Have you heard? Part 2

The Camelot rumor mill is active once again. Poor Uther.

Uther walked down the stone hallway humming a happy hum.

"All is right in the world, " he thought to himself. "Morgana's back, I'm not going crazy. And those nasty rumors about Arthur and the (shudder) servant have finally stopped." He giggled madly to himself, causing one of the servants to look at him strangely.

Actually it was rather funny. The rumors had stopped very suddenly, almost as abruptly as they had started. And Arthur and the maid girl had seemed very awkward for a little while.

Uther shrugged his shoulders. Now was not the time to be worried about such things. Morgana was back, he had stopped seeing dead people, Cenrid had been stopped and Merlin must have finally made a move for the Lady Morgana.

Uther stopped dead in his track, whirled around dramatically, and hide behind a pillar. Two people where on the other side of the corridor, behind a low stone divider. It was their conversation that had infiltrated Uthers thoughts.

"Why do you think that?" said the women, blond and youngish. The brown haired man gave a low chuckle.

"Haven't you seen the two of them in the hallways? The looks they have for each other, it's the very definition of intense."

"I heard that when they brought the Lady Morgana home, Merlin couldn't tare his eyes off of her to even listen to the Prince." The two people began to move away from the king as they continued their conversation. He silently cursed them for their walking. He was tempted for a minute to jump out and confront them, but he stayed hidden behind the pillar.

Gwen walked by, and tried hard to hide her puzzlement at the look of Uther crouched behind a pillar, as if no one could see him. Shaking her head, she moved on.

Uther clung to the stone as if it was his last link to a sane world, his eyes wide and crazy. No, this could not be true. Not now, not so soon after everything.

Well, one thing was certain, investigating was about to re-commence.

AN: Well, hope you liked it. Don't know if it's as funny as the first, but I'm hopeful. Review, let me know how I did.