Okay, so I'm new to writing fanfiction. It's kind of hard not having a handle on the characters your writing about, not being able to bend their personalities to match how you write, so I apologize in advance if I don't do good on it. I'm not the only one who ships White (Touko) and N, so leave me alone about that.

Yes, I refer to Hilda/White as Touko. Sorry if no one likes that. And I'm basing this off of Pokémon White, because I just think that Reshiram matches N better and Zekrom matches Touko. I refer to all legendaries as male because I can't bring myself to call them "it". And I use previous generation Pokémon because after the games ends you are able to catch/use them, and I like a lot of them more than gen 5.

And please, if you don't like the fic, don't read it. Walk away (or exit the webpage) and forget you ever stumbled across it.

Disclaimer: Sad to say I own none of these characters, or regions, or anything about Pokémon in general.

The Past

Touko watched from the window as Reshiram flew away, N clinging to its back. His words still rung in the air, his final valediction to her.

"Well then…farewell!"

Not much of a goodbye. Zekrom rumbled behind her and gently nudged her shoulder, looking at her with sad red eyes. He too felt the sorrow losing them, losing their other halves. Touko had felt such purpose when Team Plasma's clashing ideals and ambition to take over Unova had threatened the region, for she was the sole person to stop him.

And how she had worked so hard to keep the relationship between Pokémon and humans alive! For days at a time she trained, going without sleep or food. But when her own Pokémon had grown tired she had been forced to rest, for she cared more for them than she did herself.

She turned to the dragon. "You're free now," she told him. "They're not coming back. You can go off to wherever you were before." Tears stung her eyes as she told him, but she couldn't bear the thought of keeping him under her command against his will.

She stepped aside, exposing the open window, and Zekrom paused and sniffed the air. Planting both feet on the ground, he looked her in the eye and rumbled once again. He wasn't going anywhere.

Touko choked out a laugh. "So you want to stay with me," she mused, reaching out her had as she had done during their first encounter. Then he had been too feral to even come near her, now he leaned down and rested his nose against it. "Fine. You can be my Pokémon."

She climbed up his wing and sat herself between his shoulder blades. She stole one last glance in the direction that N had disappeared. What would she do now that Unova was at peace once again? She couldn't become a gym leader or a member of the Elite Four. An ordinary life would not be satisfying enough for her nor Zekrom. She was more powerful than any other trainer in the land. Was she destined to be alone and conflicted forever, as Red was?

She sighed and wrapped her arms tighter around Zekrom. She would try to fit back in with regular society, and see where that took her from there. Zekrom took off into the sky, and she laid her head down on the back of his neck and looked into the distance.

"Good-bye, N," she whispered into the air. "I'll never forget you."