the highest order!" Will adjusted his glasses as per his M.O, stressing his annoyance with the red loving reaper. "You do not fornicate with vermin."

"I'm not fornicating, Will!" Grell cuddled to Sebastian, rubbing his face on his shoulder. "I'm simply savoring our moments together. Hm?" A strange smell filled his nostrils. Grell sniffed Sebastian's hair, his chest. Alliahnna eyed him in confusion. Jasper and Zanosuke were intrigued by the Reaper's behavior.

Sebastian smashed a hand into the reaper's face, bringing him up before he went too low. "Is there something I can help you with?"

Grell bore his blank stare into the butler. "I can smell her on you." He muttered under his breath. Sebastian grunted. Alliahnna froze, sweat beading down her face. Jasper and Zanosuke arched their brows sharply. "Even more so than usual." Veins in Grell's head popped, glaring his green eyes into. "I see someone's decided to be naughty themselves." Alliahnna closed her legs, feeling exposed. "FOR SHA-"

Sebastian clamped a hand to Grell's mouth. "My Master is cross with me and has ordered me to sit beside you the duration of the train ride." Elizabeth, Hana, and Paula walked onto the train, bewildered by Sebastian sitting next to Grell. Phoebus shook his head, urging her to leave it alone. "Do not, every sense of the proverb, look the gift horse in the mouth." Grell cooed under his muffled mouth and cuddled to Sebastian. Elizabeth and Paula sat behind Mey-Rin, Finnian, Tanaka, and Bardroy. Hana sat next to Bardroy, fluttering her eyes lashes flirtatiously. Bardroy blushed, making Finnian and Mey-Rin giggle impishly.

Jasper sat uncomfortably close next to Alliahnna. She shuffled to the window, hoping to put a little distance between them. Jasper only moved closer. Alliahnna glanced to Zanosuke, wondering what his father was doing. He shrugged his shoulders, not sure what he was up to. "The reaper spoke true." Jasper whispered, smiling meancingly to the perturbed Alliahnna. "I smell Sebastian on you." He purred. A sweat drop hung down the side of her head. Zanosuke smirked impishly. "You must have given him a fantastic birthday gift."

Alliahnna folded her blazer over her head, hiding the shame and embarrassment on her face. "Please just leave it alone!" Zanosuke and Jasper chuckled at her expense.

"ALL ABOARD!" The conductor announced, alerting all oncoming passengers that the train was ready to depart from the station. "TRAIN LEAVING FOR TOULOUSE!" Feet were heard scrambling and stampeding onto the train. The train literally shook from the number of people fighting for their seats. Roars and hollers of impatient passengers echoed throughout the train, making Paula and Elizabeth giggle. "TRAIN LEAVING STATION!" The steam exhausted, the train jerked as the wheels started to turn. Alliahnna had never felt so relieved to have a the train start moving.

Carmichael and Taylor bore their hardened gazes into the seat and floor, ripping the floor boards of their memories apart, cursing themselves. They didn't…The two trembled, clenching their heads as sweat beaded down their brows. They wouldn't… A cross pulsated on their chest. They couldn't…


Carmichael and Taylor were kneeling on the ground, heaving heavily as they held the deep gashes in their skin. The wounds ebbed, burning into them like the heated tip of a sword. They felt their skin bubbling, sizzling. Needle like prickles prodded at their skin. Thank the heavens Maes was too drunk to awaken from his alcohol induced coma. His unconsciousness kept him safe…for the moment.

Angela retracted her whip with a dark giggle. She held the thorny whip, running her tongue hungrily over the leather. "Soon those wounds will sew themselves shut." She said, relishing in their pain. "Then you shall be mine to command."

"Is that what you did to the people of Halnare?" Taylor demanded to know. "You cracked your whip!" He frothed at the mouth. "Infecting them with your poison!"

"None so different than what Sebastian did to your Lady Commander." Ash countered slyly.

"What do you mean?" Carmichael challenged, wincing through the pain. "Sebastian hasn't done anything to Lady Britannia!"

"Oh, hasn't he?" Angela crooned jadedly. "Tell me, have you two seen a peculiar mark on your Lady's Chest?" She quizzed smugly. "Or perhaps seen a similar one on Sebastian's hand?"

"Of course we've seen them!" Taylor spat derisively. The day they went to the beach after the tribunal. They got a good glimpse of the tattoos. "They're tattoos! Purely coincidence they have the same thing!"

"Coincidence?" Ash chuckled dubiously. "Is that what they told you?" He questioned, pressing the ever devoted soldiers to answer. "I don't suppose they told you when Alliahnna got her tattoo."

"No!" Carmichael snapped venomously. Angela and Ash's smirks widened. "And we never asked!"

"What Lady Britannia does on her spare time is her business! GR!" The gashes in Carmichael and Taylor's chests started to sew shut, slowly closing to prolong the bubbling sting.

"Shall we tell you when she got it?" Ash offered grimly.

"I'm sure you'll tell us…" Carmichael clenched his wound, trying to stop it, "Even if we refuse!"

"She received that mark," Angela stepped forward, letting the whip swing tauntingly, "The same 'night' she formed her contract with Sebastian." Carmichael and Taylor arched their brows in confusion. 'Night?' They both thought. Their eyes widened, confirming Angela and Ash's suspicions. Angela knelt to the cringing men. She tilted Taylor's head up, relishing in the pain in his eyes. "They never explained how they met, did they? Sebastian just sort…" She flicked her fingers open like a puff of smoke, "Appeared out of thin air." When Taylor glanced away, Angela chuckled in victory. "Two suspicious circumstances that none of you ever took into consideration."

"Probably because of the four servants who worked under Ciel Phantomhive." Ash stated. "They are friends of Sebastian's. They just don't know his secret."

"What?" Taylor challenged defiantly. "The demon accusation?"

"It is far from an accusation." Angela hummed. The wound was half way closed. "It is a hardened truth."

"Alliahnna sat in her room for a year after her brother perished six years ago." Ash recited the dark story of Alliahnna's life. Taylor and Carmichael were shocked to hear him speak of it. Only those from the manor knew of her retreat into depression. "Then out of the blue FIVE years ago, after Sebastian mysteriously appears in her life, she revives from the depression as if it never happened. The glow returned to her porcelain skin. The next thing you know she's replacing Sumano as Commander."

"None of this…holds merit…" Carmichael struggled through the pain, "To your claims!"

"Then I guess the fangs you saw in her mouth don't hold merit either?" Angela tested daringly. Carmichael froze, eyes gaping in horror. "Do you recall?" Angela purred. "Probably believed them to be a trick of the mind." Carmichael panted heavily. Alliahnna became enraged with him when Elizabeth was allowed into the Bastille. So much…fangs protruded from her mouth. "Then John Roland emerges from the Bastille as if torn apart by ravenous animals."

"The strength of a Substitute Demon is truly unparalleled." Ash purred, licking his gloved fingers. "At least when it comes to humans. Other demons can handle her just fine."

"Stop calling her a demon!" Carmichael begged.

"WHY?" Angela boomed, startling the young soldier. "Because it's easier to believe a girl with hardly any muscle took an a man three times older and bigger than her? Come now! You cannot be so foolish!"

Ash grabbed Carmichael by the neck, yanking him to meet the glowering purple eyes. "Alliahnna's despair beckoned Sebastian five years ago!" He roared, growing impatient with their denial. "In exchange for power she offered her humanity as collateral!" He prodded his chest, "Sebastian took his blood and drew that mark on her check, imbuing her with his blood, turning her into a substitute demon! A human with demon abilities!"

"Unfortunately," Angela spat, shuffling back from Taylor, "For the last five years, the demon blood has been corrupting Alliahnna! Turning her more and more into a demon by the day!"

"You're wrong!" Taylor roared.

Ash punched a fist into the ground, making the stone rumble. "She speaks a chant and all who look at her scream in terror! Fall to the ground!" Carmichael swallowed a nervous lump. "Her strength and speed outmatch the most seasoned of veterans!" Taylor and Carmichael turned away. They couldn't listen. It wasn't true! "She killed Sumano and Mooska with a flick of her wrists!" Ash bellowed. Taylor and Carmichael remember. It was a couple days ago. Alliahnna sliced Sumano's hand and head off like it was nothing. Her eyes seemed different. She came back after chasing down Mooska, even more blood on her.

"Religious trinkets burn Sebastian's skin as if acid were poured onto him." Angela continued, increasing the tone in her voice. Taylor gaped in horror. He remembered Alliahnna throwing a cross at him and it seemed to hurt him. "He follows her every command, then there are times she follows his!"

"It is yet another term of their contract." Ash continued a little more tenderly. "Should she utilize the sight which bestows a person's worst nightmares, Alliahnna must obey Sebastian for a certain number of day's equivalent to the use."

Carmichael shook his head. She didn't have that sort of power. Alliahnna and Sebastian switching roles was a game they played. "What hidden terrors keep you awake at night?" Taylor recited dazedly. Carmichael glanced at him, wondering why he said that. "Lady Britannia…" He mulled it over in his mind, scrambling his eyes over the stone, fretfully searching his memory, "She always recited that verse…and then there would be screams…" His voice quaked. "They'd be in comas. Mooska and Sumano were in a coma!" He panicked.

"Taylor…" Carmichael whispered, appalled his friend was siding with them.

The gash on Taylor's chest finally closed. Taylor lurched forward, choking on his own saliva. The muscles in his chest contracted sharply, nearly squeezing his heart. His skin hugged around his veins, traveling up his neck, siphoning the wind from his lungs. Carmichael fell onto his butt, body quaking in horror as the veins went to his eyes. Taylor's deep hazel eyes faded into white, quickly being replaced with deep purple and a glowing cross.

"TAYLOR!" Carmichael shrieked. Taylor fell to the ground, saliva trickling from the side of his mouth. "No…" He whimpered.

Angela hugged her arms around Carmichael's shoulders. She trailed a finger along his nearly sealed wound. "We know of your loyalty to your Lady Commander." She purred in his ear. "But you should realize your precious count and lieutenant are aware of her secret, and Sebastian's." Carmichael dropped his head. "Jasper and Zanosuke are demons as well. The three who just joined you are Reapers of Souls." Carmichael turned away, trying to escape her words. Angela shuffled closer, putting her mouth deeper into his ear, "Your entire Government is being ruled by apparitions born of brimstone, and protected by sinners."

Carmichael's shoulders sank. He shook his head languidly. "No…" The wound closed.

Ash grinned victoriously. "Make them pay for their transgressions." Ash ordered tenderly. "Make the sinners pay for tarnishing the proud name of Paris you worked so hard to build."

Flashback End

"Guys?" Taylor and Carmichael jumped, feeling a hand touch their knee. Maes flinched back, gaping in shock. "Sorry." He said softly. "You guys just seemed to be turning green."

Carmichael and Taylor looked around fervently. The scenery outside the train window was whisking by in a small blur. They were so deep in thought they had forgotten the train was on its way to Toulouse.

"We're fine." Carmichael choked. "We're just tired."

"Then get some rest." Maes encouraged, slumping in the corner of the booth comfortably. "We have a long day ahead of us." He closed his eyes, sighing happily. "Wouldn't want you to miss anything?"

"Right." Taylor rasped, shifting in his seat. Carmichael turned his back to Taylor, wanting to hide the shame oozing from his soul. But how could Carmichael hide what Taylor was feeling as well? Lieutenant Phoebus…He moaned mentally, twisting back to see Alliahnna and Elizabeth giggling. Please…tell me this isn't true.

I'm going to end it here. Why? I'm in a rut. I might be gone for a while again. Sry guys.