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Two of a Kind

~Chapter 1~

Rose Tyler sighed. She sat on her front porch, a cup of warm tea in her hand. Her Doctor had always loved tea. She shook her head, her short, blonde hair ruffling slightly. For some reason she couldn't seem to stop her thoughts from going to her Doctor. She sighed again. She had John- the name the Doctor's duplicate had decided to take- and he was very much the Doctor minus some crucial physiology differences, such as one heart instead of two. Rose smiled as she explored the life she had made with John. They had gotten married shortly after he had arrived- Jackie was thrilled. Only a year after marriage, Ginger was born. Although the baby girl had been blonde, John had insisted on naming her after his loved hair color that he never seemed able to acquire. Rose could see Ginger swinging near the forest peacefully, a book in her hand- one that she had already read three times.

A strange whirring sound filled the air. At first, Rose took it as her own imagination, but when Ginger became agitated and dropped her book, Rose jumped up in excitement, racing into the forest. A surprised John raced after her- strange creatures usually inhabited the large forest. Ginger, no longer in shock, followed after her father, a strong sense of ever-present curiosity that refused to let go of her. Rose quickly reached the middle of the forest from where the whirring noise was being emitted.

A blue police box soared hap-hazardously through the forest. Rose smiled widely, knowing full well the origin of the strange box. To her surprise, the door of the Tardis flew open, and a young girl with blonde hair toppled out of the flying machine. She landed with a thud and an exclaimed "Oi!" in a patch of bushes. The Tardis continued on its journey, disappearing out of sight. Ginger rushed toward the strange girl, her blonde hair occasionally obstructing the view of her crystal blue eyes.

The young girl who had fallen victim to gravity stood up abruptly, twigs sticking out of her blonde hair. Ginger and the girl both gasped and instantly froze simultaneously. It was like looking into a mirror. Ginger's blonde hair was only slightly shorter than the other blonde's, but their crystal eyes were identical. Suddenly, the young girl hastily pulled out a cylindrical metal object- a sonic screwdriver Rose realized- with a blue light on the end, pointing it at Ginger as a way of self-defense.

"What are you- some sort of clone?" The girl asked, circling Ginger, all the time pointing her sonic screwdriver, a whirring sound emitting from the strange object. "What do you want- Are you the one who tampered with my-"She suddenly spun around, noticing Rose and John. "Woah there- stay back! What is this, an invasion?" She glanced around. "Where am I? Cornered me to be able to overcome me, eh?"

Rose rolled her eyes and stepped towards the startled, rambling blonde. "Calm down, sweetie. We aren't going to hurt you. You fell from the Tardis. Are you... are you the Doctor's new companion?" It had been a long time, yet Rose's thoughts still drifted to the actual Doctor.

The girl lowered her sonic, but still held onto it tightly in case of an emergency. "Uh...How do you know about the Tardis?"

Rose shrugged. "I used to travel with the Doctor. My name is Rose, and this is my husband, John. There behind you is my daughter, Ginger."

The girl gasped. "Oh my Gallifrey! You're Rose-the actual Rose! Amazing- I've heard of you in stories but never actually met you. Wow, wow, wo-"As the girl stood exclaiming in amazement, Rose cleared her throat to stop the random rambling flowing out of the strange, young girl.

"So... Are you the Doctor's new companion?" Rose scrutinized the young girl, who appeared to be about fourteen or fifteen. "You seem... sort of... young?"

The girl laughed. "Not exactly. I'm the Doctor's..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes locked with John's. "Oh my gosh! You're my father! Well, not really my father. My father's duplicate anyway- would that make you technically my father? Physiology is all wrong...Maybe a sort of uncle. Perhaps-"

Rose cut her off again. "Wait...Are you the Doctor's...daughter?"

The blonde turned to her in confusion. "Didn't I already mention that? Hm- have I rambled off again?" Nods came from all Tyler's. "Darn- awful habit: rambling. Runs in the family I'm afraid. Dad's awful keen to it-"She winked at John. "Although, you already knew that, didn't ya- "John"."

Ginger shook her head. This girl was strange- good strange or bad strange, she wasn't sure yet. Marching up to the girl, Ginger swiftly spun her around so that they were eye-to-eye. "Just who do you think you are, Miss I-Fall-Out-Of-Strange-Blue-Boxes-All-The-Time?"

The girl jutted out her hand. "Oh, right! Names are essential, aren't they? They call me Mystery, Miss I-Look-Just-Like-You."

Ginger shook the hand gingerly-no pun intended. "Um...Mystery who?

Mystery smiled. "Just Mystery."

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