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Chapter 7 – Revenge of the Sandaime

Wave Country


Coming upon the bridge, Naruto looked at the thick mist that covered the area and sighed in exasperation. 'You use that skill way too much Zabuza...' Looking over to his right, he saw the genin of team seven engage in a fight against Haku. Turning his head back, he saw Zabuza and Kakashi fighting it out while Anko stood back, watching the fight and ready to jump in at a moment's notice.

Zabuza slashed at Kakashi who dodged and ducked the large hunk of metal. Jumping back, he started to run through hand seals. Zabuza saw this and surged towards Kakashi, both hands on Kubikiri Bocho, and swung horizontally, breaking Kakashi's concentration and causing him to further retreat.

"Give it up Copy-nin Kakashi, you are out of your element. This mist, the abundance of water and your lack of a real weapon will push me to victory!" Zabuza proclaimed as he rushed forward again.

Kakashi grimaced, he knew Zabuza was right. The environment was definitely not in his favour, but he did have numbers. Jumping back a few more times from the large blade, he pulled out a few kunai and threw them at Zabuza.

Bringing up his blade to block the kunai, Zabuza laughed. "Is that all you can do now that you are at a disadvantage?" Lifting Kubikiri Bocho above his head, he brought it down on Kakashi who could only attempt to block. Topping the giant blade, Kakashi felt his arms tremble under the weight and power. 'Dammit, I can't beat him in terms of power!'


A multitude of snakes came out from behind Kakashi and flew forward to bite Zabuza. Jumping a few metres back, Zabuza narrowed his eyes. Being wary of his surroundings, Zabuza asked a question. "Where's the third member of your group? The one with the mask and hood?"

"He's probably on his way here at the moment." Kakashi answered, "You are outnumbered and outmatched, don't push this any further." Zabuza smirked.

"If he comes, then I wouldn't be outnumbered anymore."

"What do you mean?" Anko questioned.

"The way he uses his sword shows that he's a powerful swordsman. He has honour, and should he fight, it would be in single combat."

Kakashi decided to interject. "Even if he does decide to fight you in single combat and you manage to defeat him; you would be tired and we would still be here."

Zabuza grinned widely. "It doesn't matter whether I die or not. As long as I get to test my skills, I'm satisfied."

"Ask and it shall be given to you." A voice called out through the mist. Zabuza grinned in glee as he recognized the voice.

"Finally, you're here."

"Indeed I am." Naruto answered, donned in cloak and mask, sword in hand. He looked at Kakashi and Anko, "Don't interfere."

"But Na-"

"Kakashi, do you not trust my skills?" Naruto stared at Kakashi from behind his mask, his voice showed no emotion.

"I...well..." Kakashi found it hard to respond to Naruto's question.

"I wish to test my skills against one of the famed swordsman. Don't deny me that privilege." Kakashi reluctantly agreed.

"Fine. BUT, should I see that anything is about to go wrong, we WILL interfere." Anko said with no room for arguement.

Naruto smirked, "Fine with me."

Bringing the sword up horizontally to head level, he slowly unsheathed it, showing its matte black blade. Sealing the sheath back into his cloak, Naruto started a slow jog at Zabuza. Bringing his sword to the left side of this body, he swung the sword diagonally up as soon as he was in range. Zabuza jumped back and dodged the swipe. Bringing his own weapon up over his head, he quickly shifted his stance in order to block another strike from Naruto.

"You're pretty fast." Zabuza commented. Naruto said nothing and just kept slashing away at Zabuza. Grunting as he blocked another strike from Naruto, he pushed Naruto back. "That sword, it seems vaguely familiar...have we fought before?" Zabuza asked.

Naruto tilted his head to the side, as if in thought. 'Come on dumbass...I showed it to you before...'"Possibly." Naruto said as he kept his attacks up.

Attack, attack, dodge, parry, weave and attack again. The two warriors fell into a rhythm as they parried and dodged each other's strikes.

Deciding to pressure Zabuza even more in hopes of causing him to make a mistake, Naruto sped up his strikes. Sending a thrust, Zabuza easily dodged to the side and countered with his own downward slash. Naruto sidestepped, the cleaver missing by centimetres. Getting back into the fight, they both raised their weapons and brought it down.


The sound of metal on metal resounded across the bridge. Holding each other in a deadlock, they pushed harder to gain dominance. Zabuza glared into the eyeholes of Naruto's mask, while Naruto stared back. Putting more strength into the deadlock, they pushed each other back. The two fighters stood thirty metres apart, staring at each other.

On the sidelines, Kakashi and Anko watched with baited breath. Unsure of the outcome, they stood there, muscles tensed and ready to pounce. Anko trusted in her student's, now boyfriend, skills. Yet some part of her was still insecure and fretting over the outcome of the battle.

Kakashi however, was calm yet worried. He knew the limitations of Naruto's power in terms of ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu. He knew that Naruto was proficient in fuinjutsu and kenjutsu, but that was it. All Uzuki Yugao told him was that he was very skilled in kenjutsu. Naruto's skills in fuinjutsu is also relatively unknown. Other than the fact that he had mastered Uzumaki Fuinjutsu, and some explosive seals he saw Naruto use, he knew next to nothing. Kakashi sighed, 'This is so frustrating.'

The sound of metal hitting metal broke them from their thoughts. A show of sparks and the screeching of the metal grinding against each other and the two warriors separated again.

Zabuza ran through a series of hand seals, "Kirigakure no Jutsu." Mist started to cover the area and got thicker and thicker. Naruto stood in the centre, senses on high alert. Quickly turning around, he brought his sword up and blocked an attack, but as quickly as Zabuza came, he vanished.

Kakashi and Anko were getting really worried now. Unable to see their enemy and ally, and unable to help Naruto, they stood on guard in case Zabuza decided to come for them.

"Hehehe, you work well under pressure." Zabuza said, his voice coming from all around Naruto.

After blocking many more attacks from Zabuza, Naruto took a deep breath in and calmed himself down. Closing his eyes, he focused all around him, trying to locate Zabuza.

He found him as Zabuza was charging from behind. Turning around, Naruto surged forward as well; however in midstride, a pain shot through his right leg. He tripped and grunted in pain. Quickly rolling out of the way of Zabuza's cleaver, he looked down to survey the damage. Spotting a piece of ice sticking out from his leg, he pulled it out. 'A senbon? ...must be from the genins' fight with Haku. Fucking stray senbons.' Hearing a sound, he quickly looked up to see Zabuza bearing down on him. His eyes widening in surprise as he instinctually brought his sword up to defend. At the same time, he unconsciously put channelled chakra into the sword, causing the blade to glow white. As soon as Kubikiri Bocho made contact with Naruto's sword, a huge chunk of the top came off.

Zabuza's eyes widening in shock. 'It cut through the Kubikiri Bocho?' Zabuza could not believe what had just happened. Inspecting his bisected sword and Naruto's sword, his eyes narrowed. Letting go of his jutsu, he addressed Naruto.

"Uzumaki." Zabuza said. Kakashi and Anko looked around as the mist cleared, and were confused when Zabuza said Naruto's surname. "You should have just told me it was you Naruto..."

Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously, "Uhm...sorry?" he said as he removed his mask, showing the nervous smile on his face.

"BAKA!" Zabuza yelled and bonked Naruto on the head.

"Ow!" Naruto yelped out in pain as he rubbed his head. Zabuza gripped Naruto in a headlock and gave him a noogie.

Anko and Kakashi stared wide eyed with their jaws on the ground. Deciding to find out what's going on, they walked over to the two swordsmen. "Um...Naruto...w-what's going on?"

Zabuza answered him instead, "I've helped teach Naruto what he knows about kenjutsu. Up until a little over a year ago, we've trained intensively using his Kage Bunshins. Then he left in order to find materials and make a sword that fits him perfectly...Tch. the only reason I stopped was because I finally recognized the sword." Zabuza said as he looked at what was left of his Kubikiri Bocho. "And it only cost me my weapon." He finished with a glare at Naruto. "Haku!" Zabuza called out, and not two seconds later, Haku landed beside Zabuza, kneeling.

"You called Zabuza-sama?" Haku said whil still kneeling.

"Yeah, we're going to call off the job."

Haku looked up at Zabuza questioningly, "Why?"

All Zabuza did was point his thumb towards Naruto. Looking in the direction of the thumb, Haku was surprised to see Naruto grinning at him.

"Yo! How are ya Haku?"

Haku smiled back at his friend. "One moment please." He said as he let go of his ice mirrors technique. The genin were confused as to what happened and looked around for their assailant. Turning back to Naruto, he started describing their situation. "I'm doing very well, we are currently trying to raise money, and Gato offered a very high price for our work. Please forgive us if you understand."

Naruto only waved him off. "Mah mah, don't sweat it. As long as you keep Zabuza in check, then it's all good." Haku smiled while Zabuza got pissed.

"OI! Don't treat me like a kid!" Zabuza yelled, but Naruto just ignored him.

"Have you guys done anything fun while I was away?" Naruto asked.

"OI!" Zabuza yelled louder to get their attention.

"Yeah! We've travelled to many places and have seen many things, though money is tight, and many times I have to make sure Zabuza-sama doesn't get into trouble." Haku answered.

"Don't ignore me!" Zabuza shouted as he waved his arms in between the two teens, trying to get their attention.

"You know that if you need any help at all, just come to me. I'm always ready to help out my friends."

Kakashi and Anko sweatdropped at the scene.

The genin walked towards Kakashi on the bridge. Sasuke was limping from the now melted ice senbon that were stuck into him. Sakura was trying to help him only to be shrugged off or pushed away. Sai was walking behind the two, his face devoid of any emotions.

The moment Sasuke saw Haku, he stood in an offensive stance and got ready to charge. Sakura noticed this and stepped back a little in fright, though she willed herself to stand strong, so she settled in a defensive posture. Sai, having already noticed Haku and Zabuza talking to Naruto, decided to just stand back and watch the event unfold.

"You!" Sasuke shouted, directing it at Haku. "Why did you run away? Fight me now!"

Haku turned to look at Sasuke and stared for a moment. "No." His answer only pushed Sasuke further.

"Why? Are you afraid?"

"Sasuke-kun, maybe we shouldn't be antagoni-"

"Shut up!" He yelled, interrupting Sakura. She was shocked at how he was talking to her and treated her, even as just a teammate.

Speaking in a calm voice again, Haku answered. "There is no need for us to fight anymore. Naruto-sama has made himself known and Zabuza-sama does not wish for me to fight against an ally."

Regardless of what was said, Sasuke still charged at Haku when Kakashi grabbed Sasuke's shoulder and held him back. "Stand down Sasuke. They are not a threat anymore." Sasuke growled and glared at Haku, Zabuza and Naruto. "Stand down." Kakashi repeated. After a bit more glaring, Sasuke finally relented. He crossed his arms, huffed, looked away and stepped back.

"Now Naruto, would you mind telling us how you met?" Anko asked, wanting some answers.

Just as Naruto was about to answer, a chuckling came from across the bridge.

"So the Demon of the Mist has failed and defected to the other side." A short and plump man, with brown hair walked in the middle of the bridge, followed by hundreds of thugs.(1) His hair flared out in all directions behind him. He wore a black suit with a light olive green shirt and a purple tie. "You're useless Zabuza. I've hired other people to finish your job for you. After we've killed you and your ninja friends, the bridge builder is next. Then we'll have some fun with the ladies." He finished with a cackle. The many men behind him were delighted to hear the news while most of the Konoha shinobi were disgusted. Except Sai, for obvious reasons, and Sasuke, because he doesn't care. Naruto raised an eyebrow and wondered what a group of thugs, even if it was a few hundred strong, could do to four Jonin level shinobi.

Haku tightened his grip in anger and disgust that they would do such a thing. Gato noticed this and decided to throw in one more comment, directed at Haku. "Are you scared bitch? Don't worry; we'll take care of you once we're done killing the men."

At this, Haku shivered and Naruto started snickering which slowly turned into full blown laughter.

"HAHAHA! A-Are you gay?" he asked Gato as he laughed.

Gato looked pissed that this punk would question his sexuality while team seven and Tazuna wondered what Naruto was talking about.

"Why the hell would you think I'm gay?" Gato yelled.

Naruto was still trying to control his laughter, "hehehe, it's just that from what you said, you totally sounded gay, not that there's anything wrong. But just to let you know. Haku is a guy."

Gato turned red in embarrassment and anger. The thugs behind him were also snickering at their boss. Sasuke and Sakura were both shocked. Sasuke looked away with a blush on his face. 'You fool! How could you think that he was a girl!' he yelled to himself mentally. Sakura was envious that a male looked more feminine than her. (2)

"AAARG!" Gato yelled in frustration. "Kill them!" as soon as the command was given, all the thugs rushed forward.

"Hey Zabuza! Let's have a little competition!" Naruto smirked.

Zabuza raised his eyebrow. "Fine...just let me get my blade back in top condition."

Naruto dashed forward and started cutting through a group of thugs. "Not going to give you the chance!" he yelled back to Zabuza as he put his mask back on.

"Tch...fucking punks." Zabuza cursed under his breath as he too charged forward.

Jumping into the centre of the large group, Zabuza started cutting people up left and right, Kubikiribocho now literally bathed in blood. As Kakashi and Anko paid more attention the sword, they could see that the blood on it seemed to be evaporating. ' the sword growing?' Kakashi wondered. 'I've heard that each of the seven swordsmen's blades have powers, but this is a little ridiculous.'

As Zabuza chopped through another bandit, his sword reformed itself fully. "Ah, I just have to catch up." He said with a manic grin, unnerving many of the thugs that surrounded him. Charging into the closest enemy, he cut his way towards Naruto...or at least where he thought Naruto was, judging by all the different screams and the people crowding in the area.

Naruto dodged and ducked under many sloppy swings and retaliated with calculated precision. Sidestepping another attempt to harm him, he lopped the guy's right arm and right leg off, letting the man bleed to his death. To thugs like these, Naruto believed that they did not deserve a quick death. He preferred to let them die slowly, letting them think about what they've done wrong in the last agonizing moments of their life.

Sakura looked horrified at the bloodshed and the ruthlessness of her fellow Konoha Shinobi while Sasuke was wondering how Naruto got so powerful and was angry at the fact that someone else had this sort of power. 'I must find out how he got so powerful! And once I do, you will die Itachi...'

After cutting through the main forces of the thugs, many had fled, only to be struck down while fleeing. The remaining stragglers looked at the two warriors in fear. Many of them wanted to run, but knew that they would not be able to get far.

Zabuza turned and addressed Naruto, "One hundred and thirty eight."

Naruto scowled, "Same." Walking up to Gato, who was sitting in a pool of his own urine, he crouched in front of him and looked into his eyes. "So...Gato, you're down to your last legs. What will you do?"

"P-please! Don't kill me!" Gato begged.

Naruto shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to live."

"No! Please! Don't kill me! I'll give you money! How much do you want?" Gato begged as he pulled out a checkbook.

"I'm not interested in your money." Naruto answered calmly as he raised his sword. "Any last words?"

"NOOO!" Gato screamed as the blade descended down on his neck, severing the head.

The genin, mainly Sakura, were against killing Gato. However, Sai's and Sasuke's reasons differed from Sakura's. Where Sakura's reasons are based on moral views, Sasuke's and Sai's reasons are for personal gain and practicality. Sakura looked to her sensei, expecting Kakashi to stop them from killing an unarmed man who had already surrendered. However, she saw that Kakashi was reading his book, not caring much at all. "Kakashi-sensei?"

"Yes Sakura-kun?" Kakashi said as he read his book.

"Don't you care that they're going to kill him? Gato has already given up. Why not let him live? Give him another chance?" Sakura questioned. Her voice getting louder by the end of her question, trying to get the point across that there was something morally wrong. Sasuke and Sai listened in, wondering what was motivating Sakura to speak out strongly.

Kakashi looked at her and had a sombre smile, "This is what a Shinobi's life consists of, death and carnage. Many times, we have to commit necessary evils." He paused to take a deep breath in and sighed. "We can only hope for the best and do our job in making the world a better place." Sasuke inwardly scoffed while Sai remained emotionless, though one could tell he was interested.

"Then why doesn't he give an example by showing the man mercy?" Sakura reasoned, starting to get emotional.

Kakashi looked over at Naruto, Zabuza and Gato's place on the bridge. "He IS setting an example." At the questioning look of his student he continued. "He can set two kinds of examples right now. First is he lets the man go. He will be setting the example that showing mercy is good, and hopefully people follow in his footsteps to form a more peaceful world." Sakura nodded in acknowledgement, "But the thing is, once this happens, more and more criminals will think that it's okay to commit crimes as they will just be let off the hook." Sakura rolled the thought around her head, thinking about this dilemma. As she opened her mouth to speak, Kakashi put up his hand. "I know what you're going to say. Why not send ANBU or a police force after them right?" Sakura nodded. "The problem with that is it would cost too much. It's inefficient and also time consuming. Naruto is going the more practical way. By killing Gato, he is sending a message to every criminal out there; that crimes will not be tolerated and will only end in one result: death!" Sakura was shocked at the many sacrifices and the numerous evils that must be committed in order to obtain peace. She looked to the ground, contemplating on what was just revealed to her, questioning her motives for becoming a shinobi. 'Am I really fit to be a shinobi? Can I kill without remorse?'


After Completion

As the group of shinobi walked to the end of the bridge, Haku and Zabuza stopped, causing the group of Konoha shinobi to turn and face them.

"Well, this is it. We'll be parting ways here." Haku said as he bowed slightly.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You're going to keep raising money for another coup?"

"Yeah, I gotta raise some money for another shot."

Naruto looked pensive for a moment before seemingly coming to a conclusion, "Why don't you come back with us instead?"

"Oh? And how would we make money by going back with you guys?" Zabuza questioned.

Naruto grinned at him, "You won't. But it'll be fun. I'll have a good sparring partner and you get to fight me every day."

Zabuza stared at Naruto for almost a minute, before saying anything. "...sounds like fun." He grinned.

On the way back, everybody was making idle chatter until Anko decided to ask the question on everyone's minds. "So Naruto, how did you meet Zabuza and Haku?"

Naruto looked at Anko and all of team 7, their expectant looks causing him to sigh. "It was a few years ago when I was travelling the elemental Nations...Haku, why don't you tell them the rest"

"Eh?" before Haku could protest, Naruto ran off ahead. Haku sighed. "He's so lazy sometimes." Anko and Team 7 all sweatdropped. "As he was saying, it was a few years ago..." as Haku told the tale, Sasuke half tuned out the conversation, not really caring about what they were talking about. "...and so we agreed to train him obviously." Anko was laughing at Naruto's antics while Kakashi was shaking his head. Sai seemed very intrigued by the methods Naruto used and Sakura seemed to be in deep thought. Unfortunately, Sasuke seemed to have caught onto the last part of the tale. 'So he was trained by Zabuza huh? I'll just get him to train me and then I'll become stronger!'

Sasuke walked up to Zabuza arrogantly, "Hey you! Train me!" everyone looked at him, confused. Kakashi hid his face in the palm of his hand.

Zabuza merely raised an eyebrow. "Why should I?"

"If you trained that idiot to become powerful, then an Uchiha would be even more powerful." Sasuke answered snobbily, head raised high, nose pointing to the sky.

Zabuza chuckled, "No."

Sasuke looked at Zabuza in shock that Zabuza would deny his demands. "And why not?" he asked, obviously agitated and angry.

"Because you're not worthy." Zabuza answered calmly. Sasuke growled. "Naruto actually threatened me for me to train him, whereas you have nothing on me."

Quickly taking out a kunai, Sasuke tried again. "Train me or I'll cut you." He demanded again.

Zabuza openly laughed. "I don't think you understand what I meant by threatened. Naruto was already more powerful than me before I taught him kenjutsu. He could have killed me easily, but he offered my life in return for lessons in kenjutsu." Sasuke tensed slightly, but before he could, Zabuza was already behind him, Kubikiribocho around Sasuke's neck. "Don't bother. I've dealt with many Genin like you before. You think your hot stuff? I killed the graduating class of a hundred with no formal shinobi training. Are you ready to die for a sliver of a chance to learn kenjutsu?"

Sasuke growled, but finally relented. Grunting, he walked off by himself. Zabuza shook his head at Sasuke's retreating form. "That kid has issues. He needs help...if he doesn't get it soon; the only help he's going to get is his head on a platter."

The rest of the trip to Konoha was uneventful and in silence. Sakura still seemed to be in deep thought, that was when Naruto walked up to her. "Haruno-san." Sakura turned to look at Naruto.

"Yes? What is it Uzumaki-san?" she asked and wondered what he needed from her.

"May I talk to you? In private?" Naruto asked, sensing no malicious intent, Sakura looked to Kakashi for permission. He shrugged and nodded, trusting that Naruto would keep her safe.

Leading Sakura away from the group, they walked under a tree. Seeing that the group was far enough, Naruto turned and faced Sakura. "What's wrong?"

Sakura tilted her head, her brows furrowed in confusion. "Nothing. Nothing's wrong."

Naruto tilted his head, one eyebrow raised with a look of 'do you really expect me to believe that?' on his face. "Really?" Naruto asked sceptically. Sakura nodded. "Then why do you seem to be troubled and totally out of it?" she looked down, suddenly finding interest in the ground. Naruto sighed. "It's okay to tell me Sakura. We're comrades. I'm here to help you and trust me, keeping it all in isn't healthy." Naruto just kept staring at her, waiting for her to talk. After a few seconds and a few deep breaths, Sakura looked up at Naruto.

"I'm not sure that I have the capability to become a ninja." She said meekly. "I'm not strong, my reserves aren't great, I've little to no experience and, frankly, I don't think I can end people's lives as easily as you and Zabuza or even Kakashi-sensei can."

Naruto smiled and shook his head. "Sakura. Everything that you've mentioned can be worked on and improved. You just need to take the time to work at it. And trust me when I say that taking lives isn't easy, nor should it ever be easy." The intensity in Naruto's eyes told all she needed to know. Sakura slowly nodded her head.

"How can I ever hope to compare to you or Kakashi-sensei or even Sasuke?" she asked, looking down, disappointed in her weakness.

Naruto gave another soft smile, "Don't try to compete with others. Be yourself. Kakashi is a Ninjutsu specialist, while I specialise in Fuinjutsu. Trying to match up to someone's speciality without proper teaching and training is near impossible." Naruto explained. "Find something you alone excel at and work on it until you have it mastered." Naruto said, pointing his finger at Sakura. "But don't neglect other aspects of the shinobi arts, understand?" Sakura nodded, her confidence renewed. "Good, now let's catch up with the others." He suggested as he backed off and started walking.

Sakura caught up to him and walked beside him. "Thank you Naruto-san." He only smiled in return.


Upon reaching the gates, they were stopped by the gate guards.

"Kakashi-san, Anko-san. Why do you have Momochi Zabuza and an unidentified nin with you?" one of the Chunin asked.

Kakashi only eye-smiled. "Mah mah, it's okay," he said as he waved them off. "They're with us."

Seeing that they weren't going to get much more out of him, they let them pass.

Walking towards the main tower, Zabuza and Haku took a good look at their surroundings. Many shinobi were looking at them with suspicion as they walked past.

Walking into the office tower where the Hokage worked, they walked past the receptionist.

"Excuse me! You can't go in there. Hokage-sama is in a meeting right now." The receptionist called out.

Naruto, Kakashi and Anko turned and looked at her and spoke at the same time in the same tone. "Mah, it'll be fine." They said as they all made the same action of waving her off.

Everyone who saw this sweatdropped. 'They're too alike for their own good!' the genin all thought.

Naruto lead the group up the stairs and in front of the office doors. Opening the door, he saw a woman in her late 20s (3) with auburn hair in a top knot style with two bangs, one covering her right eye while the other framed her face. She also wore a dark blue dress that went to just below her knees. To her right stood what appeared to be her bodyguard. Naruto stared at her and she just stared back, eyeing him over. Looking to the Hokage, Naruto saw that the old man was blushing. He raised an eyebrow; a smirk came upon his face. Sarutobi only looked away, slightly sweating under Naruto's 'I know what you were thinking about' gaze.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting?" Naruto asked politely.

The lady opened her mouth to speak, "Yes, you were. But I don't mind it since you're so good looking." She said as she licked her lips.

Anko, who was standing behind Naruto, narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists. "Back off hussy!" she yelled.

Everyone save for Naruto and the woman looked at Anko in shock. The two females had a glaring contest. Naruto looked between the two, deciding not to act in a move to prolong his life. Zabuza who had been standing at the back of the group moved up to see what the commotion was all about.

Upon seeing the woman, his eyes widened. "It's you!"

She looked at Zabuza before speaking, "Momochi Zabuza. Funny meeting you here."

Zabuza growled. "Terumi Mei. Leader of the rebels. Here to ask Konoha for help?"

"That's Mizukage-sama to you." The bodyguard said forcefully as he walked up to Zabuza.

"Ao. Stand down." Mei said. Staring at Zabuza a little longer, Ao backed off. "If you must know, I am here to secure a treaty with Konoha." She looked to Naruto and smiled. "And I think I know a way to solidify this treaty Hokage-dono."

Hiruzen looked intrigued. "Oh? What did you have in mind?"

"A marriage contract." Mei replied.

The sandaime looked down in thought. "Alright, I'll set up someone to be married and you pick someone from mist as well."

"Actually, I already both parties figured out. I only need your approval." She said with a sly smile towards Anko. 'I've got your man now!'

"Oh? And who would they be?" he asked, already having an idea of who it was.

"Me..." Ao looked at her in shock. This would mean a permanent relationship between Konoha and Kiri. "And him." She said, pointing towards Naruto. Anko growled in anger, hoping that the Hokage wouldn't accept.

"Hokage-sama, Mizukage-sama. Unfortunately, I must respectfully decline." He said with a bow. "I am already interested in someone else." He stated. Mei narrowed her eyes at him while Anko stuck out her tongue at the auburn haired woman. The genin and Haku were just standing off to the side, watching as if it were a drama on television.

Hiruzen looked down in thought, and suddenly looked at Naruto with a very evil glint in his eyes accompanied by a evil smile. 'Now I can get you back for all the times you've caused me trouble and messed with me.'

Naruto was starting to sweat after seeing that look in the Sandaime's eyes. It did not bode well for him.

"Naruto-kun." He said in a sickly sweet voice.

"H-hai Hokage-sama?" he answered shakily.

"Your goal is to eventually re-establish the Uzumaki clan correct?" he asked the teen.

"W-well..." Naruto started, not wanting to confirm the Sandaime's question.

"Now now, no need to be embarrassed of your goals. You've told me many times before that you wish to gather up all the scattered Uzumaki and rebuild, even if you had to leave Konoha and rebuild Uzu no Kuni. Now even if do end up leaving Konoha, you still currently are under my command. And because I understand that you may have interests in someone else, so I will be making this a special case for you. You will marry Terumi-san here and you will also be allowed to take one more spouse of your choice."

Naruto glared at the Sandaime. He knew that Anko and Mei would not get along, at least not yet, and would cause untold amounts of trouble for him. 'Damn you old man!' "I understand Hokage-sama." He said as he bowed respectfully.

Anko looked saddened, but was also determined. 'I'll make sure that the hussy won't win Naruto-kun over!'

Mei just looked at Anko with a victorious grin.

Naruto just sighed, knowing that he had his work cut out for him.


(1) In the first databook, they are actually referred to as thugs. Bet you didn't know that.

(2) Feminine. Not better looking, feminine. Beauty is based on preference.

(3) I've moved down Terumi's age in this fic to 27. Btw Anko is 24. Naruto is 16. Rest of Rookie 12 is 16.

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