I actually kinda like this one...possibly.


it turns out

always gets what she wants

her dreams come true

&& princes become peasants

just for her


she rather likes this luck

the type that always favored her

it rather suits her

at least in her mind


sometimes she's called self-centered

but she just brushes it off

self-centered never bothered her

those simple words are meaningless

no one's opinion matters

because she's lavender

and she's perfect


it turns out, though

that those simple words

do matter

at least sometimes (when he says it)


the first time he said it lavender didn't care

she brushed it off

just as she did

with everyone else

she shouldn't listen to him

he's not as good as her

but he gives her a look

as if he was just as good as her

but he's not

because she's lavender

and she's perfect


he's seamus and he's much too hard to ignore

lavender tries to hold her head high

because in this world

that's all that will get her through

but boy is it hard

at least when it's him

and even though lavender was born for this

what once seemed perfect

now just seems



she tells herself it's not self-centered

it's luck

and she's better

but still he looks at her

as if he was just as good as her

which he's not

because she's lavender

and she's perfect



when being perfect was everything

she was happy

but now it's all too complicated


still they fight

and slowly they stop talking

because now every thing ends in


and selfish

and small




she hates him sometimes

and maybe


-the perfect kind-

isn't everything

because to seamus

it just makes you self-centered


but god,

how he looked at her

while she lay dying on the ground

just that once

as if nothing mattered

as if being self-centered

wasn't the end of the world

and as if she was just as good as him