The Glow of Lyrium

A/N: Alright I went through DA2 and found myself extremely exited for Fenris….he's got those damned puppy dog eyes when he asks to go with you. I couldn't say no to that face! And my male Hawke couldn't either evil smile if you can't guess this is gonna be a slash story of the Fenris/m!Hawke idea. Arik Hawke is tough; he's had no choice but to be tough for his mother and his brother. After the loss of their sister and their first year in Kirkwall Arik has become something of an elemental bad ass. While he holds no love for the Templars he also holds no love for the mages either. All he cares about is his freedom. Where will this little story lead? Maker I don't know! How about we just go on this crazy journey together! So far in this story I've got everyone but Fenris, I picked up Fenris last in the game after gathering up the rest of the party. At this point its where I go and pick up the smexy elf.

P.S: I didn't do an Anders romance because I was deeply depressed with this new state of what I called "blah-ness" I liked him better in Awakening when he was all funny and sexy.

Chapter 1: Impressive…can you do other things like that?

Arik Hawke snarled as he shot a fireball from his staff and incinerated the idiot in front of him. "Why are we always being attacked?"

Varric snorted as he holstered Bianca again. "I don't know Hawke, maybe it has something to do with you provoking everyone we meet?"

Arik arched an eyebrow and shook his head as he turned around but was stopped by someone walking out of the shadows. Arik held his hand up signaling Varric, Carver, and Isabella to stop.

"I don't know who you are friend, but you made a serious mistake coming here." The man snarled. "Lieutenant!" he barked, "I want everyone in the clearing! Now!"

Another man stumbled out from behind a corner, bleeding profusely from an unseen wound. "C-Capitan…" he choked out before falling dead.

Arik watched as another man, an elf with silver hair walk out, with a smirk on his face. "You're men are dead," he said, "and your trap has failed." He finished as he stopped in front of the man. "I suggest running back to your master while you can." His voice held a cool but deadly tone that sent shivers up Arik's back.

The man, obviously not taking the hint, grabbed his shoulder. "You are going no where slave!" he snapped.

Before anyone could register the movement the elf snarled as he began to glow blue and plunged his hand into the man's chest. The man's eyes grew wide as he coughed and gagged on his own blood. "I am not a slave." The elf snarled before ripping the man's heart out and watching as he slumped dead to the ground.

A disgusted look fell over the beautiful elf's face and he tossed the heart somewhere over his shoulder. He shook the blood off his gauntlet and looked at Arik. "I apologize. When I asked Anso to find a distraction for the hunters, I had no idea that they would be so numerous."

Arik shrugged. "None of us were hurt."

The elf smirked, "impressive." He said, "my name is Fenris. These men were Imperial bounty hunters seeking to recover a magister's lost property. Namely myself." His eyes locked with Arik's as he continued, "They were trying to lure me out into the open. Crude as their methods were I could not face them alone. Thankfully Anso chose wisely."

Arik arched an eyebrow. "that seems like a lot of effort to find one slave." He said.

"It is." Came a cryptic answer from Fenris.

"Does it have something to do with the marking." The mage asked indicating the silvery markings on the elf's skin.

Fenris chuckled, "yes. I imagine they must look strange to you. I did not receive these markings by choice. Even so, they have served me well. Without them I would still be a slave."

Arik stroked his chin. "so everything Anso said was a lie then?"

Fenris smirked, "not everything. Your employer was simply not who you believed."

"then why keep running?"

"There comes a time when you must stop running, when you must turn and face the tiger." Fenris said with a shrug.

Arik smiled, the elf was rather cute and he began to wonder just how far along his body those markings went. "Well if those men were trying to capture you. Then I am happy I helped." He said with his best flirtatious smile.

Fenris lowered his head, "I have met few in my travels who have sought anything more than personal gain. If I may ask, was there anything in the chest? The one they kept in the house?" he asked softly.

"It was empty."

Fenris gave a bitter laugh, "I suppose it was to much to hope for. But even so. I needed to know."

"You were expecting something else?"

"I was, I shouldn't have. It was bait nothing more."

Arik chuckled. "All of this for an empty chest? Seems like a lot of work without the reward."

"No there's more." Fenris walked forward, "it seems my former master is in the city. If you will help me I will give you a greater reward."

"Killing slavers? Well I can't say it's a bad idea. And I'd defiantly like to see that blue glow-y thing again."

Fenris smirked. "You seem to have a talent for it. And I think it would really stick in my former masters craw bringing a mage to get him."

"Oh well when you put it that way then how can I say no?" Arik chuckled as he gestured to the stairs, "lead the way."

Fenris nodded as he led them to a seemingly abandoned house. After fighting shades and abominations they discovered that his master was not in the house. Fenris snarled as he picked up a vase and shattered it. "Damn him!" He yelled.

Arik looked back at his companions and motioned for them to wait outside, he was used to dealing with temper tantrums. He leaned against the doorway and folded his hands in front of him. "you know breaking things isn't a good way to make friends…or keep a house cleaned."

Fenris turned on him with a glare, "you know nothing you pampered bastard! I have been a slave my whole life! Fuck half of my life I don't remember because of these damned markings!" he snarled.

Arik took his hanger with a grain of salt and shook his head. "Do you feel better now?"

Fenris glared at him. "You are a very odd human."

Arik laughed, "that's because I'm an older brother. My younger siblings used to throw temper tantrums all the time."

Fenris gaped at him, "I was not throwing a temper tantrum. I am a grown man!"

"And my brother is 18 years old and a block head. What's your point? Everyone's entitled to a temper tantrum every once in a while."

Fenris shook his head. "You are very odd."

Arik shrugged. "Oh well, say can you do anything else with that blue glow-y thing? Besides ripping out people's hearts?"

Fenris stood stunned and shook his head to clear his thoughts. The man…the mage in front of him was so odd that he was not sure how to react to him. "I doubt it. Now then, If you will allow me I would like to accompany you on your journey. I may find some answers I need and I will also be able to provide you with another strong able body."

Arik felt those words jump straight to his groin and he bit back a groan. "I would be happy to have you along, provided you show me what else you can do."

Fenris nodded curtly. "Then it seems I am at your disposal. Shall we go?" he asked motioning to the door.

Arik walked out with him and he began to think of all the uses he would have for the lithe sexy elf. He trembled at the thought and began to think of a plan to get that elf in his bed to figure out just how far those markings traveled.

A/N: Alright, that ending was a little weak but it served its purpose. I promise it will get better! Just stick with me. All of you who love my stories thanks for being such wonderful readers!