I'm tired of all this Rory-bashing and "The Doctor and Amy should be together!" OOC-ness. So here, Doctor/Amy shippers, TAKE THIS.

She should have done this a long time ago, she realizes.

Amelia Pond holds the hand of Rory Williams, her almost-husband, and watches as he slips their wedding ring on her finger. She can't help smiling and Rory catches it; he smiles back. They're only half listening to the pastor and paying no attention to the dozens of people that are sitting in the pews, witnessing their marriage.

As the man speaks, a brief thought flits across Amy's mind: she had a dream last night.

Rory stormed across her vision, dressed in his Roman Soldier Halloween costume. They were in a damp, dark place, possibly underground, but she couldn't tell. There were Roman Soldiers standing all around. Roman Soldiers, Rory, and someone else, with a huge glowing box behind them. She knew Rory was guarding the box, but it was dark where she was. Dark and silent. She comes upon the fact that he guarded the box for almost two thousand years. Protective.

Suddenly, the scene shifted to the both of them as children, Amy demanding that Rory dress as the Raggedy Doctor, complaining when his tie wasn't quite right or the pants were the wrong color. He stammered over his apology, not knowing that Amy thought it cute when he did. The dream briefly shifts to the day Rory asked her to Prom; he had been stammering then too, and awkwardly gesturing with his hands as he always did. Genuine.

Her dream shifted scenes yet again, disorienting and confusing. There was Rory, on the ground and he was- dying? No! Rory couldn't die! She knelt next to him, feeling herself being pulled away by that someone else. He pushed her away. They were being chased, but she didn't care. She couldn't let Rory die. But he had saved that someone else from dying. Noble.

She can see the first time they fought; Rory thought she was flirting with another guy. She had seen the hurt in his eyes, the silent words hanging between them. "I'd never do that to you, Amy. I love you too much." A brief image of that someone else, an outline, appears in her peripheral vision, but she doesn't care. Trustworthy.

The last thing her dream gave her was a memory of the night that he proposed to her; the night that the someone else left. He had knelt there in her garden, with a ring almost as beautiful as she was and a voice as shaky as a jackhammer. "Amy, you're the most important person in the world to me. You're beautiful, so much smarter than I am, and I love you more than anything. Would you do me the honor of being my wife?" Love.

All of her insecurities had melted like snow the moment she woke. She realizes precisely what she had known all this time. Rory was honest, loyal, helpful... perfect.

She snaps back to the present as the pastor asks her a very important question. "Yes," she answers confidently. "I do."