Chapter Two, this one is all The-Lady-Isis!

"So, I think that went well," Diana says, taking the crystal flute from Bruce, "don't you think, Henry?"

Her business partner nods, sipping from his champagne already. "I do. The shareholders reacted to it well—but then why wouldn't they? Putting our technology sector in the hands of a business genius like Lucius Fox can only be a good thing for them," he smiles, tipping his glass at Lucius, who is sitting in one of the other armchairs in Bruce's office.

Merging the technology sector of Themyscira Industries with Wayne Tech is the first step to something bigger that the CEOs of each company have decided to do. It isn't just Bruce and Diana wishing to spend more time with each other—though having offices in the same building will definitely help with that—it makes extremely good business sense too.

"Speaking of," Lucius says, standing, "I think there's still some paperwork you and I need to go through, Henry. We need to create some extra jobs if we're not going to lay anyone off in this merger."

"And we're not going to," Diana says firmly.

"No. Goodnight, Your Highness, Bruce."

"Goodnight, Diana," Henry smiles. "Goodnight, Mr Wayne."

They both exit, leaving the two CEOs alone. Diana sips at her champagne. "This is delicious."

"There's more."

She feels a tiny shiver inch up her spine—it always does once they are alone. She drains her glass and gets up, walking slowly around the desk to where her lover sits. She lowers herself into his lap. One of his hands snakes up into her hair, curling one of the black strands around his index finger, stroking her scalp gently. Diana tilts her head back slightly with a smile. He kisses her forehead before letting go of her hair and picking up the bottle of the champagne. He wraps his fingers around hers, still holding the glass and tilts the bottle to pour more bubbly into it. He doesn't wait for it to be filled before he leans forward and kisses her, tongue moving to spar with hers. It seems like they are incapable of notsparring—whether that comes in business or in the Watchtower. Nevertheless, Diana doesn't hesitate to match him, the hand which is not holding her glass raking through his hair.

Cold liquid soon cascades over both their fingers; unnoticed, the champagne has overflowed onto Diana's wrist, and then into her lap. She smirks. "Damn."

"That skirt's going to have to come off now," her lover grins.

"Well your shirt too then. Your cuff is soaked."

Bruce chuckles. "Touché."

Smiling, she unbuttons his shirt slowly, exposing his neck and chest, kissing each inch more that came into view. Bruce's head lolls back onto the headrest of his chair, eyelids fluttering shut. "Diana…"

She pushes it off completely, throwing it across the room somewhere. She kisses the juncture of his neck and shoulder again, sucking just hard enough to make him groan aloud. Then she stands, unzipping her white skirt and letting it slide down her legs. She leaves the stilettos on as she drops to her knees in front of him, hands reaching for his belt buckle.

She's just gotten as far as letting his more-than-ready cock out of his pants when the phone on his desk rings. "Oh for fuck's-"

He cut off when her fingers curled around his length and began a steady rhythm up and down. "You should answer that, Bruce," she says. "I think it's karma calling."

He glares at her—but has to admit, he does owe her one. Reluctantly, he picks up the phone and clears his throat of the knot that is already forming. "Wayne."

"It's me."

Diana kisses the head of his cock. It's distracting, but he can handle it. He has trained himself to overcome things like this after all. But having said that, he has no idea who the woman on the other end of the phone is.

"And 'me' would be?"

"Beloved!" She sounds hurt, and he winces.

"Talia. What do you want?"

"I wanted to see if the rumors were true."

Diana's tongue is now doing something miraculous as she slides her mouth further down his length, teasing and swirling in a way that shouldn't be possible. Her mouth is unbelievably hot and wet. Sweat begins to bead on his forehead. "R-rumors?"

"About this takeover of 'Themyscira Industries'," she spits. "I heard Wayne Tech is now heading up the technology division of Wonder Bitch's company."

"Well technically it's a- a- merger," he gets out.

Diana's darkened blue eyes are fixed on his, unblinking as she bottoms out, then began a slow bobbing of her magnificent head. Her hands aren't idle either—they've unbuttoned her blouse by now, letting the ivory silk float off her shoulders. Her bra is a barely-there creation of sky-blue lace. The sight is more than hypnotic.

"Well which is it?" Talia demands in his ear, jolting him back with an unpleasant jab. Has her voice always been so screechy? "Is it a takeover or a merger?"

With a last lick, Diana stands slowly, without taking her gaze from his. His mouth goes completely dry while his arousal, if possible, throbs even harder. Her hands go up, remove her bra. He is suddenly incredibly glad of the dim light coming from the corner lamp; her dusky pink nipples stand out from her luscious breasts, obviously hard, revealing her desire is as searing as his. She removes her panties too, and then straddles him. His cock is enveloped back into hot wetness again—TIGHT hot wetness.

"Shit, Princess…" escapes his mouth.


"Merger," he gasps out. "Definitely merger."

He fists the hair at the back of Diana's neck, smashing their mouths together heatedly. She responds by arching her back, pressing her breasts against his chest while she milks his cock inside her.

Talia is not pleased. "Well, I can't pretend that's good news, beloved. If Wayne Enterprises was looking for a partner in the world of pan-global companies, then surely LuthorCorp would be a much more logical choice! With our military contacts and your technical expertise our companies could do wonders together! Not that we couldn't also do wonders together, my love."

Bruce is too busy matching the rocking of Diana's hips, thrust for blissful thrust. She is making noises too now, tiny little whimpers of pleasure escaping her throat while his free hand now tugs and pulls gently at her left nipple. "Uh huh." She counterattacks by tracing her tongue along his neck, biting occasionally and repeatedly finding the interplay between pleasure and slight pain. "Christ, yes…"

"So answer me this then: why? What does Themyscira Industries have that we don't? What does she have that I don't?"

Hearing her tinny voice, Diana leans back with a smirk. "Good question."

"Well, Bruce? Bruce! Answer me!"

"Yes, Bruce," the princess riding him murmurs. "Answer her."

"Well, um, there's the- The- The other company has more contacts in the European Markets than either of ours have, and the Japanese love her."

Apparently spotting that he's coming dangerously close to regaining rational thought, Diana increases her pace and depth, the groans now leaving her mouth coming louder and closer together as her orgasm gathers pace. His own is now not far off.

"Oh don't play me for a fool, Bruce," Talia snaps. "I never thought you as weak-minded as the rest of your sex—the whore has opened her legs for you and you've opened your company for her, is that it? The way she dresses it's not surprising she's so easy to-"

He's had enough. "Actually, Talia, I was the easy one."

Diana laughs aloud, although breathlessly, and takes the phone from him. "Goodnight, Ms. Head."

She drops the receiver to the floor, now working toward a specific goal: namely giving him the most mind-blowing climax he's ever experienced. They reach the crest one after the other; within seconds of each other both of them are stiffening and crying out in pleasure. Bruce hopes that, if Talia was still on the other end of the line, that him almost screaming Diana's name—and Diana definitely screaming his—has delivered the message loudly enough.

"I working with you Princess," Bruce tells her.

"That was nothing, get yourself ready for some serious overtime," she whispers into his ear.