She looked like an angel dressed in white robes shot through with silver and gold. Her hair was piled up atop her head, baring her slim neck to the world. It wasn't as tamed as she could have made it, but it was elegant with her wild curls tumbling in a slightly controlled cascade. He was pleased that she had heeded his words.

A glance around showed Potter and Weasley stood there gaping like idiots, but he had little sympathy for Weasley when she nodded at Harry before continuing towards him. He had heard the nasty comments the youngest Weasley male had been spouting ever since Hermione had turned Ron down. She had asked to keep their date a secret to spare him the ridicule, which it did and didn't. Yes, no one knew he was going with Hermione, but everyone else then believed him to be free for the dance. If he had to listen to Cho Chang go on about how perfect a foil they were for each other, he was going to implode. She had even had the gall to tell people they were going together, to which he'd had to assure Hermione was a complete lie.

Although, it was definitely funny watching all the gob-smacked expressions turn to outright incredulity when she took his arm. Cho Chang had turned red with rage, her fellow Ravenclaws poking fun at the all too public showing of her lies. She hadn't accepted any other offer for a date, even turning down Harry Potter whilst she waited for him to ask her. He knew it was mean, but he desperately wanted to laugh. Her anger wasn't in the least bit attractive, unlike Hermione. Hermione tended to rant when she was angry and Cedric liked to listen to the scathing comments that tumbled from her kissable lips, comments so scathing that Snape's seemed tame in comparison. Besides, it made him want to grab her and kiss her to interrupt her flow, it made her all flustered before she would grin sheepishly at her loss of control.

The masses had entered the Great Hall, leaving the Champions and their dates mingling around the door. McGonagall poked her head around the large doors and beckoned them in. Fleur and her date – the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain Roger Davies – entered first, Fleur having to drag the gormless idiot behind her as he was trapped in her Veela Allure. Krum and his date – a Slytherin 6th year – entered next, Krum didn't seem pleased with the endless chatter coming from the sleek-haired girl and kept sending glances back at Hermione.

Cedric and Hermione were third, Cedric leaned close to her ear and whispered a question to which Hermione grinned and nodded happily, before being followed in by Harry and Parvati Patil.

Later on, Hermione accepted a dance from Harry whilst Cedric danced with his Head of House.

"So what did Cedric say to put that big smile on your face?" Harry enquired.

If possible, Hermione's smile became even wider, showing off her now even teeth.

"He asked me to be his girlfriend."