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Summary: Naruto is now Rokudaime Hokage and now has the responsibility of taking care of his now decides how he'll make of his life and he starts it with a family from the very same girl that confessed to him during his fight with Pein. NaruHina Sasusaku

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"At least we know Sasuke is still Sasuke." Shino spoke.

"No arguing about that." Tenten muttered.

"Where's Sakura?" Sasuke asked. Why would he even ask where Sakura was? Odd? Sasuke was never the type to worry about someone and to notice if someone wasn't present. "She still mad?"

(Training ground 55)

"So where is she?" Sasuke looked. "Since everyone is gather here, why isn't she with any of them? The dobe should have brought her too. Damn, what am I saying? I'm not some sick puppy." Sasuke frowned and went into a stare down with Naruto's friends.

He didn't like calling them friends, he never really thought of any one of them as friends. Perhaps in the future they could get to know each other but that was evidently short at the moment. All he could do know was question and not cause so much ruckus to be the center of attention.

But, he was doing a very poor job at it. The questions he asked before had already caused such a scene for him, and it wasn't even 5 minutes into their conversation when the awkwardness began to settle in.

Everyone stared at the Uchiha as if he was mad, first of all for the reasons of his actions earlier with Naruto's given 'D-ranked' mission and second, for the reason that he's asking of Sakura's whereabouts. This wasn't normal and they all gaped at him, too shock to even speak and answer him. Sasuke blinked at them, waiting for someone to say something.

The start of the fight between Sakura and Hinata was because of Sasuke, triggering Sakura's emotions to do something drastic just because she felt the need to do it, to find truth and relieve herself of pain.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck as he stared at his friends. Still nobody was willing to respond to the Uchiha's questions. It was bad enough that Sakura and Hinata fought, it because even more confusing that Sasuke was actually giving in to the idea of making up with Sakura.

Well, that's what was going through everyone else's mind at that time, not that they really know. Anyways, Naruto wanted to cut the tension but before he could utter a word from his mouth, Sasuke beat him to it.

"Hn?" Sasuke crossed his arms in annoyance. "What happened to the training ground?"

"So he noticed after all." Naruto's eye twitched as he gave him a nervous smile. "Took him long enough."

Sasuke turned to them.

He wondered as he didn't give a thought to it at first when he ran in there with a chidori flashing in his hands. When he looked at it closely, there were large amounts of debris scattered all around, trees were toppled over and some, shredded. A few large craters can be seen in the distance as well as blood smudges on each side of the field. All he could think of, was that, it wasn't a pretty sight.

"Sasuke, you should know that," Naruto sheepishly grinned. "Sakura-chan and Hina-chan did this."

Hinata blushed at the mention of her name but also felt a little ashamed for doing what she did, but she was happy she had proved herself worthy. Sasuke eyed Naruto as if he were crazy.

The others patiently waited at the Uchiha's reaction, they hadn't seen Sasuke in a long time and wasn't sure how he'd react to it. They all saw the Uchiha close his eyes and take a deep breath before opening them and looking at Naruto.

"What happened?" Not the reaction they were looking for, he seemed calmer.

"What a drag." Shikamaru sighed. "I'll say it to make this less troublesome than it already is."

Sasuke patiently waited for Shikamaru to explain it all. The rest that was left of Konoha 12 and Sai in the training ground listened to Shikamaru as he told Sasuke about the events played out earlier.

The reasons why Sakura was acting the way she was and the reasons for her to attack and be that way, was because of him. He wasn't shocked and it wasn't as if he didn't cared, it was just that he seemed distant as the explanation went on.

All they could see from Sasuke's reaction was his constant 'nodding.'

Nothing new.

They didn't think it was healthy for him to do that though. It seemed like a deep trench that the Uchiha was in and he wasn't letting anyone clear it up, even Naruto, was having a hard time looking at Sasuke's emotions. It's like he closed himself up so quickly by the mere mention of Sakura. Could it be that he's considered liking her?

Naruto shrugged the thought off, who knows what's on Sasuke's mind.

Naruto could remember that conversation they had at the hospital earlier ago. He knew Sasuke well enough, he's known him longer than anyone has and dare say the only one that tried to get to know him and be near him. Naruto knew Sasuke's feelings all too well, too much for his liking too. He'd pondered back to that very conversation they had.

"What are you trying to say?" Sasuke glared.

"I'm saying that Sakura doesn't want you to end up in life and death situation. She probably heard about meeting already and knows you will partake in it. She knows what you've gone through with the path you took but it still hurts her to see you."

"Why?" Sasuke bit his lip forcing the tears ready to fall. "I didn't... I started..."

"I know you love her. I know you care about her now that you've been thinking about what she's done for you. You always look at her differently than the other women out there, you were too confused to realize it."

"Even if I do... She doesn't love me back. She... likes you."

"Sakura love's you. She just can't get over the fact that you've changed drastically... she's afraid of you Sasuke. Afraid that you'd hurt her the same way. You tried to kill her once before, don't you think that in her mind she thinks you'd do it again."

Sasuke also had the same thoughts about his actions, at least he narrowed one thing down. Sakura wasn't avoiding him on purpose, at least he's sure that wasn't it. Sasuke sighed as he thought of numerous ways to get Sakura to change her views but it all ended up a failure in his head. Sasuke looked at Shikamaru blankly, not sure himself if he was still listening in on the conversation.

"Now, she's being tended by Tsunade-sama at the hospital."

"Will she attend?" Sasuke wondered, not giving any sign that he actually cared.

"So far Tsunade-sama's answer was yes." Ino spoke for the rest of the team. "They said Sakura could attend but she'll still be a bit, injured, so no excessive movements for her too."

She tried to make a joke, but it wasn't funny like before.

Kiba grunted in annoyance as he walked up to Sasuke looking him eye to eye, no blinking and growling was the only thing they were 'both' doing in front of each other. Kiba growled as Sasuke hissed, a little pissed that his personal space was being tampered with.

"Look here Uchiha." Kiba narrowed his eyes. "I still don't trust you, so don't expect me to cover your sorry ass in this meeting. After everything you did for this village, I think you deserve to end up being punished."

"Neither will I do the same." Neji spoke from behind.

"But what about Sakura-san, shouldn't we do this for her?" Hinata timidly asked.

"It's up to everyone of the clan about the Uchiha's fate." Shino mildly spoke.

"I agree, we can't really rush into anger." Chouji spoke.

"I don't think I can also vouch for your safety on this one." Tenten crossed his arms.

"I'm sorry Sasuke-kun, I still have no decision as of now." Lee brought a fist up.

"Don't bother." Sasuke muttered as he shrugged it off.

"The blossom of youth has not wielded your flames my student." Gai smiled at Lee and gave him a hug. "Rest assured that I too, have not yet decided this young mans fate."

"I don't know either." Kakashi shrugged. "Just pray it won't end up as bad as you think, Sasuke."

Everyone seemed to be in turmoil with their decisions.

They wanted to save Sasuke for the sake of Naruto and Sakura and mostly for the whole Team 7 but the damage has been done, they don't know when something can strike back any time. If they made the wrong decision it can bite them back twice as hard as the first. Naruto was in a bit of dismay himself, he figured that the whole Team would succumb to a stand still like this, but he'll make sure that they can change their minds at the right moment during the meeting.

As everyone finished their explanations regarding their thoughts on Sasuke's trial, silence quickly erupted in the training ground. A few murderous killing intent came from Sasuke but it wasn't strong enough like before in the past. He seems to be angry at the moment with his possible fate of death nearing but Naruto tried his best to act like nothing happened by standing there, awed by the number of displeased looks.

His silence in the whole matter was clear to his friends. Naruto usually ends up silent when he's in deep thought. It was the usual thing for them.

The awkwardness of a few couple of people in silence was too, uncomfortable for them. It only broke when at least two ANBU appeared in the training ground to inform their Hokage. Naruto walked up to them and asked them what was going on.

"Be quick about it." Naruto titled his head. "I need to make preparations."

"Rokudaime-sama, the Kazekage is here to see you." The ANBU on the left spoke. "He said that it was urgent. He's already met up with Kankuro-sama and Temari-sama. He wishes your presence at once."

"Gaara?" Naruto turned to his friends. "Fine, tell me how the preparations for the Kage meeting is going while we leave. Give me a few minutes with my friends first."


He waved to his friends and all eyes were on him. "Sasuke can handle his own baggage, so leave him be. The rest of you should go to the meeting later, I expect good reasons for Sasuke's fate. Be honest about it. I have to leave you guys for some important matter, it seems that the Kage's want me. Hina-chan, want to come with me?"

"Are you sure?" Hinata blushed. "I'm not really."

"Nonsense." Naruto smiled and grabbed her hand. "Well, we're leaving. Hey Sasuke, try not to cause trouble. I trust you enough to do the opposite of chaos."

"Hn..." Sasuke turned.

"What will he be doing while you're gone?" Kiba worriedly asked.

"I don't know, Sasuke's not stupid." Naruto smirked but didn't turn to look. "He knows when he's cornered."

Kakashi eyed Sasuke as Gai followed his actions. They weren't sure about Sasuke's reactions. They weren't used to him being there, they all seem to forget he was the enemy but now, he just looked vulnerable. Kakashi nudged Sasuke a little.

"I'll look for Sakura in the hospital." Sasuke walked away leaving the others in awe of his answer.

"Don't be late for the meeting." Kakashi announced before he left. "Same goes for everyone."

Gai thrusted his fists into the sky and followed his rival, disappearing by running a few laps around Konoha. Of course, Lee followed.

Naruto and Hinata left the other direction. Nobody seemed to complain about the abrupt confrontation but they need not question their Hokage. He knew what he was doing, and it was probably too important to leave be.

Naruto didn't let go of Hinata's hand and continued to walk followed by the two ANBU. The other ANBU spoke up to answer the questions of their Hokage.

"Rokudaime-sama, the meeting preparations are complete."

"Anything else?" Naruto blinked as he put a hand to Hinata's shoulder.

"The villagers have successfully finished decoration and other festivities to welcome the Kage's. The Kazekage is already in the meeting room, there is information that Temari-sama and Kankuro-sama found recently.

"What information?" Naruto asked.

"They wish to discuss it with you, personally." The first ANBU spoke.

"Go back to Gaara, tell them I'll be there soon. After you're done, help the others secure the perimeter. We don't want anyone finding out our current situation and I want all Jounin's and Chunin's who aren't in active duty in the front lines and guard every nook and cranny in the area. Understood?"

"Yes!" Both of them disappeared.

"What is it about Naruto-kun?" Hinata wondered. "Are we in danger?"

"It's about Uchiha Madara." Naruto bit his lips. "Say, Hina-chan. Do you really love me?"

"Of course I do. Why would you even ask that? I do love you." Hinata turned red. "Is this because of Madara?"

"Nothing," Naruto grinned. "Just wanted to hear you say it. Come on, I trust you to be with me. You'll recover faster. Grab on to me and don't let go."

"Wait Naruto-kun!" Hinata hurriedly shouted. "You're going to Hiraishin us to Gaara?"

"Yup. Hold on."


Too late.

Hinata buried her head onto Naruto's chest as Naruto made a hand sign for the Hiraishin, he had one of his fathers special kunai in the meeting room and was hoping it was still in tact. They disappeared in a flash and appeared in the room.

"Holy Sh-" Kankuro jumped from his seat in shock.

Gaara and Temari didn't look like they cared.

"When the ANBU said you'd be here soon, I thought later." Kankuro frowned.

"They're here now." Temari walked forward. "Naruto, this is important. Hello, Hinata."

"Uhh.. Hi."

"Don't worry about her. I trust her." Naruto smiled and winked at Hinata later turned his attention to his friends. "What did you find?"

"It's not us. It's Gaara." Kankuro turned to look at his little brother. "He found it."

Naruto stayed silent as Gaara eyed him cautiously. Hinata felt like she wanted to bail but it seems that even Naruto wanted her to be there. Temari and Kankuro exchanged worried looks. It's not everyday they encountered threats like this. And this information was something they did not expect to happen.

"Naruto." Gaara slowly spoke.


"We found some of Madara's thugs near the borders of Fire country. I've had my people interrogate them, Kankuro and Temari had already relayed a message to me before hand concerning Madara and I went to search for answers myself."

"What did you get?" Naruto narrowed his eyes.

Kage to Kage. Naruto and Gaara. Both have matured over the years, and both knew the consequences of their actions. They know each other, inside and out and trusted the other with information people die to get. Gaara wasted no time to answer his friend.

"Madara is planning something in the future concerning a child named 'Urakaku', the thugs said he wished to train the boy. He's about 4 years old by now. And has developed rather well in his hands. They say the child possesses a Kekkei Genkai but they would not speak it out."

"So they plan on using the kid as the threat?" Naruto wondered as Gaara handed him a file. He didn't look at it as of yet and waited to get more information from them. "His name is Urakaku, right?"

"They weren't sure."

"What do you mean not sure?" Naruto tilted his head. "Does this mean, they didn't think that far?"

"Everything we've been saying is in that file, more detailed though." Temari spoke up. "They said that if the first plans doesn't go well. They might use the kid, there are also plans on taking over your Bijuu but Madara never told them anything else. Just the kid and your Bijuu being stolen."

"There were also mentions of your offspring?" Kankuro blushed slightly. "We don't know anything about that but we tried but there were no other information available."

"Offspring?" Naruto blinked. "You mean a kid? Baby? A Child? Are you sure?"

"We thought you might now about it." Temari smirked and pointed. "Aren't you two together? Considering the rumors, surely enough, what the thugs said is true. Isn't it... oh. Not yet? No?"

"W-we a-a-re b-but..." Hinata paled. "B-but a-an o-offs-spring? N-not yet."

"I think he means your future child will be involved." Gaara raised his voice."If you still don't get it, it's in the file."

"I.. us... w-we..." Hinata began to pale even further as Naruto grabbed her.

"Easy there." Naruto sweat-dropped. "Deep breath."

"We just wanted to tell you so you can prepare for it in the future."

Temari grinned at them. Naruto was fanning the files at Hinata, who was trying to breath properly. At least a little tension was cut off. When they both calmed down the conversation began again.

"We can never be too careful." Kankuro sat back down. "You do plan on speaking with the Hyuga clan as I've heard from rumors. Is it true?"

"Well..." Naruto blushed just as Hinata did. "I was going to after the meeting, I was planning to get his consent for Hinata's hand in marriage or something like that. You shouldn't listen to rumors so much, they're more excited than I am. Ha-ha.."

"..." Hinata pretended she didn't hear that.

Her heart was pounding so much.

"Be careful." Gaara frowned. "We have much to deal with. Now, concerning the Uchiha. I will speak nothing but the truth, I do have high hopes that he will change his ways but I want to find that out myself when I see him in this meeting."

"Good enough for me." Naruto shrugged. "We're just waiting for the other Kage's to attend."

The door burst open just in time to reveal an old man in green. A giant gust of wind approached them. They all turned to look to see the Tsuchikage walking towards them, rather floating in air. Naruto paled a little and the others sweat-dropped. Last thing they need was an entrance like that.

"Child, where are the others?" Onoki asked. "I want this meeting for the Uchiha dealt with immediately."

"I'm very sorry. They aren't here yet, Tsuchikage-sama." Naruto sweat dropped but kept smiling. "I'm sure the meeting will start once they get here. I assure you, you can voice your opinion on Sasuke later."

"Fine then." Onoki greeted. "Good to see you again, Kazekage-sama."

"Same to you, Tsuchikage-sama." Gaara eyed him back.

Surely Naruto was contemplating on all of this. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to hold a meeting concerning Sasuke but still, Sasuke had numerous crimes from all the Kages and they can have his head anytime by their decision so it wasn't much of a win-win situation either.

It would all have to be winged.

Onoki and Gaara sat beside each other as Temari and Kankuro sat opposite. The table was round so they could all face each other and was large enough to sit everyone. Naruto told Hinata to sit on his seat. She didn't protest as they continued to wait for the others. Conversations went round as to how they would set this meeting into place and what words they'd be doing.

A few minutes later their discussion was stopped when a gentle push on the door was made.

"Oh, I thought I would be first." Mei appeared by the door with no escorts as well. Naruto made it clear that Konoha ninja's would be the one to provide protection and they agreed.

"Mizukage-sama." Naruto, Gaara, Onoki and Hinata spoke all at once.

"No need for formalities while the others aren't here yet. It's just Mei." Mei walked and sat beside Hinata. "You're very beautiful, so you are the Hokage's female as I've heard. Word travels fast around and you are known as the heroine who defended that attack years ago."

"Rumors again? How does it even start?" Naruto face-palmed. "Why us?"

"Y-yes, I am." Hinata smiled, not sure how to address the situation. "Thank you, you are pretty as well."

"Oh, thank you dear." Mei smiled and touched her cheeks. (I don't know Mei that well so sorry if it comes across OOC)

Naruto laughed inwardly as Hinata began a small conversation with the Mizukage as if they were long time friends. It didn't take words to say that the Mizukage wanted less formalities and more girl talk. Hinata seems comfortable with it, like she was the 'Hokage's female'

"I'd melt the guy to death if he ever cheated on me." Mei laughed hysterically, but woman enough.

"Oh..." Hinata widened her eyes. Naruto could hear them just fine since he's standing next to them.

Naruto chuckled, Hinata would be his soon if she accepted his future proposal, but Naruto was worried about Madara. If he had plans for his 'offsring'? Then how was he suppose to deal with that. He shrugged it off, knowing it wasn't suppose to bother him so much. Gaara and Onoki began another conversation regarding lands in the fire country and such. Naruto shook his head, it was going to be a long day.

The only one they were waiting for now was Tsunade who's currently tending to Sakura's injured state, the Raikage and his brother Killer Bee, who is at the moment not yet there.

He turned to the file in his hands and began to read it while he passed the time waiting.

(Sasuke and Sakura)

Sasuke walked around the village eying everyone under his hood. Everyone was peaceful at last, no more worries, no more pain. They have a great Hokage, Naruto did live up to his dream. He never gave up, Sasuke wondered if he'd ever be forgiven by these people.

He did terrible things over the years and now was the time to at least have redemption. He eyed the hospital he was nearing, now he was back to where he started. Naruto just got out of the hospital moments ago and now Sakura's in the hospital.

Hinata and Sakura had a fight because of him and Naruto. So what now? Was Sakura still in love with him or with Naruto now? The bet was Naruto and not him, loser gets Sasuke. He frowned, Sakura's not that stupid to just give everything up. He was hoping that perhaps she'd understand that he's changed, or more over changing. He's thought about it for a long time now and he felt sorry and ashamed for the things he's done for her.

Sasuke hoped that she would forgive him.

He walked to the hospital entrance, he was greeted by the nurses there and was asked who he was looking for. But he knew just where she was, she was being tended in one of the rooms Tsunade always worked at. He ignored the blank stares from the people he passed by and stopped at the hallway.

Nobody knew what he looked like under the hood so he didn't care if he acted that way, just as long as he doesn't give anything away that he is 'Uchiha' then he'd be safe.

He sat in one of the benches outside.

He could see the red sign above that clearly spoke that there was work going on. He sighed and buried his face in his hands. What was he supposed to say when it was finished? He knew Sakura hated him but that limit would go away soon enough if he explained himself to her. But, why was it so hard to do just that?

"Damn it Sakura." Sasuke bit his lips. "Why are you making this so hard?"

Tsunade walked out of the room to see Sasuke on the bench, apparently in deep thought to notice. Tsunade stood in front of him, not sure whether to bother him or not. She began to think as well, she hates Sasuke for number of reasons, but she can never truly blame him.

"So he's come for Sakura?" Tsunade wondered. "Apparently he's developed feelings. Too bad Sakura's decided to throw her love away. Oh, well, here goes. You better make this right, idiot."

"Oi, Uchiha." Tsunade growled. No answer. Maybe louder. No. A punch is good.

She raised her fists and brought it down to his head, no force needed. The last thing she needs was an injured Uchiha in her hospital. Sasuke grabbed his head and the hood fell off, he winced as it still hurt. He inwardly cursed her for the action.

"Sakura's resting, I'm allowing her to leave now." Tsunade narrowed her eyes. "I'm giving you a chance to make things right. Since we don't know what your fate in this trial is. You might as well say whatever you have to. Excuse me, I have a trial to attend to. You better show up 'Uchiha.'"


Tsunade left as Sasuke walked to the door. He took a deep breath and opened it. When Sakura got a sight of him, she grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. He didn't dodge because he was just as shocked as Sakura was.

"I.. I didn't mean..." Sakura bit her lips. "What are you doing here?"


"Talk to me." Sakura frowned, What was he suppose to say to her?

"Sakura." Sasuke's smooth voice ran a chill through Sakura.

She raised her head and grabbed the sheets tightly. She was still afraid of him, he took a deep breath and walked forward. He could see Sakura shaking slightly but trying to act courageous. He stopped before he could push her away.

"Sakura." He said it again. "We need to talk. Please. Hear me out."

That was the first time Sakura heard him beg to her. Maybe she could listen to him this one time, she was tired of running away and making a fool of herself. It was time she faced her fears and be done with it. What was she to lose in all of it?

(back in the meeting room)

Finally Tsunade had come into the meeting room and pulled Naruto in the corner. Hinata gave a worried look but smiled all the same, knowing it was important. She listened to Onoki, Gaara and Mei talking about the previous war and alliance they made up, how strong it was? And how effective it was for the people. She glanced at Naruto who was smiling, what was she to worry about.

"So you're saying he went in there." Naruto blinked.

"I don't doubt it one second Gaki." Tsunade smiled at him and patted him on the shoulders. "You're getting through to him, hopefully, Sakura could do the job for you. Now, this meeting will start in a few minutes and it seems that the raikage and his brother is running late."

"Must be trouble?" Naruto shrugged. "What do you think Tsunade-baa-chan?"

"Tell the ANBU to find your friends."

"And Sasuke?"

Tsunade eyed him and turned away. "He'll come around."

Naruto smiled as 5 set of ANBU's appeared in front of him. The Kazekage, Mizukage and Tsuchikage eyed Naruto as he spoke to the 5 ANBU's each setting a task for them to do.

"You," Naruto pointed at each of them. "Monitor the surrounding area and don't let anyone in, whose not invited. You, I want you to search for my friends, all of them. Leave Sakura and Sasuke, they know what to do.-

-I want one of you to report to me the events of the festivals outside and the other will report to me the events happening on Konoha's borders if you find anything suspicious. You, follow him and alert the clan heads, make it quick and announce that the meeting be started at once."

"YES!" They all shouted in 'unison' and disappeared in a blur.

Naruto turned to Hinata and hugged her from behind the chair, not caring if eyes were still on him. He just stayed there as Hinata grabbed on of Naruto's hand and held it tight. It must be hard for him to experience this, being Hokage, his best friend on the line, they both hoped it would end well.

Minutes have passed and and everyone was coming in the meeting room. Ino-shika-cho trio came into view and sat next to each other, his friends came and sat down. Kiba and Akamaru along with Tsume, his mother. Neji, Tenten and Lee came along followed by Gai and Kakashi. They all sat facing each other.

"Naruto-kun, do you want your seat back?" Hinata raised her head to look behind her. Naruto blushed, it looked 'cute.'

"No, just stay there." He smiled and held the chair in place. "I'll just stand here and wait."

People were talking all over, discussing every little thing as people went by. Shino came with the Aburame clan head. Shikaku, Chouza and Inouchi also came sitting next to their children. Sai had appeared with Captain Yamato. The door opened and silence erupted when Hiashi came walking towards Naruto and Hinata.

Tsunade bit her lips, "well will you look at that." She grinned. "What could that bastard possible want from those two?"


"You're sister has her own business to attend to, now I realize what she meant when she tried telling me who she loved. If only I noticed sooner and If only I didn't judge on what others had spoken of, then things would be different. I have misjudged and treated Naruto, rather poorly."

Hanabi grinned and it because much wider. "So that means you...?"

"Now is the time to repay them the favor." Hiashi bowed his head and looked at his tea. "It's one of the things I can do for her and for him."

"So basically you're approving the two of them?" Hanabi made a stance. "Father?"

"If he is fit to be with her, then I will see to it myself." Hiashi smiled, then made his own stance as well.

End of flashback:

"I'm not ready yet." Naruto felt a chill on his spine."What does he want? I was suppose to talk to him, after. AFTER! Oh, No, he's coming closer."

Naruto felt like he was panicking when Hinata grabbed one of his hands and smiled, she stood up. Both of them didn't notice the room had gone silent. Both of them were smiling at Hiashi, while he composed a calm uncaring face.

"F-father." Hinata smiled and blushed, her hand still holding Naruto's. "What could Father possible want?"

"Hinata, come with me." Hiashi turned to a corner of the room where they could not be heard. "Naruto, if you excuse my daughter and I, I would like to speak with her in private."

"Um... Not at all Sir." Naruto tried to smile as normal as he can but he just couldn't pull it off. "T-take your time."

"Thank you." Hiashi patted Naruto on the shoulder. "I see a bright future for you, boy."

"Father..." Hinata blushed.


Hinata walked to her father turning to see Naruto wave a hand to her, saying it's fine. And they began discussing something. The room began to burst in noise again and some of Naruto's friends started talking to him. Worried about what could happen, or just plain teased him about their relationship. Naruto couldn't help but feel a weight stacked upon him when Hiashi entered.

He just wasn't prepared to meet him like that.

"Hey Naruto." Ino shouted from the other side of the round table, she tried to whisper but everyone heard it. "What's happening with you and Hinata?"

"Can't you just shut up Ino?" Shikamaru sighed.


"You heard me woman."

"SHUT UP SHIKAMARU." Temari raised her voice. "You can't speak to a woman that way."

"Stop ganging up on me."

"He's right you know, Sis."


Shikaku and Inoichi stared at both their adult children as well as Temari and Kankuro near the Kazekage's side. The argument went on but good thing it didn't over power the noise in the room.

Somethings will never change.

Everyone went back to talking, they didn't care, the meeting hasn't started yet and the only one whose missing were the Raikage, his brother, Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto's friends were discussing about Naruto and Hinata's relationship, worried what Hiashi might do to them. That's when the noise was over powered with a cry of joy. It was Hinata who shouted, Naruto turned to her as well as the others.

She hugged Hiashi and wouldn't let go. Hiashi blushed as he noticed the attention going to them. Everyone heard Hinata muttering a 'Thank you-Thank you-Thank you' repeatedly. The others got the message and grinned. Naruto a little oblivious, tried not to over think things. Kiba came striding to Naruto's side and punch him lightly on the shoulders.

"Congratulations dude." He spoke up.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto pouted, not sure what to think.

"Dude I think he said yes." Kiba pushed Naruto and proceeded to walk back to his seat. "Don't look now, but Hinata's coming your way."

Naruto saw Hinata walking towards him with all smiles while Hiashi took a seat next to Shikaku and Tsume. Naruto felt chills again as Hinata sat on his seat and just smiled there. Naruto knelt next to the seat and questioned Hinata about the event that happened. Hinata continued to smile, she whispered in Naruto's ear.

"It's nothing Naruto-kun." She giggled. "But father would like to have a word with you later."


"Don't worry Naruto-kun, it's nothing bad." Her smile was assurance of that, as well as her scream of joy.

Naruto stood back up to look at the door opening. Sasuke came to a halt when he felt all eyes on him, he grunted silently as he should have placed the hood back on his head. He shouldn't have waltz in there with his face exposed in broad daylight. Attention on him was embarrassing.

He could hear the adults of the clan heads protest as to why he wasn't chakra restrained or in cuffs. Or why he was let lose but Naruto raised his voice enough to stop the escalation of the said panic.

"Sasuke doesn't have enough chakra to attack anyone at the moment. He's not dumb enough to attack during this meeting, there are Kage's and friends in this room and High Clan heads. He would not stoop so low as to attack on his trial.-

-As for his freedom, I've allowed him to do so to see a friend from the hospital, nothing more." Naruto narrowed his eyes. "If you want to protest further and do not believe that he is low on chakra then you may speak with the Hyuga's."

That got them to shut up.

Naruto gestured Sasuke to sit next to Hinata and Gaara. Sasuke didn't bother speaking up, he just continued to frown and cross his arms as he sat. They could feel the killer intent that Sasuke was releasing and they weren't sure why. But some of the smart ones in the room figured it was probably what happened in the hospital.

"I take it, it didn't go well, Uchiha?" Tsunade smirked.

"Hn.." Was all he could reply as he stared at the table.

"Do you really have to do that Tsunade-sama?" Naruto sweat-dropped. "It's bad enough this meeting isn't going anywhere till now."

"You'd get used to it Gaki." Tsunade laughed lightly. "No meeting of the Kage's ever end up so well."

"Yes, it's always interesting." Onoki laughed with her.

"I take agreement with the Kage's." Mei smiled. "No good really comes to meetings like these, no more if we are this many."

"..." Gaara didn't speak.

Naruto swallowed hard. Oh great, just the information he needs. Suddenly, they could hear something going on outside. Screaming from fellow ninja's could be heard just by the door. They recognized the voice and it was tearing their eardrums.

"QUIET!" Naruto shouted at everyone. "Listen!"




"FOOL!" They heard. "That is so not cool!"


"Was that the Raikage?" Sai spoke up only to be 'shuusshed' by his friends.


Naruto could have sworn he saw Sasuke flinch hearing his name. They could hear metals clashing with each other as the whole room shook. They could hear some lightning just outside the door as well. They could hear Killer Bee in the background too, making up stupid raps.

"Brother, beat that mother fu-"


"Raikage-sama, calm down!"

"NOO! Where is he?"

"Well it's safe to say we can start this meeting now." Tsunade and the others never took their eyes off the door.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Yamato wondered.

"Nah." Kakashi said.

"He's angry about the Uchiha." Gaara's back was facing the door. He turned to Sasuke, who didn't bother looking at the door. "It's safe to say... at least... it's because of what you did to him in our previous Kage summit."

"Hn..." Sasuke replied.


"Brother, Hhuuwweee- gah!"



"Umm..." Ino didn't know what to say.



"Dude are they...?" Kiba wondered if they were alright.

"..." Naruto sweat-dropped. "Great, I have a crazed Kage on the lose. This meeting just got better. A strange way to start of a meeting as my days of being Hokage. What more is there?"

The door busted open to reveal a slightly tired looking Raikage and his brother Killer Bee was tied behind him. 'A' was fuming, really badly. His eyes darted to Sasuke and just when Sasuke turned to look at him, 'A' had his hands glowing in blue and stray lightning attacking everything.

A few shouts emerged as 'A' darted to Sasuke in fast speed.

Sasuke toppled the chair over when he stood up and planned to counter-attack. Time began to slow down as 'A' brought forward his fists into Sasuke's face. All hell seemed to break lose at that moment. All that went through Sasuke's mind was...


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