This story is inspired by what is publicly known about the new Wonder Woman show and my own perverted mind, and it was Betaed by The-Lady-Isis. What follows is for mature audiences only, ye have been warned.

Three Way Phone Call

Chapter One

Two powerful CEOs in business suits walk into the highest office in the Themyscira Industries' main building. One is Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Tech and costumed vigilante of Gotham City, Batman. The other is the CEO of Themyscira Industries, Diana Themyscira, who is also the princess of the Amazons and known throughout the world as the superhero, Wonder Woman.

"Look, Bruce, I know that your company is risking a lot of money on this venture, but I truly believe..."

He interrupts her with a kiss on the cheek. "Diana, I trust you. You can stop pitching," he tells her.

Diana sighs and smiles at the man in front of her. It wasn't long ago that she not only was pining after a marriedex-boyfriend, and had created a mousy alter ego to actually seduce him. She's fairly certain now that she must have been under some kind of mind-altering spell at the time—and meeting her Dark Knight snapped her out of it. Though Bruce is not without his problems she has found her new lover to be a very rewarding challenge. "Sorry, I just spend a lot of time trying to convince people...well...that I know what in Tartarus I'm doing!"

He smiles at her. "That's funny, I spend most of my time at work trying to convince people that I have no idea what I'mdoing."

"Lucky you," she says. Diana turns around, puts her iPad on her desk, then leans down and begins to type on it. "Just give me a second, I have to finish a few notes."

A few seconds later, as she leans forward on her desk, Diana feels a very familiar hand slide up under her skirt and squeeze her ass cheek. She looks over her shoulder at her boyfriend and raises an eyebrow at him. "You know, groping an Amazon can be a very dangerous thing to do."

"It's well worth the risk," he tells her, continuing to squeeze gently.

Diana stands up and leans back, allowing Bruce to start kissing her neck and rubbing her left breast with his other hand. She sighs and begins rocking her hips slightly, "I guess we could take a break from work. Just for a little bit."

Bruce opens up her jacket and begins to unbutton her blouse. "We have been working hard."

As he unclasps her bra Diana starts rubbing his stiffening erection through his pants, "Veryhard in your case."

Her breasts now free, her Knight begins to massage them as his Princess unzips his fly. Just as things begin to get heavy, a phone on Diana's desk rings, causing them to stop dead. Diana sighs. "Very few people have that number. It's probably important." She sounds very miserable at the prospect.

Not letting go of anything, Bruce whispers in her ear, "Find out."

As her right hand is...occupied, she snatches the phone with her left hand and brings it to her ear saying, "Hello?"

"Hey,'s Steve," the voice on the other side answers.

"Steve?" she asks, her mind not exactly firing on all cylinders.

"Steve's been awhile since we talked," he answers.

"Oh, yeah, hi, Steve," she says. Why in Hera's name are you calling me? And why now? "How's Etta doing?"

"That's kinda why I'm calling. We're… Etta and I are separated, have been for a few weeks now," he explains. "I don't know if we're going to get back together. And...I've wanted to get together and talk with you for a while."

Now he wants me? Unbelievable, Diana thinks. As she stands there on the phone she feels Bruce's hand slide down her stomach, slip under her skirt, and into her panties where his fingers quickly find her... "Ohh..." she moans out.

"Diana? Are you okay?" Steve asks.

She looks over her shoulder to see a half grin on Bruce's face and a wicked look in his eyes.

"Oh...yeah I feel fantastic," she says over the phone.

"Alright then, just making sure," Steve says. Her ex continues talking and Diana does her best to follow, but the motion of her boyfriend's fingers makes it difficult.

She gets a breather when Bruce removes his hand from her sex and starts taking off her skirt. "You and Etta have been married for years Steve, isn't it a little..." the Amazon is distracted for a second as Bruce easily rips her panties off her body, "...drastic to talk about divorce already?"

Throughout the entire phone call Diana has been working her hand on Bruce's exposed member, now he gently removes it from her grasps and slides it between her open legs and begins rubbing it against her moist sex. She relaxes back into her lovers arms and just enjoys the experience, her superhuman hearing just barely keeping track of what her ex is saying over the phone.

" lawyer would lie to me though?" Steve asks her.

"Mmmm...I don't know your lawyer, Steve, but I don't know why he would," she tells him, though in truth she is caring less and less about his problems at the moment.

"So a divorce may be worth preparing for?" the unknowing Trevor asks.

Diana kisses Bruce's temple as he suckles on her neck before answering, "I'm just saying don't...jump to conclusions, before mmmm thinking things through."

"I think thats part of the problem, Diana, you see...I've been thinking. And what I've been thinking about is you," he tells her. "I really think we should get together and talk."

Bruce bends her forward until she is bracing herself on the desk. "I'm not sure that would be a good idea, Steve," she tells him, looking back at her lover as he removes his jacket and tosses it to the side.

"Just give me a chance, I just want to sit down with you and have..." Steve is interrupted by Diana letting out a long blissful moan caused by Bruce slowly and easily sliding himself into her. "Um...Diana, are you alright?"

Bruce relaxes and stops with himself in his lover to the hilt, allowing Diana to get reaccustomed to his size. She sighs happily before answering, "Yes, Steve, in fact I feel amazing."

"Well...that's good.'t think I've ever heard you make a sound like that before," Steve says.

"No, you haven't," Diana answers under her breath.

"Well. So what do you think, about us meeting up for coffee?" her ex asks her.

Bruce begins moving his hips back and forth in a slow easy rhythm, causing Diana to completely forget Steve's question for a full minute before her mind finally gets back on track and she answers, "I don't think so, a lot has happened recently."

"So what if some things have changed—we're still the same people right?"Steve asks.

Bruce takes his Princess by the hips and pulls her back so that Diana is off the desk and is now just holding on to it with her fingertips, signaling that the foreplay is officially over. The phone is now lying on the desk in front of her face as Diana's lover really begins to pick up the pace. "Ahhh, Hera! Steve, I'm really not going to...fuck able to, ugh, be able to meet with FUCK YES!" Diana blurts at the phone.

"Oh God, Diana, are you...?"

"I think you should get back together with your wife, Steve, give Etta my best!" Diana shouts before slamming the phone on to its cradle, crushing it and making sure they won't get anymore interruptions.

She then looks back at her lover/tormentor with an open grin and a fierce look in her eye, and starts giving him back as good as she is getting. In response he grabs her shoulder with one hand (for leverage), and her waist with his other and redoubles his efforts.

After a half an hour more of passionate, loud lovemaking both the Princess and her Knight reach the high mountain-top and then come screaming down. As the two lay on the deep-pile carpet, their sweaty bodies cuddling in the afterglow, Diana looks up at him and says, "You are naughty."

"Just part of my charm," he answers. "Don't pretend that you don't love it."

"I'm not pretending anything, but if we aren't more careful soon everyone will know we're together," she tells him.

"Somehow I can't think of that as a bad thing," he says.

"It will make a lot of things more complicated," Diana says.

"I can handle complicated," Bruce answers. Then he kisses her on her shoulder and says, "You know I love you, right?"

"Yes, Bruce, you show me that often," Diana answers. She looks up in to his blue eyes and thinks, How lucky am I? I found someone who wants me, loves me, for exactly who I am, and doesn't want me any different at all. Well he wants me to be more of a sexual deviant, but...he's a guy, there would probably be something wrong with him if he didn't. "I love you too, Bruce."

"I know that, Princess," he tells her, giving her a sweet kiss on her lips.

The two then relax into each other's arms for a moment before Diana says, "You know we do have more work to do, Bruce?"

"Shh, Princess."

TBC. Fans of The-Lady-Isis should know that the next chapter is all her!