Niles Crane couldn't leave his brother's condo fast enough. Not only had he been forced to attend Frasier's Super Bowl soirée, but he'd almost been subjected to

spending his Sunday afternoon with Bonnie from McGinty's! The mere thought made him cringe. And what was so super about the Super Bowl anyway? According to

Bulldog Briscoe, it definitely wasn't the competing teams. The Seahawks had yet to even make an appearance in the big game; and with good reason. The Seattle

football team could barely score enough home runs to satisfy even the most enthusiastic spectator.

Now he stood in the elevator, willing it to go faster. As soon as it reached the lobby, he dashed out and headed to his car, without so much as a word to the doorman.

It was only when he climbed into his BMW that he realized that he had no idea which downtown movie theater she'd gone to.

Reluctantly, he reached into his pocket for his cell phone and dialed the number. Frasier answered within seconds.

"Frasier? It's Niles. I need a huge favor." He said into the phone.

He was answered with a deafening sound of cheers and yells. That can only mean that one of the Super Bowl teams must have scored another basket. Either that or

the head cheerleader must have given one heck of a cheer.

"Sorry Niles. The game is pretty exciting." Frasier said. "What kind of favor do you need?"

"Do you still have today's paper?"

"I believe so, unless Eddie's gotten a hold of it. That dog manages to destroy-."

"Frasier, please! This is an emergency! I need to find out where Wuthering Heights is playing!"

"Ahh... Revisiting the classics, I see." Frasier said.

"Well no, actually. You see, Daphne-."

"Daphne. I should have known. Niles, when are you going to give up this ridiculous dream of yours?" Frasier asked, not bothering to hide his exasperation.

"You mean the one where she falls in love with me?" Niles asked.

"Yes, that one." Frasier said.

"When it comes true." Niles replied.

"Niles, I really-."

"Frasier, please! You owe me, remember? When that waitress at Le Cigare Volant was hitting on you and I cleverly distracted her by striking up a conversation about the

weather, therefore allowing you to escape without so much as a word to her?"

"Oh yes. Good Lord, she was rather repulsive wasn't she?" Frasier asked.

"Yes, I would have thought so even if she didn't have green hair!" Niles replied.

"You're right, Niles. Hang on a second and let me see if I can find the paper."

Rustling could be heard, along with his father's protests of having his beloved paper taken away, if only for a moment.

"Ah, here it is." Frasier said, returning to the phone. "Let's see what I can find."

More rustling...

"Success! Wuthering Heights, playing this week at the Uptown Theatre on Queen Anne Avenue." Frasier said. "And it starts in less than an hour!"

"Great! Thank you Frasier! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!" Niles said. He quickly hung up the phone before his brother could start in on his obsession with

Daphne Moon.

Besides, it wasn't an obsession... He merely worshiped her with every fiber of his being.

A glance at his watch told him that if he hurried he just might make it to the Uptown Theatre on time. Amazingly the traffic leading into downtown was practically

non-existent... unheard of for a Sunday afternoon in Seattle. Surely the entire city couldn't be home watching football! It was like a blessing from God.

Before he knew it, he was pulling into the perfect parking space at the curb, adjacent to the theatre.

And standing right out front was his angel.