Black Butler update

This isn't going to be a full blown, dramatic, DEEP IN DESCRIPTION chapter. It's going to be simple. Elegant. And a unique way of giving you guys a long needed update. Enjoy.

Scene 1

Alliahnna's Bedroom – middle of the day.

Alliahnna lying on her stomach at the end of the bed reading a book. Black Butler season 2 script. She takes a quick sip of her tea and raises a curious brow. "How in the world did they fit you into a suitcase?" She turned to the figure behind her. "For that matter, how do they plan to fit me into one?"

Ciel, resting against the headboard, put a tea cup to his lips and sipped serenely, reading the same script. "Let me tell you," He flipped the page with one hand, "It wasn't easy." Groans, recalling the discomfort. "It'll be even less easy for you when Sebastian and I have our tiff."

Alliahnna scoffed, returning to studying the script. "Don't worry. Things might turn around." She flipped the page, continuing her studying. "Besides I got thrown into buildings, stabbed, haircut, and a dagger plunged into my chest." She shrugged her shoulders. "What could possibly be worse?"

Alois Trancy emerged from Alliahnna's closet, wearing a red dress she never wore. "Can't be any harder than crashing in a carriage?" He modeled in front of her mirror. "I'm telling you…" He twisted, massaging his rear, "My bum still hurts." He prodded his eyes, wincing at a gory thought, "And I have my eyes gouged out."

"Hey!" The three bent over to the floor. Elizabeth poked out from under the bed, "I get knocked into a river!" She clawed her way out, fuming at the bleach blond. "A RAGING RAPIDS RIVER! So don't complain!" Alois and Elizabeth broke out into a heated argument.

Ciel closed his eyes, tuning out the immature duo. Alliahnna sighed boringly and returned to her script, "Can't you all just agree you got it bad?"

Alois and Elizabeth shout, "NO!" Alliahnna dropped her head with a kuplunk. An anime vein popped in Ciel's head.

"STUPID TART!" Alois pulled her cheeks.

Elizabeth yanked on Alois's hair, "ABANDONED SEX TOY!"

Ciel slammed his cup onto the end table. "WILL YOU LOT SHUT UP, ALREADY?" Elizabeth and Alois froze. "I GET BLOODY WATER LOGGED! SO STOP COMPLAINING."

Alliahnna sighed again and closed script. The three continued to roar in a flurry about whose character has it worse. Alois gets his eyes gouged out. Elizabeth forced to dance with Alois. Ciel gets his foot kissed. Alliahnna nonchalantly left just as the arguing grew more heated. The door closed. Always a good way to muffle arguments. CRASH!Alliahnna froze. A dismal sweat drop hung on her brow. "Thank goodness I get my old room back."

Scene 2

Schneizel's Office

"HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!" Schneizel practically fell out of his chair. The script book slipped from his grasp, landing open on his desk. His hands held his stitching stomach. "I can't believe this!" He pounded a fist. "I don't recall you ever being sent on such ridiculous undercover missions! The lip stick could be a different shade!"

Phoebus bobbed his head and whirled a hand, urging him to laugh it up. "Please enjoy yourself, My Lord, whilst you read…" He reached over and flipped the pages, "Page 105." He stuck the book into Schneizel's hand. Esmeralda, and Mr. Tanaka, in his chibi form, leaned over.

Schneizel read the dialogue between him and another woman. His face blanked. "What…"

Esmeralda touched a hand to his mouth. "Oh my!" Her cheeks flushed.

Schneizel's entire face lit up bright red. "NO! NO!" He shot out of his chair, swiping and chopping his hands. "NIET! NINE! NEVER! NUH-UH!" A firm protest. "I will not engage in such activities with-"

"You're going to have to!" Esmeralda urged. Uncontrollable giggles hooted. "Otherwise he'll never forgive you."


"HEY!" Phoebus grabbed him by the collar. "If I have to wear heels, you have to get a room with him!" A large lump swallowed grudgingly. A sly smirk snaked ear to ear on Phoebus's lips, and he fixed Schneizel's collar. "Besides…you two flirted in the first story."


Esmeralda shrugged her shoulders. "Alliahnna lost her innocence. Why shouldn't you rub ankles with a drag queen?" Schneizel curled into a ball, cowering in the corner. Dread lines hovered over him. "I think he's taking this well."

Phoebus bobbed his head. "I think so." He rubbed his hand over her stomach. "I know…I can't wait…" He purred, drawing her in by the waist, "For our latest surprise."

Esmeralda giggled seductively, "I know Zephyr can't wait either." The two kissed tenderly.

"Ho, ho, ho." Tanaka chuckled.

Scene 3

Hallway – several doors down

Alliahnna walked along, head dropped in bother. "No matter how old they get, those three never change."

"Wait! Wait! Please!" Alliahnna's glanced curiously. A door broke right off its hinges, crashing down inches in front of a startled Alliahnna. Grell was plastered to it with a throbbing black eye.

"Uhh…" Alliahnna droned.

"So violent, Will…" Grell wheezed. "Why so violent?"

Will adjusted his glasses, sauntering out the newly created hole. "I forewarned of the personal space I demand. And you violated it." His death scythe trimmers extended suddenly. Grell froze. The trimmers impaled the door and locks of hair just inches from the side of his head. "Your final warning." Grell chuckled nervously. Will meandered out of the room. "Stray."

"Dog." Alliahnna spat. Will walked past her stoically. Alliahnna groaned. "Charming as ever."

"Oh dear!" Ronald Knox winced, poking his head out the window, "That looked like it hurt."

"YA THINK!" Grell spat.

Ronald shied back. Then he sees Alliahnna. "Hey there, Miss Alliahnna! How are you?"

"I'm fine."

"I see you've got the new script." He wagged his book, "Got mine too." He flipped his book open. "I'm curious about this page. Where you're at the doctor."

Alliahnna slapped a hand to his mouth. "SSHH! Don't give it away!"

"Oh. Sorry." He muffled.

"Ooh…" Grell draped his arms around Alliahnna's shoulders, "Hush-hush. Sounds sexy." He cooed. His golden orbs skimmed the script. "My, my, Ciel will not like this."


"Now, now," The Undertaker chimed in, "No need to get hostile, Ms. Phantomhive. We all keep secrets from family."

"THAT'S IT!" Alliahnna stormed away. "I'm going to the garden."

Grell chuckled, "She is so easily flustered."

Scene 4

Kitchen – slightly messy

Finnian giggled uncontrollably, ignoring Bardroy covering his head with whipped cream and topping it with a cherry. Finnian threw his head up, "YEAH!" He cheered, arms spread. "I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DEMON OF ENGLAND!" The whipped cream splat to Bardroy's face. The cherry like a clown's red nose. "I'M SO EXCITED!"

"SO AM I!" Mey-Rin squealed, swinging her legs sitting on the counter. "The drama! The excitement! I WISH IT WOULD COME OUT!"

"Don't hold your breath." Bardroy warned under a towel. "Ugh!" The whipped cream came off easily. "I heard its not going to be written for a while. Not until other fanfics are finished."

The pantry door swung open. "AW MAN!" Canterbury, Thompson, and Timber groaned. Stock piles of bread, fruit, and cheese overflowed in their arms. "We have to wait that long?" Thompson whined.

"That sucks!" Timber wailed.

"Oh well. More time to prepare." Canterbury shrugged.

"I guess." Timber agreed.

"But still…" Thompson sighed.

"But still nothing." Mey-Rin finalized. "It will be written. And when it is, we'll enjoy it."

"Oh we have no doubt of that." Bardroy chuckled. "We enjoyed the last one. I know we'll like this one."

Slender arms draped around Bardroy's shoulders from behind, "As will I." Hana purred into his ear. Bardroy's cheeks flushed. "And I plan to make you happy when my part comes up."

Scene 5

Random room in Manor

Agni poured an expensive wine into four glasses. With a permitting bow from Agni, two hands gently took up two of the four glasses. Soma lifted a glass for himself and sipped. A pleasant tingle tickled his tongue. "So you both will be returning for The Demon of England?"

Zanosuke and Jasper both sipped some of their wine. Human's had impeccable taste. "Of course we are." Jasper chortled. "My son's relationship with my…ahem…future daughter in law is blossoming. It would be irresponsible of me to be there."

Soma bobbed his head. "What about you, Mr. Zanosuke?"

"I have explaining to do to Elizabeth." He stated with a shrug. "Her memory is erased, she believes I am a renegade butler, and I will be in trouble once she sees me."

"I'm already excited." Agni shivered. "This is going to be fun."

"Indeed." Soma hummed.

"Well at least someone's looking forward to this." Hannah snarled from the corner. "This is an absolute bother to me."

Jasper sighed in aggravation. "You could have declined, Hannah. But you didn't. So shut the Hell up."

"And if I don't?"

"My character levels yours! My attitude will dictate if I go easy or not."

"Pfft! Whatever!"

Scene 6

Garden inside a hedge Maze

Alliahnna tenderly grazed her fingers over a red rose. The elegant aroma wafted into her nose. Bliss washed over her. "Peace…quiet…tranquility." She sighed, seating herself on a stone bench. "Only one more thing could make this spot perfect."

A tall figure surreptitiously walked up behind her. "Might that thing be six feet tall?" Alliahnna froze. "Lustrous, sheen black hair," Gloved hands brushed long black locks back, "And crimson eyes so alluring you can't look away." Alliahnna smiled, rolling her eyes. Hands grasped her shoulders, a mouth touched her ear, "Hands so soft your body begs for my touch." Chills scaled Alliahnna's spine.

"Too bad there's nobody like that here." Alliahnna snickered.

"Oh come now," Alliahnna was picked up, "No need to lie." She was whirled around and put onto a lap, cradled in strong arms, and gazing into the smirking eyes of Sebastian. "You know you can't resist my…" He trailed two fingers down her stomach, "Magical touch." Alliahnna's stomach trembled as the fingers circled her bellybutton. "A shame this isn't story number two." He brushed his cheek against hers, bringing his mouth back to her ear, "I look forward to…seeing your old bedroom."

Alliahnna's cheeks turned bright red. "I really wish you and Grell would let that die."

Sebastian pressed his lips to her neck, "Not a chance." He purred against her neck. His hand slid up her skirt. A gasp escaped Alliahnna.


"AH!" Alliahnna fell out of Sebastian's lap.

The demon grunted heatedly and glared to the garden entrance. Randall and Fred stormed into the garden, glaring resentfully at the shameless two. "This is not something you do in broad daylight!" Randall scolded.

"I know." Fred Scoffed. "At least get a room!"

"This place was our room!" Sebastian sneered. "And the fault is not mine if you decided to walk in unannounced."

Alliahnna slapped a hand to her forehead. "This is embarrassing."

"Not as embarrassing as this." A tongue licked her ear.

"YUCK!" Alliahnna jumped away, holding her ear. She gritted her teeth.

Claude adjusted his glasses nonchalantly. Like nothing happened. "You taste pretty good."

"Please remember to save it for the story, Claude!" Alliahnna spat in disgust. "Otherwise you'll find Ciel won't be the only one kicking you in the face!"

A small smirk snaked to Claude's face. "Blissful." His hideously long tongue lathered his lips.

Alliahnna shuddered. "Suddenly I don't want the story to be written."

"Then rejoice," Sebastian walked up behind her, "The rough draft is still in the pending stages." He winked, "Meaning some of the things in the script may change."

"Thank god!"

Claude shrugged. "So long as you lose Ciel, I care very little."

"Either way," Fred draped his arms around the demons, "This is going to be fun."

Randall rolled his eyes, "Depends on the definition."

There's your update. I in no way plan to let this die. I just want to finish my other fics. I promise I'll write it. But it won't be anytime soon.