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Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Authors Note: Give it a chance people! It is so obvious this couple needs to be written more! And appreciated more, I myself am a lesbian, and there is so much chemistry between the two! I commemorate anyone who writes Tawni/Sonny fanfics y'all are amazing! :)

Rating: M

Chapter 1

I'm Sonny!

There was a new girl on the cast. If there was one thing that could give Tawni a "hart"-attack this would be it. How could they replace her with some other girl from Wisconsin? Who could even possibly be impressed by some ugly girl obsessed with cheese?

"She probably smells like cheese too." The blonde mumbled in her high pitched whiney voice as she pouted and crossed her arms sitting on the couch in HER dressing room.

"Tawni, don't you think you are being a bit unreasonable?" Marshall rambled on, he had been trying to convince the young star of the children's show So Random that it would not be as bad as she assumed. "Maybe it will be nice to have a girl on the set, you two could bond, be best friends."

Scoffing the star looked away, pointing her nose in the air obnoxiously. "As If!" It was not uncommon for the blonde to be completely obnoxious and self-absorbed. That was something they had all grown used to.

Marshall did doubt his own words. It was near impossible for him to imagine her being best friends, or even close to anyone who was not herself. It was a flaw of the star he supposed, as with Chad they always seemed to be the most self-absorbed of their cast.

"She is a sweet girl Tawni, please at least treat her with some respect."

Sighing, the blonde rolled her eyes before getting up and walking to the mirror completely ignoring her manager. She had other things in mind. In fact if it were possible Tawni would make the newcomers first day so horrible that she may even leave. 'Wouldn't that be something great?' She thought giggling to herself as she reapplied her trademark lip-gloss.

"Did you hear me?"

"Wha-?" The girl asked obviously lost in thought. Catching onto what he had asked she laughed and waved her hand as if it were no big deal. "Oh, of course, of course."

Tawni fixed her makeup and prepared herself for the other girl. The girl who would be sharing her dressing room, that very thought making the blonde cringe. If anything she wanted to look her best to make sure the other girl would know who was the most beautiful on the set.

Walking back to the couch she lounged back in it awaiting the newcomer. Wondering what she would look like. Obviously there was no way she would be more beautiful than herself, but she was curious.

Tawni's ears perked as she heard the sound of rolling luggage outside of the door. 'This must be her…' She thought curiously as she sat up straight confidently watching the door.

Blue eyes stared at the door eagerly as manicured fingers fidgeted just slightly out of impatience. She was ready to lay her eyes upon whatever girl they deemed worthy to work in her own shadows.

There were some clunking sounds, and the turning of the door knob, before the door was pushed open. The only sight that the blonde got of the new co-star was the back of her as she dragged her luggage into the room. All that she could tell was that the other girl was a brunette. 'People love blondes way more.' Her mind reminded her as she watched the other closely, noting her clumsiness, still curious as to what her face looked like.

Finally after the other young woman's luggage was propped up she stretched her arms out and let out a sound of relief. "Phew! So this is how you can tell you've made it big!" She laughed a bit at her own joke, still unaware of the blonde in the room with her.

Scoffing Tawni made herself noticed by the brunette as she mocked "I would hardly call you being a back-up star for me "making it big."

As if someone had presented the brunette with a check for a million dollars she turned on her heels, huge smile across her face. The blonde did not get a moment to actually look her over, but in just the split second she did have she noticed something. 'She's really cute…' Mostly this news upset her, but for some odd reason a strange part of her became excited by this news. This was very unlike her, she did not enjoy competition. Not that she really believed that she had any.

Unable to revel in her staring at the cute brunette, she was quickly wrapped up tightly in a hug. This was not a pleasant hug, not that any hug to Tawni Hart was pleasant. It happened so fast it took her a moment to even realize it was the same brunette who she had just been looking at.

Arms trapped at her sides the blonde was quickly overwhelmed by a beautiful and unfamiliar scent. 'She certainly does not smell like cheese… but it is unique… like grass on a rainy day… God damn it Tawni what the hell are you thinking! You hate this girl!'

"You can let go of me any moment now." She said in her high-pitched voice, mostly annoyed.

"Oh I am so sorry! But you're Tawni Hart!" As the brunette said these words her voice became high pitched and cracked in excitement. She still had not let go of the blonde who was growing a bit impatient. Though, she did enjoy the boost to her ego she was receiving from the obvious admiration from the brunette. "I love you!" She finished.

'She loves me?' Her mind questioned this, and without having control over herself a light blush covered her cheeks. It was not often she heard those words from anyone. Not even her parents. Not that it mattered honestly, this girl did not love her, she did not even know her.

"Yes, I am 'THE' Tawni Hart, and you must be "THE" random new girl who has come to steal my spot?"

"Oh no no no! I would never dream of doing such a thing. Honestly. It is such an honor to just be working with someone as amazing as you are!" The brunette gushed on and on, which only served to cause the blonde to blush even more.

It was annoying her that she could not seem to make it go away when the brunette complimented her. So, Tawni did what Tawni did best to avoid the strange feelings. "Well, either way, we are rivals. I do not like you and we are not going to be friends." She said before backing away from the brunette's embrace which strangely enough she missed.

"But I…"

"No But's about it, we will not be friends."

The beautiful brunette's once bright smile faded just a bit, but did not disappear which was shocking to the blonde. It was not often that she met someone so positive. Even after Tawni tore her down completely she continued smiling.

"Well, I think we will be friends." Finally the brunette said that smile returning to her face. That smile that seemed infectious and tempted the blonde to smile herself. 'God Damn it I have got to STOP thinking this way! I HATE HER! HATE!'

Turning she dragged her luggage into the room, which allowed blue eyes to wander the other's beautiful body causing her to become confused. She had never looked at another girl this way. What was wrong with her?

"By the way, the name's Sonny." She stated with that huge alluring smile.

'Of course it is… what a fucking ironic name that is… God certainly has a sense of humor.'


Authors Note: That is the end of the first chapter. I am honestly known for better work and longer chapters. Buuut, I got inspired to do this so late at night, and it is already 1AM and for someone who has class at 8am I need to get some rest. Please review and I will make sure to update soon! Of course this will be a sonny/tawni fic! Please be open minded! It is a beautiful couple!

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