Chapter 3 – Not In the Mood

The next day, everyone stayed clear of the angry teenager; the look on his face showed that he had yet to calm down. However, when he got to his locker; Videl was obviously waiting to talk to him, but he did not want to talk to her. Ignoring the girl, he went straight to his locker and opened it to retrieve his books. Videl, not wanting to be ignored, slammed his locker closed again. "Don't ignore me Gohan," she all but ordered.

Gohan, though, was not in the mood to deal with Videl's attitude or the girl herself for that matter. He chose the safest option and kept ignoring her, so he pulled open his locker hoping she would take the hint. He should have known that Videl wouldn't give up; she again slammed his locker door closed.

Big mistake; Gohan, finally getting annoyed, trapped Videl between himself and the lockers. His arms were on either side of her head and there were dents in the metal where his arms had slammed against it. "Videl, if you wish to stay capable of walking today, you'll leave me alone. I'm not necessarily angry with you, but I am angry at your father and I do not want to hurt you," Gohan started through clenched teeth. "My advice; do not provoke me any further than I already am and leave me alone for a while."

With his point made, he moved away and headed towards class.

The day went along rather well and Gohan had managed to scare Videl enough for her to leave him alone. He knew what he said was a bit much, but he told the truth when he said didn't want to hurt her through his anger at her father. He would apologise to her tomorrow when he was sure that he had calmed down enough to talk.

Soon, the young Demi-Saiyan was eating dinner with his family. His mother was told about what had happened yesterday when she visited Bulma today. She was watching her son, hoping that he would have calmed down enough by tomorrow. She didn't want her baby boy to become recluse and not make any friends. With a sigh, Chichi continued on with her dinner.

The day after, Gohan had calmed down and he was planning on apologising to Videl. When he arrived at school, early might I add, he waited by the lockers for Videl to arrive. He didn't have to wait long, because after five minutes, she was walking towards her locker. However, when she saw him, she tried to walk past him. "Videl, wait," he called after her.

Reluctantly, she turned to face him, "Yes?"

"I wanted to apologise for my behaviour yesterday, but it was true; I was in a bad mood and I didn't want to hurt you," he started as he heads towards her.

"Why do you think you'd hurt me?" she asks him, still worried about yesterday.

"When I'm angry, I'm unreasonable and not in complete control. Last time I got this angry, I was fighting Cell and he had killed a friend of mine," he started. "I lost it, I got angry, but I also got cocky. My dad got killed because of my ego and even after killing Cell, I felt it was my fault. I don't want to hurt you because I'm angry at not only your father for saying those things about my dad, but I'm angry at myself for being the reason my brother has never met his father. I don't want to hurt you in my anger."

During this revelation, Videl's eyes had gotten wider and wider. After it had finally sunk in, her eyes softened, "If you aren't angry at me, then why are you worried that you'll hurt me? I still don't get that part," she asked him.

This made Gohan pause; she had a point; would he really have hurt her? "I'm sorry I scared you Videl," he finally said after a few seconds.

"Don't worry about it," she replies with a small smile.

Then, without warning, she wrapped her arms around him in a reassuring hug. The teenage boy blushed, but returned the hug all the same. "Do you think maybe you can tell me what really happened at the Cell games; my father won't tell me anything?" she asks him, still not letting go.

He looks down at her and sees that she's looking up at him. "Sure, I don't see any harm in that," he starts while contemplating the rest of his speech. "I feel I can trust you enough to tell you about me, but what I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone else."

"I promise," she replies with a smile.

They got lost in each other's eyes and didn't realise they were moving closer. They were interrupted when the bell signalled the start of class. They quickly released each other and headed for class.

After school, Gohan was waiting on the roof for Videl to come up. She is shocked to see him up there when she does arrive. "Why are you up here?" she asks him curiously.

"Waiting for you," he replies. "I'm taking you to a lake near my place; I'm going to tell you everything about me and answer any of your questions."

"Really?" she asks him, hoping he isn't joking.

"Really," he answers with a smile.

"How are we getting there?" she asks him, realising he hasn't gotten out a capsule.

"We're going to fly there," he says with a smirk while making his way towards her.

"What are you-" but she didn't get a chance to finish as he had already lifted her into his arms and was flying towards home.

"GOHAN, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" she screams at him.

The scream made him want to hold his ears in pain, but he didn't want to let her go, knowing she would only scream again. "Videl, please not so loud; my ears are sensitive," he mutters.

"You didn't have to just pick me up like that," she mutters back.

"I won't drop you, so don't worry," he reassures her with a chuckle.

With that, he continues to take her towards his home, hoping she doesn't freak out after he tells her everything.

This chapter was really hard to write but I finally managed to get it up. I sat in the middle of my Ancient History lesson and typed this, and I really had to think about it. I know Videl is a bit OOC in this fic, but I'm doing that on purpose. the idea of not making them automatic friends after the event, but have a tiff first was given to me by fernando11chiki. Thank-you fernando11chiki, I hope this was what you were looking for or similar. The full trusting in Videl was an idea given to me by DesertStar87, so I thank-you for the idea and I'm sorry that it isn't totally what you had in mind. :)

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