The Glow of Lyrium

A/N: Alright I went through DA2 and found myself extremely exited for Fenris….he's got those damned puppy dog eyes when he asks to go with you. I couldn't say no to that face! And my male Hawke couldn't either evil smile if you can't guess this is gonna be a slash story of the Fenris/m!Hawke idea. Arik Hawke is tough; he's had no choice but to be tough for his mother and his brother. After the loss of their sister and their first year in Kirkwall Arik has become something of an elemental bad ass. While he holds no love for the Templars he also holds no love for the mages either. All he cares about is his freedom. Where will this little story lead? Maker I don't know! How about we just go on this crazy journey together!

Chapter 8: Tragedy: bringing people closer every day

Fenris stood at the door of the Hawke estate with Aveline at his side, and he felt like there was a stone in his stomach. "I don't know if I can do this Aveline." He whispered.

She squeezed his shoulder, "of course you can, and you've faced deadlier foes than Hawke." The look he gave her made her sigh as she opened the door and dragged him in. "Hawke? Hawke you still here?" She called out.

"Ave? Oh thank the Maker Ave, you're here. Its mother she's gone missing!" Arik yelled as he ran forward and stopped seeing Fenris with her. "Fenris, what are you—never mind, we have to go find my mother."

"Slow down Hawke, what do you mean Leandra is missing?"

"She was supposed to go to Uncle Gamlen's tonight and he just came by asking if she was still here, she never made it to Low Town, and no one has seen her since early this evening."

"Alright, don't worry Hawke. Let's gather the group together and figure out a plan." Aveline turned to Bodahn who stood waiting for orders in case he was needed. "Bodahn, I need you to go and gather everyone and bring them here, tell them Leandra is missing and we need to find her."

"Right away Capitan." The dwarf quickly ran from the room.

Aveline looked at the two males in the room and sighed, "Whatever has happened I need you two to push it aside until we find Leandra, ok?"

Arik nodded and sat down in a chair burying his face in his hands, his mind reeling at figuring out that his mother was missing. They didn't have to wait long until Merrill, Isabella, Varric, and Anders came running into the estate all looking concerned and ready to help. Arik couldn't help but feel a trickle of hope as he saw his friends ready to help him find his mother. Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at each of his friends. "Thank you, all of you."

"Thank us after we find Lady Hawke." Varric said gruffly as he polished Bianca in the light of the fireplace. "Now let's start narrowing everything down, Leandra was leaving as you went to go get Fenris?" He asked Aveline, who paced by the fire, wearing her uniform once again.

"Yes, I had just gotten done, taking care of Hawke, when she walked out. We talked a little bit; she said she had a date as I was leaving. So I'm going to guess she had a date here in hightown and was planning on seeing Gamlen after her date. Bodahn did she come home at any point while I was gone?"

"No Capitan, Lady Hawke never returned at any point since she left." He turned regretful eyes to Arik. "I truly am sorry, I wish I had more to give you."

"It's alright Bodahn, you did what you could." Arik said softly, starting to feel that trickle of hopelessness come back.

Aveline shook herself at the look on Ariks face and turned to the group. "Alright, we know that Leandra was meeting someone, we don't have a name and we don't have a location. It's been roughly nine hours since she went missing. We need to search for clues-"

"Aveline?" Anders asked from the door way holding a white lily.

"What?" The red-head asked with some impatience.

"Remember the disappearance of Ninette? What was she given before she disappeared?" He asked holding out the flower.

The group gasped. "A white lily! Leandra must have been taken by the white lily killer!" Merrill gasped pausing from brushing Isabella's hair.

Aveline smacked her forehead. "Of course, those flowers, they tingled something in my mind before I left." She threw a regretful look to Arik. "Makers breath Hawke, I am sorry. I should have realized."

"It's not your fault Aveline, you couldn't have known. But now we have a lead, so let's go. Half of us will take Hightown and half will take Lowtown. And we will all meet up at Darktown, I will tear this city apart if I have to, but I will find my mother in doing so." He stood up and grabbed his staff that rested by the door. "Anders Fenris, Varric with me. Aveline you take Merrill and Isabella and check with your guard and see if they know anything. We will take lowtown and start at uncle Gamlen's place."

Everyone nodded as they all left the estate. Arik walked with Fenris and Anders with Varric leading them, the dwarf found a small boy who led them to a trail of blood that lead to the foundries where they had found the original bodies. As they walked Arik prayed with everything he had that his mother would be ok. He felt something slip into his hand and looked down to see Fenris's gloved hand in his squeezing his hand. "We will find her Arik." The elf whispered. "None of us will rest until we do. Leandra has been nothing but kind to all of us, we owe her that much to find her and bring her home."

Arik nodded as tears prickled his eyes as they found a trap door into the tunnels under the Foundry. Fighting their way through corpses, shades, and spiders what they found next was not what they had expected.

"It would seem that I am found, but they can't take you away this time my love…no they can't. Because I can rebuild you again and again. So many years and I finally found her face." The man turned, smiling like a madman. "Come, say hello Leandra."

Arik watched in horror as the form in the chair got up and he dropped to his knees in a wordless scream as it shuffled to him, the head of his mother somehow on a different body. "M-Mother…"

"Help me…A-Arik….h-help me…" She moaned as she reached out to him.

The man put his hand on her shoulder. "No…no my sweeting, he can't help you now. You are mine." The man laughed as shades and desire demons began to block their paths.

Arik got to his feet and snarled his magic beginning to swirl around him making his robes and hair whip in the wind of his magic. "You disgusting bastard! Let my mother go!" He screamed as his rage manifested into fire.

Fenris had never seen Arik so angry, or determined, until that moment. He then understood what it meant to be loved so unconditionally that Arik would do anything to make sure everyone he loved was safe. Fenris charged forward, vowing to himself that Arik would be the only thing he ever loved, and the only thing that he would make sure he would protect even if it meant his life.

After the battle Leandra stumbled to them once more, but this time completely in her own mind and Arik caught her before she fell. "Hang on mother; hang on Anders is here…Anders will fix you." He sobbed as he cupped her face. He turned pleading eyes to Anders. "Help her Anders!" He screamed.

Anders sank to his knees in front of his friend, his face filled with sorrow. "I can't Arik…It was his magic that was keeping her alive..without it…I'm so sorry my friend."

"No…no you have to heal her, I've seen you do it."

"A-Arik-" Leandra wheezed, making her son look down at her. She smiled at him as best she could bringing her hand up to touch his face. "Oh Arik…m-my darling boy…You…you fought…so strong….so…bravely….I-I have never been…m-more proud of you…" She gasped in pain as tears fell from her glossy eyes, she brushed his tears away. "My-my sweet…little….boy…d-don't cry…I'm going….going to be with Bethany…and Carver….and….and your father….we will be…waiting for you….always watching….y-you have ma-made me so proud, my little bird." Her breath left her and her head fell back as her eyes closed.

"M-mother?" Arik asked his face a mix of pain, shock and sorrow, "MOTHER!" He screamed as he clutched her to him screaming and crying as his friends stood around him waiting for their cue to help him, when they knew that they wouldn't get fried by his magic.

Fenris knelt down next to Arik and put his hand on his shoulder. "Come, let's get Leandra to the Chantry…the Sisters will take care of her." He whispered softly.

Arik moved his arms under Leandra's legs and her shoulders lifting her limp body bridal style, his face blank, fresh tear tracks on his face as he walked in front of the group, only to find the other three members and Gamlen waiting for them at the entrance to the Foundry. Arik walked past them without even looking at them, concentrating only on moving his legs to walk and nothing else. Merrill buried her face in Isabella's shoulder and the taller woman held her close to comfort her, as Varric explained what happened. Varric watched as Arik walked away from them, and knew that this was either going to break him…or make him drive even harder for what he wanted.

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