By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Chapter 15

Threats against Sonny

Sonny felt herself being pushed into the couch in her and Tawni's dressing room, her body was practically on fire and aching to be touched everywhere by the blonde who was now straddling her hips. Some time had passed and with that time they had grown far closer physically and now knew a lot more about what each other liked sexually. It was kind of a fun adventure finding new things each and every time they made love.

Manicured nails started to run up the brunette's toned stomach tracing around her bellybutton making her shiver to both girl's amusement. Leaning in Tawni pressed her lips right beneath her ear and whispered hotly against the sensitive skin there. "I can't wait to make you scream my name again."

It was something that she really enjoyed, why wouldn't she? Hearing Sonny screaming out her name did more than urge her to pleasure her love, also it boosted her pride and made her feel like she was the only one who could do it, that she was the best. These were things that the diva had always loved, now she simply got them in a much more creative and pleasurable way.

"Mmm… Tawni are you sure we should be doing this right now? What if someone comes in?" She asked through soft mumbles and moans of enjoyment.

"We've had sex in here before silly." She smirked before biting down on the other woman's long neck sucking the skin between her lips as her fingers made the journey across her stomach before teasing her hardened nipple.

"Ah!" Sonny gasped out in pleasure as her large brown eyes closed. "I know—but—mm—but—" She could no longer remember what she was saying as manicured fingers circled her nipples and her body started to shake from the shocks being sent through her body, making her long to be touched in even more intimate places.

Suddenly both girls screamed out pulling away from each other as the vent opened and Zora poked her head out of it. They felt as if their hearts were going to explode. Tawni's eyes filled with anger as she glared up at the young girl who had interrupted them, while Sonny had a dorky smile spreading across her face and a bright blush covering her cheeks.

"Uh—Hey Zora." The brunette said with a wave of her hand and a heightened voice due to her embarrassment.

"Don't hey Zora me!" Came Zora's disgusted voice. "I will undoubtedly have to go through years of therapy to rid my head of those images."

"Wasn't it you who enforced the knocking rule?" Sonny questioned as she looked toward the blonde diva that was clenching and unclenching her fists. She wondered if she was upset about being interrupted when things were just getting hot and steamy, or if she was upset that she had been wrong about someone not walking in on them.

"Ehh Nothing I haven't seen before!" She said laughing and waving her hand like it was no big deal while both of the older women exchanged looks of worry and horror at the thought.

Once her laughing had died down Zora's face grew completely serious as she stated in an over exaggerated voice. "Anyway I only came to tell you guys that Zora smells trouble!"

"Trouble? Are you sure you aren't just overreacting?" Tawni questioned through grit teeth.

Suddenly all anger and embarrassment from the situation was forgotten at the sound of a loud knocking at their dressing room door. Wide and shocked blue and brown eyes glanced toward the door quickly.

"Trouble!" She sang out before laughing manically and closing the vent leaving two very worried women staring at their door.

Now that it was only them in the room both looked to each other with wide eyes before being startled again by another loud knock. Sonny was the first to stand up as she cautiously started toward the door laughing and smiling as she said in a heightened voice. "Trouble! Girl Zora probably doesn't know what she's talking about, we aren't scared are we?"

"Of course not." Tawni responded as she hid behind the brunette pushing her toward the door, obviously using her as a shield.

Her voice grew serious and monotone as she stated "So much for my loving and protective girlfriend."

The diva did not say anything in return, though she did again nudge her girlfriend toward the door still hiding behind her causing Sonny to roll her eyes at the ridiculous behavior. What did she think was hiding behind the door? A dragon? Reaching out she cautiously opened the door and at what they saw standing behind it both girls let out sighs of relief. It was only Penelope.

Tawni now moved to stand in front of the shorter girl placing a hand on her hip, blue eyes glaring down into the Mack Falls star's eyes. "What do you want?" Her voice was angry and spiteful. She hated everyone on their rivaling show, especially the girl who had ruined their romantic day out.

"I want to talk to your little girlfriend over there." She said uncaringly as she pointed toward Sonny.

Tawni raised an agitated eyebrow. "Is that so?"

"Tawn." The brunette said with a bright smile and nervous laughter moving out from behind the diva who was suddenly being very protective of her. "As much as I love that you are defending me… NOW, I think I can take care of this one." Glancing up brown reassuring eyes met cold blue's which immediately softened at the sight. Letting out a sigh the blonde moved out of the way allowing her girlfriend to take over.

Sonny moves to where she is standing right in front of Penelope with a hand on her hip glaring into the other woman's eyes much like Tawni had been doing moments earlier. "What do you want?" Her voice came out loud and powerful.

"Can I talk to you in private?" Penelope questioned sarcastically glaring over at the blonde, when she realized that both girl's seemed hesitant with the idea she added, "It's about Chad."

It looked as if Tawni were about to step in between them and again take control of the situation, but before she could her girlfriend placed a comforting hand on her arm and smiled gently at her. "I can handle this. Why don't you give us a few minutes and then we can finish what we started." As she said the last words her voice changed to a deeper and awkward seductive tone.

That was all the blonde needed to hear, she could not wait to finish what they had been doing prior to all the interruptions. "Ooh! I like the sound of that." Pausing she walked closer to Penelope glaring down at her as she nearly cornered her against the closed door. "If you say one thing to upset her, your acting career amongst other things will be over. Okay! Toodles!" She said excitedly in a high-pitched voice as she turned to place a gentle kiss on Sonny's lips before turning on her heels and leaving the dressing room to let them talk in peace.

Never one to enjoy confrontation the young girl from Wisconsin wanted nothing more than to fix the tension between her and the other woman. "Look Penelope I—"

Before she could finish her sentence she found herself being pushed against the wall with a cold strong hand wrapped around her throat inhibiting her breathing. She tried to scream but the hand was crushing her throat. Instead she wheezed out with large worried brown eyes, thrashing around.

Penelope wore a serious expression as cold eyes glared into Sonny's. "Look dear, Chad still loves you. All he talks about is you all the fucking time and I am about sick of hearing your name. So, here's the deal." She tightened her grip around the writhing woman's neck. "You are NEVER to talk to him again, and if you do I swear to god you will never speak another word. Oh and you better not tell that little girlfriend of yours either." With that she dropped her hand and turned to walk out of the room.

Sonny was staring after her as she tried to catch her breath before Tawni returned to the room. She didn't want the blonde to worry and she didn't want to risk either of their lives. She would have to avoid Chad and keep this from her girlfriend. As Penelope left and the blonde entered she forced a smile and laughed nervously shouting out in a strained voice. "Okay, nice talking to ya! Come back anytime girl!"


Authors Note: Haha been watching me some One Tree Hill soo yeah I guess I wanted to throw a dramatic twist into this story. Still, I hope that you all like it and keep reading and reviewing even though I have been writing so many fics it is hard to keep up with them. :/ Love my readers you guys rock!

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