True Uzumaki

A/N: This story will have Naruto using the Uzumaki clan Fuinjutsu extensively. This fic will aalso include some elements from Bleach (mainly Hoho) and Veritas (some elements from EOTL).

"Duh Herro." – normal talk

"Can I talk to the sombodeeeee?" – Non-human talk

"My name is the Ranga-ha-tima-mago-yum-umdid-ram-geh" – Thought

"It is spelled the Wworq Gui" – Non-human thought


"THUNDERBOLT" – Non human techniques...yeah...

"This will be used loosely where it'll apply or where ever I feel like putting it"– Misc.

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Chapter One: Heritage and Training

Konohagakure no Sato

Six Years After Kyubi Attack

An old man walked down the road towards Konoha. Seeing the large gates up ahead, he seemed to pick up his pace. This man donned a black and red qi pao. The loose clothes seemed to hide his physique and allowed for a wide range of movements. He wore pieces of armour above the silken robes, reminiscent of the samurai from ages ago. Of course, the only samurai now were from the Land of Iron. The armour bore many scars of battle from the Second Shinobi World War. All in all, this man held a regal air about him, his back straight, long strands of greying white hair trailed behind him, bunched together in a knot very much like the Hyuga clan. As he got near the gates of Konoha, he stopped when he heard a voice call out.

"Halt! Please surrender your travel papers and identification for inspection." Called out one of the two 'Eternal Chunin' namely, Kotetsu.

"Here they are. I hope everything is in order." The man provided his papers to the chunin. As Kotetsu examined the documents, he decided to ask questions according to standard protocol.

"What is your reason for visiting Konoha?"

"I'm mainly here to talk to the Hokage to discuss matters pertaining my clan. Other than that, I would like to visit family." The man answered politely. Although his family were dead, and he was just here to pay respects, he was still technically here to visit his family.

"And which clan are you from?" Kotetsu asked, now finished inspecting the papers and handing it back to the man. The man raised an eyebrow at the question. 'Did he even look at my papers at all?'

"The Uzumaki DID inspect my papers didn't you?" The man asked in a 'are you stupid?' tone.

"Err...yeah... wait, I thought the Uzumaki Clan was wiped out during the Shinobi Wars?" Kotetsu asked, this time truely intrigued. Izumo walked up next to him, wondering what took so long just to look over some papers of an old man. Catching a little of what was last said, Izumo decided to pitch in.

"Yeah, they were. Why do you need to know?" Izumo asked his buddy.

"Well, this guy here claims he's part of the Uzumaki clan."

"Did you read his name?" Izumo asked his friend as if he was stupid.

"Err...yeah." Kotetsu answered, now feeling a little stupid.

"And was his family name Uzumaki?" Izumo decided to take it another step.

"Yes" Kotetsu now felt really, really stupid.

"Then he IS probably some of the last remnants of the Uzumaki clan. They WERE spread out across the Shinobi Nations last I heard." Izumo informed his friend. That's when the old man decided to butt in.

"Well, this young man certainly knows his history." The old man said while pointing at Izumo. Izumo flushed in embarrassment from the praise. Scratching the back of his head he chuckled a bit. Kotetsu decided he had enough and learn more about this man that was one of the last surviving members of a clan once feared and admired by everyone.

"You said you were here to visit family, we don't know any Uzumaki in this village, except one. And he's quite the prankster. Last I heard he was an orphan." Kotetsu grinned at what little Naruto would pull around the village to gain attention. He trailed off at the end a little sadly. This news however was somewhat troubling to the old man. Troubling, yet a little sense of hope had filled him. 'Did Kushina have a child? Why was I not informed of this?' Now very interested the old man decided to ask the questions.

"You said you only knew one Uzumaki correct?" He asked sternly. Sensing the seriousness, both chunin stopped laughing and answered at the same time.

"Yes." They answered with a nod of the head.

"Then tell me, would you have heard of a woman named Kushina Uzumaki?" the old man asked, now with a hint of sadness in his eyes. The chunin pair's opened wide in recognition.

"Of course, the Hokage's wife, who wouldn't know of her?" Izumo answered by himself this time. He turned to look at Kotetsu who looked away who looked a little shameful that he didn't know. Izumo sweatdropped.

"Yes, she was my daughter." Both chunin's eyes were wide as dinner plates now. "She had been selected to be the next Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko because of her special chakra...Now, what's this of a living male Uzumaki in Konoha?" The man asked. His seriousness came back. Snapping out of their stupor, they answered his question.

"Hai, his name is Naruto Uzumaki, a little prankster. We're good friends of his." Izumo answered again. Kotetsu chuckled a little.

"Yeah, we would often direct the ANBU chasing after him in the wrong direction. But he's surprisingly fast for his age isn't he?" Kotetsu added, more a reply to his friend than anything. The man looked to be in deep thought. He looked up and asked another question.

"How old is young Naruto?" This question raised some flags within the chunin's minds. They looked into the man's eyes and saw no hints of malice or evil in them. Looking at each other and nodding, they decided to tell him about Naruto.

"He has just turned six a few days ago." Kotetsu answered.

"So his birthday is on October the tenth?"

"Yes, that is correct." Izumo answered this time.

"Interesting, born on the day the Kyubi is released from my daughter, and the day both Minato-kun and Kushina-chan died." Both chunin were now swearing bullets. This man, on the verge of finding out that Naruto is the current jinchuriki of the Kyubi, if the Hokage found out; their asses would be sent to Ibiki and Anko straight away. Izumo deciding to give false information to the man in hopes of him not finding out who Naruto was opened his mouth to speak. Kotetsu on the other hand decided to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. 'If the man was indeed of the Uzumaki clan and Naruto was a real Uzumaki, then little Naruto would finally have a friend. However, if this man isn't a real Uzumaki, then what do we do?' Kotetsu looked up and saw his friend about to say something. He reached out his hand and grabbed Izumo's shoulder, stopping him from saying anything.

Izumo turned and looked at Kotetsu, a little surprised. Seeing Kotetsu mouth something to him, he turned and walked closer to Kotetsu to hear what he was saying.

"I think we should tell him." Kotetsu whispered.

"Are you out of your mind? We could die from this! Or worse, Naruto could get hurt!" Izumo whisper-yelled back. (I know we've all don't something like a half whisper half yelling before.)

"Yeah but think about it. If he's a real Uzumaki, then Naruto will have a chance at having a family. And even if he isn't, the Hokage would be able to stop him from hurting Naruto." Kotetsu argued his point. Izumo thought about it for a bit, and then agreed with his friend. They would tell this man who and what Naruto is.

Izumo turned around to address the man once again. "Sir, I'm not supposed to tell anyone this, but you look trustworthy enough. Naruto was born six years ago, on the night of the Kyubi attack. And his circumstances are a bit...unique. You see, he is what your daughter was when she was alive." Izumo calmly stated, though on the inside he was truly hoping that this man bore no ill will towards Naruto.

The look on the man's face said it all. Surprise, then shock, then happiness, then anger. "Thank you for this information. I must be going to see the Hokage now. And the man walked briskly towards the Hokage tower.

The two chunin looked at the man's retreating back. Izumo was still contemplating about the emotions he saw on the man's face. Then he turned a little, before stopping dead in his tracks. His eyes growing wide, and the look of shock on his face. Kotetsu, looked to his friend who seemed frozen.

"Dude. You okay there?" Izumo didn't reply for a few minutes. Kotetsu looked a little confused at what happened when Izumo finally replied.

"Kotetsu, think about it. Naruto was born on the same day the Kyubi attacked."

"So? We all know what happened that night."

"No no, not that. We only knew that Kushina-sama was a jinchuriki, and Kyubi somehow escaped."

"And? How does this relate to Naruto?" Kotetsu looked a bit perplexed.

"Think about it, the Kyubi could only escape if the seal got weaker. And what could cause a seal to get weaker?" Izumo prompted his friend. Kotetsu took up a thinking position, bringing out all his knowledge on sealing that he learned from what books he read on the subject. Though he never went in depth.

"Hrmm...A seal can get weaker when the life force of the host gets weaker. This can caused by a number of outside forces, such as battle. While the seal can also get weaker by another seal on it, or if some stress was placed on the seal. Do you think Kushina-sama fell in battle that night?" Kotetsu asked his friend.

"No, but you're close. Under what conditions does a woman's life force get weaker?" Izumo prompted again. Kotetsu thought hard again.

"Hrm... the only reason I can think" His eyes were now as wide as possible. "You don't think that Naruto is Kushina-sama's son do you?" Kotetsu asked in shock.

"He may very well be her son." Izumo answered back, still staring in the same direction.

Kotetsu blinked once. Twice. It didn't make sense to him.

"Wait, aren't Uzumaki's supposed to have red hair? There's no way Naruto can be Kushina-sama's son. He's BLONDE!" Kotetsu denied any connections between the deadly kunoichi and the playful child. Sure their personalities were very similar, well...exactly similar but that didn't mean they were related.

"While his hair may not be an Uzumaki red, but who do you know is the HUSBAND of Kushina-sama and also has BLONDE hair?" Izumo prodded Kotetsu again, this time giving huge hints as to who Naruto's father was. Kotetsu, still couldn't understand what Izumo was saying, and was wondering what Izumo has been staring at for the last few minutes. Following his gaze his eyes widened to epic proportions. He could only utter two words.


Izumo was the same.


As both chunin stood there, staring at the Hokage Mountain. They couldn't believe what they just found out. They would later go to see the Hokage as soon as their shifts were over.

Meanwhile in the Hokage Tower

A man stormed up the stairs, though he didn't make a sound as he took each step. (Weird right? Storming without making a sound.) He didn't even notice or hear the secretary's protests as he barged into the Sandaime's office. Slamming the door in the face of the secretary he looked into the face of a surprised Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"Hisashi! What brings you here?" Sarutobi asked the now identified Hisashi.

"Why didn't you tell me Kushina-chan had a son?" Hisashi asked Sarutobi.

Sarutobi's smile seemed to falter a bit. But he reinforced it as soon as he caught it slipping.

"My, what do you mean? I didn't know Kushina-san had a son?" The Sandaime lied. Though inside he was panicking. Quickly thinking up actions he could take to avoid the shit storm up ahead, but it was already too late.

"DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH ME SARUTOBI!" Hisashi exploded. "I know she had a son, with the name Naruto." This time he spoke softer.

Sarutobi Hiruzen sighed. He couldn't escape this man's wrath, lest all of Konoha be destroyed.

"I'm sorry for keeping it from you, but I wanted Naruto to have a normal childhood here in Konoha." Sarutobi looked down, not meeting the eyes of the Uzumaki clan head.

"Did you really want him to have a good childhood or are you just following the wishes of your council so that can satisfy their thirst for power?" Hisashi retorted calmly, a little too calmly. Sarutobi raised a hand to hold his head.

"I-I...I really wanted him to have a good childhood. But the council wouldn't let me or anyone adopt him. They also wouldn't let him leave the village. They overruled me at every turn and decision regarding Naruto." Sarutobi looked down in shame. Hisashi seemed to be swelling with anger until he blew up.

"SHAPE UP! You're the Hokage! They're not supposed to trample all over you and get away with it!" Hisashi yelled. "Remind them WHY you're the damned 'Shinobi no Kami'! GROW A PAIR AND STOP TAKING ORDERS LIKE A PUSSY!"

Sarutobi looked at the man in a little shock. 'Did he just call me a pussy?' Feeling his pride wounded, he stood up in anger and glared hard at the man. "What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?" he gritted through his teeth.

Hisashi only seemed to crack a wide grin. "I called you a pussy. Got a problem with that?" His grin not even fading at the amount of sakki (killing intent) directed at him.

Sarutobi seemed to remember who this man was. A feared man hailing from Uzushiogakure. He singlehandedly held back a coalition force of Kumo and Iwa shinobi during the Second Shinobi World War. Using his mastery over Fuinjutsu, he lured them into a trap letting the seals drain their chakra dry. Sarutobi seemed to reign in his anger for the time. Taking a deep breath he sat back down. Reaching into his coat and taking out a pipe and some tobacco, he prepared it and lit it. Breathing in deeply, he let the effects of nicotine calm his mind.

"ANBU!" Sarutobi called out. Four nin with masks depicting animals on them appeared before him. "Neko, Inu, being Naruto here. No detours. This is urgent. Tori, Tora, summon the council, we will convene in an hour. GO!" He ordered. The four ANBU bowed and took off in multiple blurs. A few minutes later, Neko and Inu came back with Naruto on the Inu ANBU member's back.

"We've brought him here Hokage-sama." Said the cat masked ANBU. Her voice clearly female.

"Good,dismissed." Sarutobi waved them off.

"Hai." And with a poof, they were gone.

"JIJI!" Naruto yelled out. He ran and tackled the Hokage into a hug.

"Hey Naruto-kun." Sarutobi smiled at his adoptive grandson.

"Hello, Naruto." A voice came from the side, Naruto turned to look up at the man in front of him. He looked to be in the thirties to him, but his hair said otherwise. Naruto tilted his head to one side and pointed at the man while looking at Sarutobi.

"Who's that old man, old man?" Sarutobi sighed at his lack of respect for the most powerful ninja in the village. Hisashi seemed to chuckle. After all, it wasn't everyday you see the God of Shinobi being talked down to by a six year old child.

"He," Sarutobi pointed at the man, "is your grandfather on your mother's side. He couldn't be here for you because of certain...situations not allowing you to be with him."

Naruto looked a bit sad that he had a grandfather all his life, but he didn't know who he was. But was kind of happy that he didn't willingly abandon him.

"Naruto," Hisashi said, Naruto looked at him. "I wan't to take you away from the village for ten years to be trained," Sarutobi looked like he was about to object, "properly trained." Hisashi emphasized. He already knew what a jinchuriki's life entailed, so he didn't need to say anymore to convice Sarutobi. While the sandaime himself looked away. Ashamed of his own village, knowing that they hated Naruto for what he carried, and many viewed him as the Kyubi itself.

"Really? You mean I get to become an awesome super cool ninja?" Hisashi and Sarutobi both chuckled this time.

"Yes, but the training will be very very hard. And remember, we won't be coming back until you're sixteen." Naruto looked a little down at this. Sarutobi smiled and pulle him into a hug.

"It's okay Naruto-kun. Go with your grandfather. This is a once in a lifetime deal to learn from possibly the strongest man apart from the Rikudo Sennin to live."

Naruto's eyes grew wide at this declaration. He couldn't believe that his grandfather was stronger than his...well...grandfather!

"Really? He's stronger than even you jiji?" Naruto asked the Hokage in shock and a little awe. Hisashi seemed to smile at Naruto's purity, knowing how most jinchuriki were treated. Sarutobi chuckled a little.

"Yes Naruto, hes THAT powerful. He held of an army by himself after all." If Naruto's eyes could get any wider, they would pop out of his head by now.

"He's THAT strong?" Hisashi chuckled, and answered for Hiruzen.

"I think the Hokage is exaggerating a bit. While I did hold off an army by myself, it was through my comrades who gave their lives in order to defend their home that allowed me to prepare. They bought me time while I drew a large scale seal that would trap the enemies and drain their chakra so I could defeat them." Hisashi said a bit solemnly at the end.

As soon as Naruto heard the words 'seal', 'trap', 'enemies', 'defeat them', he wanted to know what technique could be so powerful. "Ne, ne, what's a seal?" Naruto asked, genuinely interested. Sarutobi chuckled and thought to himself, 'Hehe, only an Uzumaki would be so intrigued by seals. Any other ninja would run away in fear because of the difficulty and the long time it takes to learn.'

"Do you want to learn Naruto-kun?" Hisashi asked with a gentle smile across his face. When Naruto nodded vigorously his heart leaped with joy. Seeing such a young Uzumaki take interest in such art filled him with joy. "I'll teach you on our ten year training trip." Naruto leaped and yelled in joy. Sarutobi smiled happily for his adoptive grandson, his heart at ease now that someone would truly take care of him. Sarutobi stood up and put his pipe away after cleaning it out.

"Well then, let me just give you a few jutsu that might help you along the way, and then I'll let you pack and you can leave tomorrow morning. Is that fine with you Hisashi-san?" Hisashi nodded in confirmation. With that, Sarutobi set about to writing a few jutsu onto a blank scroll that he felt would benefit Naruto. Namely the Kage Bunshin, Kunai/Shuriken Kage Bunshin, Bunshin Daibakuha, and a few other nin/genjutsu. "I hope this will suffice for now." Sarutobi said, handing the scroll to Hisashi. Hisashi took the scroll and nodded. "I would give Naruto his inheritance, but if I know Minato, and I know him well, he already has that covered somehow."

Chuckling in understanding, "I agree, Minato was always a smart kid...*sighs* no point dwelling over the past." Hisashi bowed to Sarutobi before leaving the room.

"BYE JIJI! I'll be back for the academy exams! Dattebayo!" Naruto yelled out, waving his hands. Sarutobi waved back with a small smile on his face.

'Come back quickly Naruto, it'll get too dull here without you around.' Sarutobi Hiruzen seemed to sigh for the hundredth time that day. Putting on his Hokage hat, he stood up and stretched quickly. He had a council meeting to get to after all. It wouldn't do to be late. After all, the village doesn't need another Kakashi.


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