Naruto has done so much for the village throughout his childhood and adulthood, he defeated Madara Uchiha and took down the people that wanted to threaten his home. He was able to stop Sasuke and give out as much explanation for him to understand. He gave everything he had to return peace and mostly return that bond he had with Sasuke. A draw yet a meaningful one he might add.

He was able to pull through with his explanation and was able to bring Sasuke to an understanding, but stubborn as Sasuke is still refuse to accept the facts and ran. He was a criminal now and nobody would ever forgive him for what he had done but Naruto already has. When Naruto came back from the most intense fight they had. He was given a break and everyone from the village was deeply concerned.

Years past and missions went on and everything was normal. People praised him more but there's not much of a difference, their still after Sasuke but not to stop him but just a search. They know that Naruto wants to help him, badly!

About few years that passed the people have decided.

After much deliberation among the shinobi council, they have decided to place Naruto Uzumaki as the new Hokage namely known as the Rokudaime Hokage. Nobody else in the village wanted anyone else, they preferred the once bratty kid to be the hokage. Naruto earned his way to becoming one. After all, he's done so many things to earn the trust of all the villagers in Konoha including the ones he helped in the other Countries and hidden villages.

He was acknowledge by everyone, it was only a few months before he was appointed Hokage that Shikamaru, the really wise guy in their generation was able to fix everything about his identity. Naruto already knew about this, his family but he wanted some closure on it. Shikamaru discovered a lot of things and broke out the truth to everyone inside the village, word got out and almost everyone in the world knew who Naruto was.

He was the only sole survivor of the Namikaze clan, his father was Minato Namikaze, the yellow flash and Kushina Uzumaki, once known to be the previous jinchuriki. Shikamaru was able to bring out all of the secrets concerning the conspiracy and the battle with Yondaime Hokage and The Kyuubi. Naruto's generation was shocked to find out what really went through with Naruto's life and was enraged by what the elder generation told them about Naruto.

Naruto on the other hand had already forgiven the people of his village. The younger generation though had to accept what has already happened. Now that everyone knows about how Naruto's life turned out they wanted to understand him better. Get to know him, have fun and work with him being the Hokage. The people were ashamed of themselves because of how they treated the son of their late yondaime hokage but now they no longer feel that way because their giving out their love for Naruto. As if they have already been forgiven by The Yondaime.

Due to the secrets being out and he is officially a Namikaze heir, they allowed him to retrieve all of the money his parents had including the estate where their parents lived as well as other belongings that his parents left for him. He started cleaning up every portion of the estate and it was huge, and it felt rather lonely for him to stay there yet with the state of it all happening he was happy. He wouldn't want things any other way.

Since he was appointed as Hokage, he and the others life have been peaceful but Naruto still aimed to be bring back Sasuke no matter what the cause may be and everyone understood this. Now that he's apointed as the new Hokage, having to deal with Sasuke has been more difficult to achieve. He's been pestered by everyone with reports and papers and missions as well, he could now understand why being the Hokage was such a pain to Tsunade. Although he complains, he was grateful enough that his goal rather his dream was now fulfilled.

Everyone from Hokage to Kazekage to the Raikage they all acknowledge the great strength Naruto has and everyone looks up to him. They ask for help whenever they can, with Naruto, everyone seems to be at peace. The akatsuki no longer stands and nobody dares cause another war.

It's now a life worth living.

Sasuke, now lost on his own trail of thoughts, thinking on how he'd get revenge now that everything he lived for was now gone. He was completely lost and it was sad, everyone thinks of him as nothing more than a criminal that has nothing more to live for. Naruto fought to defend Sasuke whenever the topic was brought out and someday he'd find him and bring him back.

Naruto no longer had time to chase him down though. To think of it simple, something in Naruto changed about Sasuke. He would always think that, he can always chase after Sasuke anytime he wanted to, it's not like something you have to do everyday. Plus there are more important things he has to fix before he can bring Sasuke back with his own hands without having to place feelings before him. He knew this well enough, and hates having been told likewise.

He's the Hokage now, the one that the villagers depend on for their safety, it's time that he grew up from all his old feelings and start to live his life. Slowly but surely Naruto was becoming more mature, sure he'd crack up a few jokes but you could see the maturity in him. Sakura and his other friends noticed the change and admitting they like the new Naruto, of course he was the same guy except a little more dedicated and hard working in life.

Since Naruto is the Hokage and the sole survivor of the Namikaze clan, the previous hokage, Tsunade told him how to rebuild his clan by marrying more than one woman and impregnating them to keep the Namikaze clan in numbers. Naruto already knew this while he read the paperwork that was placed by his desk from his new assistant, Sakura. Sakura wanted to help him understand this, He didn't like it, Marrying a lot of girls just so his clan survives. There's no love involved with it if he were to pick random girls to marry, he knew that it was too wrong and too selfish of him. He thought about this for a while but will always stumble down.

If Sasuke were there he'd also end up in the same position as he is right now. They'd both have to revive their clan since their the only surviving heir. The only Uchiha and the only Namikaze. He sighed thinking about what Sasuke's reaction would be if it were to happen.

He sat there in his office thinking hard about how he would rebuild his family, the Namikaze clan. He think about Sakura but he got over her long ago and chose to be friends with her mostly because he knew that she was in love with Sasuke. If he were to pick Sakura, it wouldn't be much of a wise choice on both ends and it would probably hurt Hinata's feelings if he'd pick her.

Then he'd fall to the question 'what about Hinata?'. To be honest Naruto found Hinata smart, pretty, dedicated just like him and talented. He remembered back then when he fought Pein and Hinata was the one that was there to help him out. The one that poured her heart and soul into the confession he gave for him. The one that gave him the strength to keep moving on but he battled his inside and out because he wasn't sure how to react to this. Back then, he was still having this argument with having a crush on Sakura but then again...

He ignored her confession for a while and lead to Sakura's confession which he later compared to Hinata's confession. Hinata's was real, he was dumb not to notice it before but now he was grown up, he fully understood why Hinata was like that towards him ever since they met at the Academy. Hinata was always there to cheer him up, she was there to help him out to be there whenever he needed comforting. Every time that they were together the more accomplishments and hard work of dedication befallen them. He loved her even before he knew it.

He got up from his desk and looked at the window. He may not have notice it before but now that he knows, he won't let the opportunity pass up. He was slowly falling for Hinata after her confession and he thought that it's best not to let her wait too long. She had already hurt the Hyuuga heiress for ignoring her after her confession and stuck with love struck crush on Sakura. It hurt Hinata but he's going to make it up to her.

Hinata might pass out like she usually does around him if he did that but he knew she was strong, slowly but surely she might say yes. The only problem is the Hyuuga clan blocking his way. He wasn't sure whether they would allow him to take Hinata as his girlfriend but if he doesn't succeed he'll keep on trying because he loves her and she still doesn't know what he thinks of her as of yet.

He plans on talking to her tomorrow, after all who could refuse the wise ass that saved the entire village from pure destruction. The Hyuuga clan is bound to let him in the compound but seriously, he has to try and look the part otherwise he will fall apart.

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