Uh, so this is my first time posting any Batman related story, It just so happens to be my first time writing anything in over a year. I'm probably a bit rusty still and I apologize for that.

Damian paced in the kitchen, it was something to keep him moving and it was something to keep him awake. Patrol had been longer than Damian had expected, it was past dawn when he and Dick had arrived home. Dick entered the kitchen freshly showered and Robin halted to scowl at the other, anything to show that he wasn't tired.

"Those thugs took a little longer than I expected," Dick opened the refrigerator door proceeding to gather a few items placing them on the nearby counter. "I gave Alfred the morning off so he wouldn't have to wait for us. So it's breakfast by yours truly."

The younger, still in his Robin gear, stifled a yawn before sitting on the closest chair. Damian was exhausted, of course he'd never let Dick know. He had long lost track of how long it had been since he slept. Truth be told: Damian lost count after the 32nd hour.

Pulling the cloak's hood over top of himself Damian laid his head on the table, maybe he could get a quick catnap in before breakfast was ready. The banging of silver wear and dishes proved otherwise. The clanging went on for some time before Damian was truly fed up.

"Grayson," Damian muttered to the counter, he didn't have to look to know he had Dick's attention, "is all this noise really necessary?"

"If you want to eat, then yes it is." He was nudged a few times before the younger raised his head to see the generous heaping of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of him. Damian spared him a sideways glance before digging in vigorously, the younger was hungrier than he originally anticipated.

Within minutes Dick had joined Damian as the two ate in silence until their plates were nearing clean. By the end of it Damian was starting to fall asleep with the last few bites still in his mouth. While Dick had popped the last few strips of bacon into his mouth while rising to clean the table.

"Come on Damian," he teased. "I think it's a little past your bedtime."

"You and I both know I have no bedtime, father." He said with a yawn, and then froze.

Well, that certainly woke him up.

By the look on Dicks face, he heard it too.

Oh hell.

"Did you just call m-"


"I could have sworn-" Dick's grin was wide with excitement.

"You're imagining things, Grayson." The younger pushed his plate away as he stood up making a beeline to the kitchen's exit.

Well, attempted.

Dick snatched the younger by boy's wrist, effectively pulling Damian into a tight hug before he knew what was going on.

"H-hey what are you doing!" Squirming and kicking Damian tried to get out of the elder's arms.

"We're having a father son moment of course."A few moments passed while the tired boy continued his attempt to free himself before Dick released him. Damian sprinted ahead a few feet before turning to face Dick with a thoroughly annoyed look across his face.

"This never happened." He growled as Dick walked over to Damian patting him on the shoulder.

"Of course," Dick chuckled as the passed Damian, "Well I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed, night son."

"Don't call me that, Grayson!"